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Build Log

  1. moved all volumes below /vol (details / githubweb)
  2. created new generic Linux container (details / githubweb)
  3. Add pybind11 to the mlir-nvidia Docker image to be able to enable the MLIR Python bindings (details / githubweb)
  4. buildbot-ubuntu-clang: added missing libraries for clangd (details / githubweb)
  5. updated clangd-ubuntu-clang (details / githubweb)
  6. added .vscode to .gitignore (details / githubweb)
  7. initial deployment of clangd-ubuntu-clang (details / githubweb)
  8. Worker for Theta supercomputer at ALCF with Flang builder (details / githubweb)
  9. Updated the step completition detection for annotated steps. (details / githubweb)
  10. Add flang docs to SphinxDocsBuilder. (details / githubweb)
  11. Changed builddir to match the builder name. builddir must be unique. (details / githubweb)
  12. buildbot-clangd-ubuntu-clang improvements (details / githubweb)
  13. new worker and builder for clangd (details / githubweb)
  14. [llvm] New worker for ThinLTO whole program devirtualization (details / githubweb)
  15. clangd-ubuntu-clang: removed special character from admin name (details / githubweb)
  16. clangd-ubuntu-tsan fixed typo in release type (details / githubweb)
  17. [sanitizer] Enable tests on Android Arm (details / githubweb)
  18. [sanitizer] Disable arm64 android tests (details / githubweb)
  19. [sanitizer] Start testing with faster device (details / githubweb)
  20. [sanitizer] Disable 32bit Android ARM tests (details / githubweb)
  21. [sanitizer] Fix path on arm 32bit (details / githubweb)
  22. [sanitizer] Simplify shell script (details / githubweb)
  23. [sanitizer] Re-enable arm bots (details / githubweb)
  24. [sanitizer] Simplify few lines in bot script (details / githubweb)
  25. clangd-ubuntu-tsan: Fix arguments passed to CMake (details / githubweb)
  26. clangd-ubuntu-tsan: fix depends_on_projects (details / githubweb)
  27. clangd-ubuntu-tsan: Add forgotten gRPC installation path (details / githubweb)
  28. clangd-ubuntu-clang: Cleanup (details / githubweb)
  29. clangd-ubuntu-clang: Bump gRPC back to 1.33.2 (details / githubweb)
  30. clangd-tsan-ubuntu: only build clangd{,-indexer,-index-server} (details / githubweb)
  31. added RAM info to worker status (details / githubweb)
  32. clangd-ubuntu-clang: increased resource limits to cover TSan builds (details / githubweb)
  33. Added support for buid targets to UnifiedTreeBuilder. (details / githubweb)
  34. Support reloading the buildbot config. (details / githubweb)
  35. clangd-ubuntu-clang: reduced RAM requirements (details / githubweb)
  36. langd-ubuntu-clang: fixed typo in RAM usage (details / githubweb)
  37. Updates to ALCF Theta Buildbot (details / githubweb)
  38. [llvm-zorg]Give default values to BUILDBOT_CLOBBER and BUILDBOT_REVISION (details / githubweb)
  39. [sanitizer] Add workaround for incremental build (details / githubweb)
  40. [llvm-zorg] Exit early (skip tests) if builds failed (details / githubweb)
  41. clangd-ubuntu-clang: moved to production server (details / githubweb)
  42. [sanitizer] Fix operators order in bash script (details / githubweb)
  43. [sanitizer] Fix operators order in bash script (details / githubweb)
  44. Add flang dylib/shared libs buildbots (details / githubweb)
  45. clang-x86-ninja-win10: reducing scopoe of builds to get bot stable (details / githubweb)
  46. clang-x86-ninja-win10: removed quotes around LIT_TOOLS_DIR (details / githubweb)
  47. Do not collapse build requests with different property sets. (details / githubweb)
  1. [clang-tidy] Make clang-format and include-order-check coherent (details)
  2. [ConstraintElimination] Add support for And. (details)
  3. [flang][nfc] Add missing dependency in CMake (details)
  4. [MLIR] Fix up integration tests after b7382ed3fea08da27530a6d6d53f168fc704e4c4 (details)
  5. [TableGen] Clean up Target .td include files (details)
  6. [AArch64][SVE] Support implicit lax vector conversions for SVE types (details)
  7. [WebAssembly][MC] Remove useless overrides in MCWasmStreamer (details)
  8. [SLP] Make SLPVectorizer to use `llvm.masked.gather` intrinsic (details)
  9. [Matrix] Add inline assembly test case. (details)
  10. [OPENMP]Fix PR48076: mapping of data member pointer. (details)
  11. [clang][AVR] Improve avr-ld command line options (details)
  12. [SLPVectorizer] Fix assert (details)
  13. [AMDGPU] Precommit more vccz workaround tests (details)
  14. Linker: Fix linking of byref types (details)
  15. [OpenMP][stats] reset serial state when re-entering serial region (details)
  16. [WebAssembly] Fix parsing of linking section for named global imports (details)
  17. [OpenMP] NFC: remove tabs in message catalog file (details)
  18. [X86] subvector-broadcast.ll - replace X32 check prefix with X86. NFC. (details)
  19. [X86] nontemporal.ll - replace X32 check prefix with X86. NFC. (details)
  20. [IR] ShuffleVectorInst::isIdentityWithPadding - bail on non-fixed-type vector shuffles. (details)
  21. [VPlan] Add VPDef class. (details)
  22. [mlir] Remove unused ConvertToLLVMPattern::linearizeSubscripts(). (details)
  23. [PPC] Fix dead store value clang static analyzer warning. NFCI. (details)
  24. Invert accessor for checking traversal mode (details)
  25. Rename API to not be constrained to template instantiations (details)
  26. Move ASTMatchFinder definition so it can be accessed from other functions (details)
  27. [AST] Ignore implicit nodes in IgnoreUnlessSpelledInSource mode (details)
  28. [AST] Update matchers to be traverse-aware (details)
  29. [mlir] Add a _get_default_loc_context utility to Python bindings (details)
  30. [BasicAA] Make alias GEP positive offset handling symmetric (details)
  31. [ARC] Correct ARCInstPrinter::getMnemonic after D90039 (details)
  32. [ELF] --gc-sections: collect unused .gcc_except_table in section groups and associated text sections (details)
  33. [MLIR][SPIRV] Rename `spv._address_of` to `spv.mlir.addressof` (details)
  34. [InstCombine] add tests for masked add; NFC (details)
  35. [InstCombine] relax constraints on mask-of-add (details)
  36. [InstCombine] add vector test for mask of add; NFC (details)
  37. [InstCombine] remove scalar constraint for mask-of-add fold (details)
  38. [NFC] Add unit tests for printing/parsing of variadic operands and results. (details)
  39. [debugserver] Add option to propagate SIGSEGV to target process (details)
  40. [BPI] Look through bitcasts in calcZeroHeuristic (details)
  41. [X86] vec_fabs.ll - replace X32 check prefix with X86. NFC. (details)
  42. [X86] rot16.ll - replace X32 check prefix with X86. NFC. (details)
  43. [InstCombine] visitAnd - use m_SpecificInt instead of m_APInt + comparison. NFCI. (details)
  44. Comment out new test while I figure out what is wrong with it (details)
  45. [mlir] Simplify std.alloc lowering to LLVM. (details)
  46. lld: Add --color-diagnostic to MachO port, harmonize others (details)
  47. [InstCombine] visitAnd - remove unnecessary Value *X, *Y shadow variables. NFCI. (details)
  48. [X86] select-of-fp-constants.ll - replace X32 check prefix with X86. NFC. (details)
  49. [X86] segmented-stacks tests - replace X32 check prefix with X86 for non-gnux32 tests. NFC. (details)
  50. [AArch64][SVE] Add tests for VLST -> VLAT lax conversions (details)
  51. [libc++] Only include_next <wctype.h> if it exists (details)
  52. [Transformer] Split ForStmt test into two (details)
  53. [libc++] Do not error out when we don't know the file format (details)
  54. [OPENMP] Fix PR47999: correctly map implicit firstprivates in outer tasks. (details)
  55. [X86] emutls-pic.ll - replace X32 check prefix with X86. NFC. (details)
  56. [X86] emutls-pie.ll - replace X32 check prefix with X86. NFC. (details)
  57. [X86] emutls.ll - replace X32 check prefix with X86. NFC. (details)
  58. [X86] byval tests - replace X32 check prefix with X86. NFC. (details)
  59. [InstCombine] allow vectors for masked-add -> xor fold (details)
  60. [libc] make part of libc's unit test framework independent of llvm (details)
  61. [MachineScheduler] Inform pass infra of post-ra scheduler's dependencies (details)
  62. [OpenMP] Add omp_realloc implementation (details)
  63. [SLP] avoid unreachable code crash/infloop (details)
  64. [ELF] Fix interaction between --unresolved-symbols= and --[no-]allow-shlib-undefined (details)
  65. [flang] Fix FIR test failures (details)
  66. [OpenMP] Use explicit type casting in kmp_atomic.cpp (details)
  67. [SVE] Take constant fold fast path for splatted vscale vectors (details)
  68. [mlir] [sparse] start of sparse tensor compiler support (details)
  69. [llvm-symbolizer] Add inline stack traces for Windows. (details)
  70. [LLVMFronted][tests] Add basic OpenMP parsing tests. (details)
  71. [gn build] Port 8fb4417d82b (details)
  72. Fix a pair of tests that would fail on a win32 box (details)
  73. Fix assertions and bad warnings on extremely wide bit-fields. (details)
  74. [libc] Add implementations of ldexp[f|l]. (details)
  75. honor Python2_EXECUTABLE and Python3_EXECUTABLE when they are passed to cmake (details)
  76. Revert "Revert "[analyzer] NFC: Move IssueHash to libAnalysis."" (details)
  77. [gn build] Port f8f6d6455f9 (details)
  78. [lld][WebAssembly] Implement --unresolved-symbols (details)
  79. [mlir][Linalg] Add dependence type to LinalgDependenceGraphElem. (details)
  80. [gn build] Use forward slashes for goma directory (details)
  81. [CMake] Fix with multiple extensions (details)
  82. Revert "[BitCode] decode nossp fn attr" (details)
  83. Revert "[IR] add fn attr for no_stack_protector; prevent inlining on mismatch" (details)
  84. [Frontend] Add flag to allow PCM generation despite compiler errors (details)
  85. set the alignment of mlir::AttributeStorage to 64 bit explicitly to fix 32 bit platform (details)
  86. [NFC][Test] Add more tests for IEEE Longdouble for PowerPC (details)
  87. [CFGuard] Add address-taken IAT tables and delay-load support (details)
  88. Revert "Revert "[analyzer] NFC: Move path diagnostic consumer implementations to libAnalysis."" (details)
  89. [gn build] Port 41bcc05e2a4 (details)
  90. Revert "Revert "Revert "[analyzer] NFC: Move path diagnostic consumer implementations to libAnalysis.""" (details)
  91. [NewPM] Disable PreservedCFGChecker and add regression unit tests (details)
  92. [gn build] Port 6a89cb8136f (details)
  93. [libc++] Revert switch-based std::variant implementation again. (details)
  94. [DCE] Always get TargetLibraryInfo (details)
  95. ADT: Share an implementation for single-element insert in SmallVector, NFC (details)
  96. [mlir][Python] Make DenseElementsAttr loading be int size agnostic. (details)
  97. [clangd] Add OverridenBy Relation to index. (details)
  98. Add CalibratedQuantizedType to quant dialect (details)
  99. [JumpThreading] Make -print-lvi-after-jump-threading work with NPM (details)
  100. [test] Pin size-remarks.ll to legacy PM (details)
  101. [X86] Use GF2P8AFFINEQB to implement vector bitreverse. (details)
  102. [mlir] Get array from the dense elements attribute with buffer protocol. (details)
  103. [test] Make scc-pass-printer.ll work with NPM (details)
  104. [NFC][tsan] Prepepare for more interceptors which use cond_wait() (details)
  105. test commit (details)
  106. [lib/Support/YAMLTraits] - Don't print leading zeroes when dumping Hex8/Hex16/Hex32 types. (details)
  107. [clangd] Call hierarchy (Protocol layer) (details)
  108. SpeculativeExecution: Allow speculating more instruction types (details)
  109. Revert "[lib/Support/YAMLTraits] - Don't print leading zeroes when dumping Hex8/Hex16/Hex32 types." (details)
  110. [lldb] Python3 byte<->string issue in (details)
  111. [libcxx] Add missing _LIBCPP_FUNC_VIS on a few win32 locale functions (details)
  112. [clang][cli] Add ability to make fixups to CompilerInvocation after option parsing (details)
  113. [mlir] Introduce support for parametric side-effects (details)
  114. [clang][cli] Turn arcmt-* options into a single option (details)
  115. [Analysis] CGSCCPassManager.cpp - fix Wshadow warnings. NFCI. (details)
  116. Reland "[lib/Support/YAMLTraits] - Don't print leading zeroes when dumping Hex8/Hex16/Hex32 types." ( (details)
  117. [NFC] Add missing dependency in the IR unittests (details)
  118. [NFC][POwerPC] Added testcases of constant-i64. (details)
  119. [clang][cli] Remove NormalizerRetTy and use the decltype of the KeyPath instead (details)
  120. [mlir] Simplify code generated by ConvertToLLVMPattern::getStridedElementPtr(). (details)
  121. [tsan] Add pthread_cond_clockwait interceptor (details)
  122. [lldb] [test] Pass -mmmx to x86-gp-write test explicitly (details)
  123. [lldb] [test] Mark command-process-connect.test XFAIL (details)
  124. [lldb] [test] Un-XFAIL (details)
  125. [lldb] [test] Un-XFAIL tests on freebsd/i386 (details)
  126. [clang][cli] Port Migrator option flags to new option parsing system (details)
  127. [IndVars] Support different types of ExitCount when optimizing exit conds (details)
  128. [lldb] Fix a couple of remote llgs tests (details)
  129. [sanitizer] Fix typo in log messages (details)
  130. [Matrix] Adjust matrix pointer type for inline asm arguments. (details)
  131. [SLP] Use the minimum alignment of the load bundle when forming a masked.gather (details)
  132. Add sysroot/lib to library search path of baremetal toolchain. (details)
  133. Remove unportable test (details)
  134. Fix typo for hasAnyOverloadedOperatorName; NFC (details)
  135. [ARM][LowOverheadLoops] Merge VCMP and VPST across VPT blocks (details)
  136. [lldb][NFC] Don't let Process inherit from UserID (details)
  137. [SystemZ] Use ISD::ABS opcode during isel. (details)
  138. [clangd] Remove the trailing "." in add-using message. (details)
  139. [ConstraintElimination] Refactor constraint extraction (NFC). (details)
  140. [AMDGPU] Rename pseudo S_WAITCNT_IDLE to S_WAIT_IDLE. NFC. (details)
  141. Fix unused variables in release build (details)
  142. [X86] Add broadcast merge test case for PR48215 (details)
  143. [AST] Enhance the const expression evaluator to support error-dependent exprs. (details)
  144. [NFC][Reassociate] Add patterns where `or` is part of load reduction idiom (details)
  145. [Reassociate] Don't convert add-like-or's into add's if they appear to be part of load-combining idiom (details)
  146. [AMDGPU] Fix and extend vccz workarounds (details)
  147. [libc][obvious] Fix fdim[f|l] signatures in stdc spec. (details)
  148. [OPENMP]Fix PR48174:  compile-time crash with target enter data on a global struct. (details)
  149. [DAGCombiner] Precommit Sext Tests for D91589 (details)
  150. SpeculativeExecution: Allow speculating more instruction types (details)
  151. [clangd] Implement textDocument/implementation (Xref layer) (details)
  152. [NFC] Use [MC]Register for Hexagon target (details)
  153. [llvm] fix global_downgraded_to_static test (details)
  154. lld: Make tests depend on llvm-symbolizer after bc98034040 (details)
  155. [OpenMP] [DOCS] Update OMP5.1 feature status table [NFC] (details)
  156. [SystemZ][NFC] Group SystemZ tests in SystemZ folder (details)
  157. Fix unused variable warning. NFCI. (details)
  158. HazardRecognizer - Fix definition/declaration argument name mismatches. NFCI. (details)
  159. Revert "[clangd] Implement textDocument/implementation (Xref layer)" (details)
  160. [libc++] Implements multiline regex support. (details)
  161. [AMDGPU] Fix v3f16 interaction with image store workaround (details)
  162. lld/MachO: Move MachOOptTable to DriverUtils.cpp, remove DriverUtils.h (details)
  163. [VP] Non-signalling llvm.vp.* intrinsics are speculatable (details)
  164. Revert "Revert "[clangd] Implement textDocument/implementation (Xref layer)"" (details)
  165. [NFC][LoopIdiom] Left-shift-until-bittest: revisit test coverage (details)
  166. Revert "[build] normalize components dependencies" (details)
  167. [clang-tidy] Allow `TransformerClangTidyCheck` clients to set the rule directly. (details)
  168. [MLIR][SPIRV] Rename `spv._reference_of` to `spv.mlir.referenceof` (details)
  169. [GWP-ASan] Respect GWP_ASAN_DEFAULT_ENABLED compile-time macro (details)
  170. [BasicAA] Remove assert in AA evaluator (details)
  171. Expand existing loopsink testing to also test loopsinking using new pass manager and fix LICM bug. (details)
  172. [libc][NFC][Obvious] Remove few unnecessary pieces from ilogb tests. (details)
  173. [Inline] Add test for PR48209 (NFC) (details)
  174. [Inline] Fix incorrect noalias metadata application (PR48209) (details)
  175. [modules] Fix crash in call to `FunctionDecl::setPure()` (details)
  176. Revert "[tsan] Add pthread_cond_clockwait interceptor" (details)
  177. Revert "Expand existing loopsink testing to also test loopsinking using new pass manager and fix LICM bug." (details)
  178. [Inline] Expand test to show dropped metadata (NFC) (details)
  179. [Inline] Fix incorrectly dropped noalias metadata (details)
  180. [OpenMP] Add Passing in Original Declaration Names To Mapper API (details)
  181. [ConstraintElimination] Decompose add nuw/sub nuw. (details)
  182. Revert "Revert "Expand existing loopsink testing to also test loopsinking using new pass manager and fix LICM bug."" (details)
  183. [test] Fix remaining GVN tests under NPM (details)
  184. [test] Fix eliminate-callsite-inline.ll under NPM (details)
  185. [BasicAA] Generalize base offset modulus handling (details)
  186. [NFC][AMDGPU] Remove some generic pointers in memory-legalizer tests (details)
  187. [NFC][Reassociate] Delay checking isLoadCombineCandidate() until after ShouldConvertOrWithNoCommonBitsToAdd() but before haveNoCommonBitsSet() (details)
  188. [PowerPC] Add peephole to remove redundant accumulator prime/unprime instructions (details)
  189. [OpenMP] Add Support for Mapping Names in Libomptarget RTL (details)
  190. Revert "Revert "Revert "Expand existing loopsink testing to also test loopsinking using new pass manager and fix LICM bug.""" (details)
  191. [libcxx] Port to NuttX ( RTOS (details)
  192. [GWP-ASan] Port tests to Fuchsia (details)
  193. [NPM] Add implicit basic-aa before other AA (details)
  194. MCExpr::evaluateAsRelocatableImpl : allow evaluation of non-VK_None MCSymbolRefExpr when MCAsmLayout is available (details)
  195. [flang] Improve error message on bad LOGICAL compare operations (details)
  196. [flang] Correct handling of null pointer initializers (details)
  197. [libc++] Clarify how we pick the typeinfo comparison (details)
  198. [RISCV] Use register class VR for V instruction operands directly. (details)
  199. Fix assert on valid due to incorrect assumption that a field name must (details)
  200. [mlir][Affine] Refactor affine fusion code in pass to utilities (details)
  201. [gn build] (manually) merge f0785c1f7ac (details)
  202. [tsan] Add pthread_cond_clockwait interceptor (details)
  203. [MachO] Update embedded part of ObjectFileMachO for Mangled API change (details)
  204. [VE] Add vmv intrinsic instructions (details)
  205. [YAMLIO] Add a generic YAML fuzzer harness (details)
  206. [YAMLIO] Support non-null-terminated inputs (details)
  207. [NPM] Remove -enable-npm-optnone flag (details)
  208. [hwasan] Fix Thread reuse (try 2). (details)
  209. Added GDB pretty printer for StringMap (details)
  210. [WebAssembly] Support fp reg class in r constraint (details)
  211. [mlir][sparse] remove a few rewriting failures (details)
  212. ADT: Add assertions to SmallVector::insert, etc., for reference invalidation (details)
  213. Support: Avoid SmallVector::assign with a range from to-be-replaced vector in Windows GetExecutableName (details)
  214. [clang-tidy] Extend bugprone-string-constructor-check to std::string_view. (details)
  215. [trace][intel-pt] Scaffold the 'thread trace start | stop' commands (details)
  216. [X86][AArch64][RISCV] Pre-commit negated abs test case. NFC. (details)
  217. [mlir] Add support for referencing a SymbolRefAttr in a SideEffectInstance (details)
  218. [mlir][Pass] Only enable/disable CrashRecovery once (details)
  219. [RISCV] Add MemOperand to the instruction created by storeRegToStackSlot/loadRegFromStackSlot (details)
  220. [NFC][TFUtils] Extract out the output spec loader (details)
  221. [Transforms] Use llvm::is_contained (NFC) (details)
  222. [NFC][TFUtils] also include output specs lookup logic in loadOutputSpecs (details)
  223. [libc] Fix the overflow check condition of ldexp. (details)
  224. [PowerPC] [Clang] Fix alignment of 128-bit float types (details)
  225. [clangd] Fix data race in GoToInclude.All test (details)
  226. [IndVarSimplify] Notify top most loop to drop cached exit counts (details)
  227. [WebAssembly] Add support for named globals in the object format. (details)
  228. [VE] VEC_BROADCAST, lowering and isel (details)
  229. [mlir][TableGen] Support intrinsics with multiple returns and overloaded operands. (details)
  230. [clang-tidy] Improving bugprone-sizeof-expr check. (details)
  231. [NFC] Move code earlier as preparation for further changes (details)
  232. [NFC] Remove comment (commited ahead of time by mistake) (details)
  233. [SelDAGBuilder] Do not require simple VTs for constraints. (details)
  234. [Mach0] Fix unused-variable warnings (details)
  235. [LV][NFC-ish] Allow vector widths over 256 elements (details)
  236. [AArch64][SVE] Allow C-style casts between fixed-size and scalable vectors (details)
  237. [X86][AVX] Only share broadcasts of different widths from the same SDValue of the same SDNode (PR48215) (details)
  238. [lldb] Add explicit 64-bit fip/fdp registers on x86_64 (details)
  239. [lldb] Use translated full ftag values (details)
  240. [clangd] Disable SerializationTest.NoCrashOnBadArraySize with ASAN (details)
  241. [ARM] Deliberately prevent inline asm in low overhead loops. NFC (details)
  242. [ValueTracking] computeKnownBitsFromShiftOperator - move shift amount analysis to top of the function. NFCI. (details)
  243. [RISCV] Extend 32-bit test coverage of neg-abs tests for D91120 (details)
  244. [ConstraintElimination] Add GEP test case with variable offset. (details)
  245. Fix Wundef warnings for Support/Compiler.h (details)
  246. [libc++] ADL-proof <vector> by adding _VSTD:: qualification on calls. (details)
  247. [mlir][linalg] Start a named ops to generic ops pass (details)
  248. [AIX][FE] Support constructor/destructor attribute (details)
  249. Revert "[lldb] Use translated full ftag values" (details)
  250. [clang][cli] Port Comment option flags to new parsing system (details)
  251. Revert "[libc++] ADL-proof <vector> by adding _VSTD:: qualification on calls." (details)
  252. [clang][cli] Port analyzer flags to new option parsing system (details)
  253. [clangd] No crash on "-verify" mode. (details)
  254. [ARM] Add a WLS tail predication test. NFC (details)
  255. [MLIR][SPIRV] Rename `spv._merge` to `spv.mlir.merge` (details)
  256. [MLIR][SPIRV] ModuleCombiner: deduplicate global vars, spec consts, and funcs. (details)
  257. [AIX][XCOFF][Patch2] decode vector information and extent long table of the traceback table of the xcoff. (details)
  258. [FileCheck] Disallow unused prefixes in llvm/test/Analysis (details)
  259. [lldb] Remove legacy casts from TestStackFromStdModule (details)
  260. [lldb][NFC] Add a FIXME for ClangASTSource::FindExternalLexicalDecls's unused 'decls' parameter (details)
  261. [libc] Add differential fuzzers for ldexp and remquo. (details)
  262. [NFC][PhaseOrdering] Add a test showing the need to run IndVars after LoopIdiom (details)
  263. Use rewriter in SCFToSPIRV conversion. (details)
  264. [OpenMP] Add Location Fields to Libomptarget Runtime for Debugging (details)
  265. [ARM][LowOverheadLoops] Convert intermediate vpr use assertion to condition (details)
  266. [sanitizer_common] Add facility to get the full report path (details)
  267. [libomptarget] Add support for target update non-contiguous (details)
  268. [LoopVectorize] NFC: Fix unused variable warning for MaxSafeDepDist (details)
  269. [lldb] Fix incorrect error handling in  GDBRemoteCommunicationClient::SendGetSupportedTraceType (details)
  270. [AArch64] Lower fptrunc/fpext from/to FP128t to/from FP16 (details)
  271. [compiler-rt] [builtins] Support conversion between fp16 and fp128 (details)
  272. [compiler-rt] [builtins] Use _Float16 on extendhfsf2, truncdfhf2 __truncsfhf2 if available (details)
  273. Revert "Reorder linalg.conv indexing_maps loop order" (details)
  274. [RISCV] Lower GREVI and GORCI as custom nodes (details)
  275. [clang-tidy] ElseAfterReturn check wont suggest fixes if preprocessor branches are involved (details)
  276. [MemProf] Add interface to dump profile (details)
  277. [lldb] Fix another Python2/3 string<->bytes type error in (details)
  278. [MLIR][SPIRV] Rename `spv._module_end` to `spv.mlir.endmodule` (details)
  279. [llvm][IR] Add dso_local_equivalent Constant (details)
  280. [mlir] Add a missing dependency to LinalgToLLVM (details)
  281. [CUDA] Unbreak CUDA compilation with -std=c++20 (details)
  282. [libc++] Mark a few tests as unsupported on older Clangs to fix bots (details)
  283. [RISCV] Add test cases for missed grevi/greviw opportunities. NFC (details)
  284. [OpenMP] Add support for Intel's umonitor/umwait (details)
  285. [clangd] Also detect corrupt stri table size. (details)
  286. [mlir][BuiltinDialect] Resolve comments from D91571 (details)
  287. [clangd] Express ASAN interactions of tests more clearly. NFC (details)
  288. Fix crash after looking up dwo_id=0 in CU index. (details)
  289. [NPM] Move more O0 pass building into PassBuilder (details)
  290. [gn build] (manually) merge 1fb91fcf9cfe849 (details)
  291. [Polly] Use LocationSize::unknown() (NFC) (details)
  292. [libc++] Add documentation for setting up new CI jobs (details)
  293. [Lint] Use MemoryLocation (details)
  294. Make array pointers in the CAPI const (details)
  295. [BasicAA] Deoptimize intrinsics don't modify memory (details)
  296. Replace the equivalent code by UnionTableAddr (details)
  297. Fix rollback of first block erasure in a region. (details)
  298. [MemLoc] Require LocationSize argument (NFC) (details)
  299. [MemLoc] Specify LocationSize in unit test (details)
  300. [MemLoc] Use hasValue() method (NFC) (details)
  301. [mlir] Split BufferUtils.h out of Bufferize.h (details)
  302. Remove deadcode from DFSanFunction::get*TLS*() (details)
  303. [mlir] Add an assertion on creating an Operation with null result types (details)
  304. [MemLoc] Use hasValue() method more (NFC) (details)
  305. [NFC][InstCombine] Add test coverage for `and (sext %x), SIGNMASK`-like pattern (details)
  306. [InstCombine] Fold `and(shl(zext(x), width(SIGNMASK) - width(%x)), SIGNMASK)` to `and(sext(%x), SIGNMASK)` (details)
  307. Remove unused private fields (details)
  308. [mlir] Add missing const * updates in StandardAttributes (details)
  309. [test] Fix pr39282.ll under NPM (details)
  310. [test] Fix globalaa-retained.ll under NPM (details)
  311. [ConstraintElimination] Decompose GEP with arbitrary offsets. (details)
  312. [test] Fix split-vfunc.ll under NPM (details)
  313. [clangd] Add textDocument/ast extension method to dump the AST (details)
  314. [gn build] Port 8adc4d1ec76 (details)
  315. [LLDB] Fixing lldb/test/Shell/Register/x86-fp-write.test (details)
  316. [lld][WebAssembly] Convert more tests to asm format. NFC. (details)
  317. ADT: Weaken SmallVector::resize assertion from 5abf76fbe37380874a88cc9aa02164800e4e10f3 (details)
  318. ADT: Use early returns in SmallVector::resize, NFC (details)
  319. Port -lower-matrix-intrinsics-minimal to NPM (details)
  320. ADT: Split out isSafeToReferenceAfterResize helper to use early returns, NFC (details)
  321. [test] Fix multiply-minimal.ll (details)
  322. [PowerPC] Allow a '%' prefix for registers in CFI directives (details)
  323. [mlir][Linalg] Add utility function that return static loop bounds of Linalg ops (details)
  324. [mlir][Linalg] Fuse sequence of Linalg operation (on buffers) (details)
  325. [mlir][Linalg] NFC: Expose some utility functions used for promotion. (details)
  326. Remove unused isZero function (details)
  327. [mlir] Support big-endian systems in DenseElementsAttr (multiple word) (details)
  328. [CodeGen] Use llvm::is_contained (NFC) (details)
  329. Temporarily Revert "[CostModel] remove cost-kind predicate for intrinsics in basic TTI implementation" (details)
  330. [PGO] Make -disable-preinline work with NPM (details)
  331. [NFC] Pre-commit test for flt_rounds on PowerPC (details)
  332. [lib/Object] - Generalize the RelocationResolver API. (details)
  333. [X86] Add support for vex, vex2, vex3, and evex for MASM (details)
  334. Revert "[LLDB] Fixing lldb/test/Shell/Register/x86-fp-write.test" (details)
  335. [lldb] [test/Register] XFAIL x86-fp-write on Darwin (details)
  336. [Test] Add tests demonstrating a bug in SCEV, PR48225 (details)
  337. Revert "[OpenMP] Add support for Intel's umonitor/umwait" (details)
  338. [llvm-readobj] - Introduce `forEachRelocationDo` helper. (details)
  339. [clangd] NFC: Reorder headers in tests accordig to Clang-Tidy (details)
  340. [llvm-readelf/obj] - Improve error reporting when dumping group sections. (details)
  341. [Test] Auto-update checks in a test (details)
  342. [NFC][Test] Update test for IEEE Long Double (details)
  343. [AMDGPU] Implement flat scratch init for pal (details)
  344. [mlir] Automatic reference counting for Async values + runtime support for ref counted objects (details)
  345. [lldb][AArch64/Linux] Show memory tagged memory regions (details)
  346. Fix MSVC "not all control paths return a value" warnings. NFCI. (details)
  347. [sanitizer_common][test] Disable FastUnwindTest.* on SPARC (details)
  348. [sanitizer_common][test] Disable CombinedAllocator32Compact etc. on Solaris/sparcv9 (details)
  349. [clang][CodeGen] Move riscv specific tests to RISCV subtarget folder (details)
  350. [clang][CodeGen] Move WebAssembly specific tests to WebAssembly subtarget folder (details)
  351. Revert "[mlir][Linalg] Fuse sequence of Linalg operation (on buffers)" (details)
  352. [mlir][std] Fold comparisons when the operands are equal (details)
  353. [VE] Change threshold for jump table generation (details)
  354. Partially revert '[MachO] Update embedded part of ObjectFileMachO for Mangled API change' (details)
  355. [mlir][std] Fold load(tensor_to_memref) into extract_element (details)
  356. [InstCombine] add test comments for negative tests; NFC (details)
  357. [mlir][std] Canonicalize a dim(memref_reshape) into a load from the shape operand (details)
  358. [sanitizers][test] Test sanitizer_common and ubsan_minimal on Solaris (details)
  359. [LoopUnroll] add test for full unroll that is sensitive to cost-model; NFC (details)
  360. [CostModel] add tests for math library calls; NFC (details)
  361. [AArch64] Out-of-line atomics (-moutline-atomics) implementation. (details)
  362. [ARM] Disable WLSTP loops (details)
  363. Add documentation illustrating use of IgnoreUnlessSpelledInSource (details)
  364. Add a call super attribute plugin example (details)
  365. [AArch64] Enable post RA scheduler for Cortex-R82 (details)
  366. [clang] Do not crash on pointer wchar_t pointer assignment. (details)
  367. [NFC intended] Refactor the code for printChanged for reuse and to facilitate subsequent reporters of changes to the IR in the new pass manager. (details)
  368. [clang-tidy] Include std::basic_string_view in readability-redundant-string-init. (details)
  369. [CostModel] avoid crashing while finding scalarization overhead (details)
  370. Reland: Expand existing loopsink testing to also test loopsinking using new pass manager and fix LICM bug. (details)
  371. [SLP][Test] Update pr47269.ll test. NFC (details)
  372. [libc] Combine all math differential fuzzers into one target. (details)
  373. Add a default address space for globals to DataLayout (details)
  374. [AMDGPU] Set the default globals address space to 1 (details)
  375. [X86] Add SSE42 sat-add test coverage (details)
  376. [CostModel] mostly remove cost-kind predicate for intrinsics in basic TTI implementation (details)
  377. [flang][driver] Remove unnecessary CMake dependencies (nfc) (details)
  378. [X86][SSE] LowerADDSAT_SUBSAT - avoid X86ISD::BLENDV in UADDSAT/USUBSAT custom lowering (details)
  379. [DeadMachineInstrctionElim] Post order visit all blocks and Iteratively run DeadMachineInstructionElim pass until nothing dead (details)
  380. [mlir] Expose parseDimAndSymbolList from affineops.h (details)
  381. [Hexagon][NewPM] Port -hexagon-loop-idiom and add to pipeline (details)
  382. [lldb] Add examples and reword source-map help string (details)
  383. [mlir] add canonicalization patterns for trivial SCF 'for' and 'if' (details)
  384. [SelectionDAG][X86][PowerPC][Mips] Replace the default implementation of LowerOperationWrapper with the X86 and PowerPC version. (details)
  385. [libTooling] Update Transformer's `node` combinator to include the trailing semicolon for decls. (details)
  386. [MLIR] Correct block merge bug (details)
  387. [X86][AVX] LowerADDSAT_SUBSAT - avoid X86ISD::BLENDV in UADDSAT/USUBSAT v8i32/v4i64 lowering (details)
  388. [RISCV] Add RISCVISD::ROLW/RORW use those for custom legalizing i32 rotl/rotr on RV64IZbb. (details)
  389. Update (details)
  390. [CSSPGO] IR intrinsic for pseudo-probe block instrumentation (details)
  391. [RISCV] Custom type legalize i32 bswap/bitreverse to GREVIW on RV64 with Zbp extension (details)
  392. [CSSPGO] MIR target-independent pseudo instruction for pseudo-probe intrinsic (details)
  393. OpaquePtr: Bulk update tests to use typed byval (details)
  394. [OPENMP]Honor constantness of captured variables. (details)
  395. [RISCV] Remove RV32 HwMode. Use DefaultMode for RV32 (details)
  396. [OPENMP]Use the real pointer value as base, not indexed value. (details)
  397. [clangd] semanticTokens: fields are 'property', not 'member' (details)
  398. [mlir][vector] Add transfer_op LoadToStore forwarding and deadStore optimizations (details)
  399. [RISCV] Put RV32 before RV64 in the ValueTypeByHwMode and RegInfoByHwMode lists in (details)
  400. Guard init_priority attribute within libc++ (details)
  401. Revert "[lldb] add a missing dependency on intrinsics_gen" (details)
  402. [msan] unpoison_file from fclose and fflash (details)
  403. [SLP][NFC]Fix assert condition in newTreeEntry, NFC. (details)
  404. Demangling support for class type non-type template parameter extensions. (details)
  405. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Make G_EXTRACT_VECTOR_ELT of <2 x p0> legal. (details)
  406. [CSSPGO][llvm-profgen] Parse mmap events from perf script (details)
  407. [CSSPGO][llvm-profgen] Disassemble text sections (details)
  408. [CSSPGO][llvm-profgen] Instruction symbolization (details)
  409. OpaquePtr: Bulk update tests to use typed sret (details)
  410. Don’t break before nested block param when prior param is not a block (details)
  411. [libc] Switch functions to using global headers (details)
  412. [libc] Make more of the libc unit testing llvm independent (details)
  413. [llvm-profgen][NFC]Fix build failure on different platform (details)
  414. [hwasan] Implement error report callback. (details)
  415. [mlir][sparse] refine optimization, add few more test cases (details)
  416. [flang][openacc] Add clause validity tests for the parallel directive (details)
  417. OpaquePtr: Update more tests to use typed sret (details)
  418. Verifier: Fix assert when verifying non-pointer byval or preallocated (details)
  419. [flang][openacc] Add clause validity tests for the host_data directive (details)
  420. Revert "Revert "[libc++] ADL-proof <vector> by adding _VSTD:: qualification on calls."" (details)
  421. [Analysis] Use llvm::is_contained (NFC) (details)
  422. AMDGPU: Fix counting kernel arguments towards register usage (details)
  423. OpaquePtr: Make byval/sret types mandatory (details)
  424. [mac/arm] Fix clang/test/Sema/wchar.c on mac/arm hosts (details)
  425. [mac/arm] Fix test/Driver/darwin-sdk-version.c on arm macs (details)
  426. [VE][NFC] Update missing bulk update tests to use typed sret (details)
  427. [NFC][AMDGPU] Document kernel descriptor (details)
  428. GitHub Actions: Add job for automatically updating the main branch (details)
  429. [VE] Correct types of return/argument values for getAdjustedFrameSize() (details)
  430. [VE][NFC] Modify function order and simplify comments (details)
  431. [mlir] Add microbenchmark for linalg+async-parallel-for (details)
  432. [mlir] AsynToLLVM: do no use op->getOperands() in conversion patterns (details)
  433. [flang][openmp] Fix bug in `OmpClause::Hint` clause which was missing to generate inside in file. (details)
  434. [mlir] Fix async microbench integration test (details)
  435. [NFC, Refactor] Modernize enum FunctionDefinitionKind (DeclSpech.h) into a scoped enum (details)
  436. [TableGen] [ISel Matcher Emitter] Rework with two passes: one to size, one to emit (details)
  437. [lldb] Reland "Use translated full ftag values" (details)
  438. [BasicAA] Add recphi test with dynamic offset (NFC) (details)
  439. [Flang][OpenMP][NFC][2/2] Reorder OmpStructureChecker and simplify it. (details)
  440. [X86] Regenerate vector-reduce-or-cmp.ll (details)
  441. DominanceFrontier - remove unused <vector> includes (details)
  442. MachineDominators.h - remove unused <vector> include (details)
  443. [X86] Include %rip for 32-bit RIP-relative relocs for x32 (details)
  444. [BasicAA] Remove stale FIXME (NFC) (details)
  445. [flang][openmp] Separate memory-order-clause parser creating OmpClause node (details)
  446. [NFC] Fix typo in atomic (details)
  447. [BasicAA] Remove some intermediate variables (NFC) (details)
  448. [BasicAA] Return DecomposedGEP (NFC) (details)
  449. [compiler-rt] [profile] Silence a warning about an unused function on mingw targets (details)
  450. [BasicAA] Remove unnecessary sextOrSelf (NFC) (details)
  451. [libunwind] Delete unused handlerNotFound in unwind_phase1 (details)
  452. Fix shared build. (details)
  453. [InstCombine] Use is_contained (NFC) (details)
  454. [StaticAnalyzer] Support struct annotations in FuchsiaHandleChecker (details)
  455. [llvm][clang][mlir] Add checks for the return values from Target::createXXX to prevent protential null deref (details)
  456. thinlto_embed_bitcode.ll: clarify grep should treat input as text (details)
  457. [SelectionDAG] Remove unused declaration ExpandStrictFPOp (NFC) (details)
  458. [MachineLICM] Remove unused declaration HoistRegion (details)
  459. Add Semantic check for Flang OpenMP 4.5 - and shared and private clause (details)
  460. [MBP] Remove unused declaration shouldPredBlockBeOutlined (NFC) (details)
  461. [PowerPC] Extend folding RLWINM + RLWINM to post-RA. (details)
  462. [RISCV] Use separate Lo and Hi MemOperands when expanding BuildPairF64Pseudo and SplitF64Pseudo. (details)
  463. [clangd] Add clang-tidy options to config (details)
  464. [Analysis] Remove unused system header includes (details)
  465. [clangd] Fix compile error after 20b69af7 (details)
  466. [DAG] LowerMINMAX - move default expansion to generic TargetLowering::expandIntMINMAX (details)
  467. Add Semantic check for Flang OpenMP 4.5 - 2.7.1 ordered and collapse clause (details)
  468. [libc++] [libc++abi] Use C++20 standard. (details)
  469. [BasicAA] Add more phi-phi tests (NFC) (details)
  470. [ValueTracking][MemCpyOpt] avoid crash on inttoptr with vector pointer type (PR48075) (details)
  471. [CostModel] add tests for FP maximum; NFC (details)
  472. [CostModel] add basic handling for FP maximum/minimum intrinsics (details)
  473. [BasicAA] Avoid unnecessary cache update (NFC) (details)
  474. [Sema] Introduce function reference conversion, NFC (details)
  475. Build reproducible tarballs for releases (details)
  476. [clangd] Introduce config parsing for External blocks (details)
  477. [clangd] Introduce config compilation for External blocks (details)
  478. [clangd] Introduce ProjectAwareIndex (details)
  479. [clangd] Use ProjectAwareIndex in ClangdMain (details)
  480. [clangd] Fix use-after-free in ProjectAwareIndex tests (details)
  481. [mlir][Python] Support finding pybind11 from the python environment. (details)
  482. [gn build] sort of merge 37ac559fccd4 (details)
  483. [gn build] Port 067ffbfe601 (details)
  484. [ARM] MVE VABD tests. NFC (details)
  485. [gn build] (manually) port ed424b428 (details)
  486. [ARM] Ensure MVE_TwoOpPattern is used inside Predicate's (details)
  487. [Clang] Add __STDCPP_THREADS__ to standard predefine macros (details)
  488. [MLIR] ODS typedef gen fixes & improvements (details)
  489. [hwasan] Remove unused declaration shadowBase (NFC) (details)
  490. [ValueMapper] Remove unused declaration remapFunction (NFC) (details)
  491. [CodeGen] Use pred_empty (NFC) (details)
  492. [NFC] Reduce code duplication in binop processing in computeExitLimitFromCondCached (details)
  493. [llvm-readobj] - Don't crash when relocation table goes past the EOF. (details)
  494. [libc++] [www] Mark P0482 as "In Progress", as some parts of it are already implemented. (details)
  495. [clangd] Attempt at fixing ExternalIndex tests on windows (details)
  496. [lldb] [Process/FreeBSD] Add missing 'override' kws to POSIXStopInfo (details)
  497. [lldb] [Process/Utility] Declare register overlaps between ST and MM (details)
  498. [lldb] [test] Fix qRegisterInfo lldb-server tests to handle missing registers (details)
  499. [lldb] [Process/FreeBSDRemote] Fix regset names and related tests (details)
  500. [clang-tidy] Fix a nullptr-access crash in unused-raii-check. (details)
  501. [lldb] Prevent 'process connect' from using local-only plugins (details)
  502. [LoopFlatten] Widen IV, support ZExt. (details)
  503. [DebugInfo] Refactor code for emitting DWARF expressions for FP constants (details)
  504. [clangd] Second attempt at fixing windows buildbots (details)
  505. [llvm-readobj] - Stop using `unwrapOrError` in `DumpStyle<ELFT>::getGroups()` (details)
  506. [SCEV] Fix incorrect treatment of max taken count. PR48225 (details)
  507. [llvm-readelf/obj] - Fix the possible crash when dumping group sections. (details)
  508. [AST] Build recovery expression by default for all language. (details)
  509. [mlir][Linalg] NFC - Factor out Linalg functionality for shape and loop bounds computation (details)
  510. [clangd] Implement Decl canonicalization rules for rename (details)
  511. [AArch64][SVE] Allow lax conversion between VLATs and GNU vectors (details)
  512. [clangd] Get rid of clangToolingRefactoring dependency (details)
  513. [APInt] Add the truncOrSelf resizing operator to APInt (details)
  514. [clangd] testPath's final result agrees with the passed in Style (details)
  515. [VE][NFC] Clean stack frame description (details)
  516. [VE] Clean canRealignStack implementation (details)
  517. Revert "[clangd] testPath's final result agrees with the passed in Style" (details)
  518. [mlir][Linalg] Drop symbol_source abstraction which does not pay for itself. (details)
  519. [AMDGPU][MC] Improved diagnostic messages for invalid literals (details)
  520. [clangd] textDocument/implementation (LSP layer) (details)
  521. [mlir] Avoid cloning ops in SCF parallel conversion to CFG (details)
  522. Ignore noderef attribute in unevaluated context (details)
  523. [AMDGPU][MC] Improved diagnostic messages (details)
  524. [llvm-readobj][test] - Simplify the gnu-notes.test (details)
  525. [lldb] [test] Restore Windows-skip on 'process connect' tests (details)
  526. [Inline] Fix in handling of ptrtoint in InlineCost (details)
  527. [mlir] canonicalize away zero-iteration SCF for loops (details)
  528. [test] Update PR reference in testcase [NFC] (details)
  529. Remove automatic traversal from forEach matcher (details)
  530. Update mode used in traverse() examples (details)
  531. Remove the IgnoreImplicitCastsAndParentheses traversal kind (details)
  532. Fix speling in comments. NFC. (details)
  533. [VE] Remove magic numbers 176 (details)
  534. [mlir] Add a print function for memref<*xi64>. (details)
  535. Fix tests for clang-query completion (details)
  536. [mlir] Temporarily disable flaky mlir-cpu-runner async tests (details)
  537. [VE] VE Vector Predicated SDNode, vector add isel and tests (details)
  538. [TableGen] Eliminte source location from CodeInit (details)
  539. [AArch64] Add tests for masked.gather costs. (details)
  540. Add userData to the diagnostic handler C API (details)
  541. [mac/arm] make clang/test/Driver/clang_f_opts.c pass consistently (details)
  542. [SelectionDAG][ARM][AArch64][Hexagon][RISCV][X86] Add SDNPCommutative to fma and fmad nodes in tablegen. Remove explicit commuted patterns from targets. (details)
  543. [mlir][Linalg] Fuse sequence of Linalg operation (on buffers) (details)
  544. [mac/arm] fix clang/test/Driver/darwin-ld-dedup.c (details)
  545. [mlir][Linalg] NFC: Expose some utility functions used for promotion. (details)
  546. [AArch64] Add scatter cost model tests. (details)
  547. [NFC] remove print statement I accidentally added. (details)
  548. [AArch64] Update clang CodeGen tests I missed in 4252f7773a5b98b825d17e5f77c7d349cb2fb7c7. (details)
  549. [ms] [llvm-ml] Support macro function invocations in expressions (details)
  550. [llvm-elfabi] Emit ELF header and string table sections (details)
  551. [test] Pin tests using -dot-callgraph to legacy PM (details)
  552. [AIX] Support init priority (details)
  553. [CGSCC] Detect devirtualization in more cases (details)
  554. [test] Pin memory-dereferenceable.ll to legacy PM (details)
  555. Port -print-memderefs to NPM (details)
  556. Revert "[llvm-elfabi] Emit ELF header and string table sections" (details)
  557. [ms] [llvm-ml] Support purging macro definitions (details)
  558. [clang-tidy] Fix RenamerClangTidy checks trying to emit a fix that isnt a valid identifier (details)
  559. [llvm-elfabi] Emit ELF header and string table sections (details)
  560. Make check-clang depend on the LLVM split-file utility (details)
  561. [mlir] Add mising dependency (details)
  562. [clang-tidy] Use compiled regex for AllowedRegexp in macro usage check (details)
  563. [lldb/test] Remove flaky `process connect` test. (details)
  564. [NPM] Share pass building options with legacy PM (details)
  565. Reapply "[CodeGen] [WinException] Only produce handler data at the end of the function if needed" (details)
  566. Revert "[CGSCC] Detect devirtualization in more cases" (details)
  567. APINotes: add property models for YAML attributes (details)
  568. [gn build] Port f6b02ecd027 (details)
  569. [InstCombine] propagate 'nsw' on pointer difference of 'inbounds' geps (details)
  570. Use MlirStringRef throughout the C API (details)
  571. [RISCV] Remove unused VM register class (details)
  572. [libcxx] Resolve LWG 2724 protected -> private. (details)
  573. [mlir] Support WsLoopOp in OpenMP to LLVM dialect conversion (details)
  574. [LoopVectorizer] Lower uniform loads as a single load (instead of relying on CSE) (details)
  575. [test] pre-comit test for D91451 (details)
  576. [llvm-symbolizer] Switch to using native symbolizer by default on Windows (details)
  577. [hwasan] Fix tests when vm.overcommit_memory=1. (details)
  578. Revert "[llvm-symbolizer] Switch to using native symbolizer by default on Windows" (details)
  579. [Clang][-fvisibility-from-dllstorageclass] Set DSO Locality from final visibility (details)
  580. Enable support for floating-point division reductions (details)
  581. fix some Wundef warnings in public headers (details)
  582. Fix signed integer overflow bug that's causing test failures with UBSan. (details)
  583. [clangd] Call hierarchy (XRefs layer, incoming calls) (details)
  584. [clangd] Call hierarchy (ClangdServer layer) (details)
  585. [clangd] Call hierarchy (ClangdLSPServer layer) (details)
  586. [clangd] Use in ClangdServer::resolveTypeHierarchy() (details)
  587. [gn build] Port 3e6e6a2db67 (details)
  588. [lldb] Add platform select to (details)
  589. [LLDB] Fix typo in RegisterContextPOSIXProcessMonitor_arm64 (details)
  590. [gn build] modify hotfix in 17df195f705cef76a9 to work with all enabled targets (details)
  591. [libunwind] Multiple preprocessor fixes on PowerPC* (details)
  592. [Driver] Enable getOSLibDir() lib32 workaround for SPARC on Linux (details)
  593. [CMake] Unify LLVM_LINKER_IS_GOLD -Wl,--gc-sections setting with GNU ld and LLD (details)
  594. [LoopVec] Reuse a lambda [NFC] (details)
  595. [FunctionAttrs][NPM] Fix handling of convergent (details)
  596. Reland [CGSCC] Detect devirtualization in more cases (details)
  597. [PowerPC] Pre-commit more tests for `select` codegen. NFC. (details)
  598. [GlobalISel][TableGen] Fix seg fault for zero instruction (details)
  599. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Make <2 x p0> of G_SHUFFLE_VECTOR legal. (details)
  600. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Add pre-isel lowering to convert p0 G_DUPs to use s64. (details)
  601. [test] Fix gvn-inline-iteration.ll under NPM (details)
  602. Revert "[DebugInfo] Refactor code for emitting DWARF expressions for FP constants" (details)
  603. [LLD] [COFF] Allow wrapping dllimported functions (details)
  604. [mlir] Make attributes mutable in Python bindings (details)
  605. [llvm-elfabi] Emit ELF .dynsym, .dynamic sections (details)
  606. [mlir] move lib/Bindings/Python/ to include/mlir/Bindings/Python (details)
  607. [clangd] Sort results of incomingCalls request by container name (details)
  608. [[lvm-readelf/obj] - Remove `tryGetSectionName` helper. (details)
  609. Add support for branch forms of ALU instructions to Cortex-A57 model (details)
  610. [llvm-readelf/obj] - Improve the error reporting in printStackSize(). (details)
  611. [llvm-readelf/obj] - Refine the implementation of `printGNUVersionSectionProlog` (details)
  612. [DAGCombine][PowerPC] Convert negated abs to trivial arithmetic ops (details)
  613. [SchedModels] Limit set of predicates seen by mutuallyExclusive (details)
  614. [libc++] [www] Fix HTML. NFC. (details)
  615. [OpenMP] fix asm code for for arm64 (AARCH64) for Darwin/macOS (details)
  616. [mlir][linalg] Add bufferization pattern for `linalg.indexed_generic`. (details)
  617. [SchedModels] Improve diagnostics. NFC (details)
  618. Revert "[NFC][SCEV] Generalize monotonicity check for full and limited iteration space" (details)
  619. [mlir] AsyncRuntime: fix concurrency bugs + fix exports in methods definitions (details)
  620. [IR] Constant::getAggregateElement - early-out for ScalableVectorType (details)
  621. [clangd] Fix shared-lib builds (details)
  622. [RISCV] Combine GREVI sequences (details)
  623. [MLIR] Fix TableGen generator for attribute interfaces. (details)
  624. [docs] Try to make this bullet list in ThinLTO.rst actually be a bullet list (details)
  625. [HIP] Fix regressions due to fp contract change (details)
  626. [LV] Keep Primary Induction alive when folding tail by masking (details)
  627. clang+lld: Improve clang+ld.darwinnew.lld interaction, pass -demangle (details)
  628. [mlir] NFC - Expose an OffsetSizeAndStrideOpInterface (details)
  629. [MC][ARM] Fix number of operands of tMOVSr (details)
  630. [NFC][AIX][XCOFF] change function name from getNumofGPRsSaved to getNumOfGPRsSaved (details)
  631. [llvm-mca] Fix processing thumb instruction set (details)
  632. Fix driver test from e16c0a9a689719 (details)
  633. [clangd] Mention when CXXThis is implicit in exposed AST. (details)
  635. lld: Fix darwinnew symlink name added in e16c0a9a68971 (details)
  636. [clang-offload-bundler] use std::forward_list for storing temp file names [NFC] (details)
  637. clang: Pass -platform-version to new MachO LLD (details)
  638. [PowerPC] dyn_cast should be dyn_cast_or_null in MASSV pass (details)
  639. [lld/mac] Implement basic typo correction for flags (details)
  640. [libcxx] Implement P1956 rename low-level bit functions (details)
  641. Add support for STRICT_FSETCC promotion (details)
  642. [test] Merge parallel_region_merging{,_legacy_pm}.ll (details)
  643. Clear NewGEPBases after finish using them in CodeGenPrep pass (details)
  644. [NFC][tests] Replace non-portable grep with FileCheck (details)
  645. [libc++] NFC: Fix confusing indentation in <numeric> (details)
  646. [mlir] Add Tosa dialect const folder for tosa.const. (details)
  647. [PowerPC][PCRelative] Add new pseudo instructions for PCRel TLS to fix R2 clobber issue (details)
  648. [ThinLTO/WPD] Enable -wholeprogramdevirt-skip in ThinLTO backends (details)
  649. Fix CalibratedQuantizedType's print function to match parser (details)
  650. [AMDGPU] Add a TRANS bit to TSFlags. NFC. (details)
  651. [Driver] Default Generic_GCC aarch64 to -fasynchronous-unwind-tables (details)
  652. [mlir][Python] Fix the last remaining instance of PYTHON_EXECUTABLE. (details)
  653. [clangd] AddUsing: Used spelled text instead of type name. (details)
  654. [HardwareLoops] Change order of SCEV expression construction for InitLoopCount. (details)
  655. [test] Fix rtf_type_checking.ll under NPM (details)
  656. [DSE] Precommit test case for PR48279. (details)
  657. [test] Pin parallel_deletion_cg_update.ll to legacy PM (details)
  658. [LoopVec] Add a minor clarifying comment (details)
  659. [InstCombine] add tests for gep math; NFC (details)
  660. [InstCombine] add tests for sub of muls; NFC (details)
  661. [InstCombine] try difference-of-shifts factorization before negator (details)
  662. [clangd] Add more trace spans for rename, NFC. (details)
  663. [mlir][Python] Sync Python bindings with C API MlirStringRef modification. (details)
  664. [mlir] NFC - Refactor and expose a parsing helper for OffsetSizeAndStrideInterface (details)
  665. [test] Clean up ppc-features.cpp and improve tests (details)
  666. [mlir] NFC - Refactor and expose a helper printOffsetSizesAndStrides helper function. (details)
  667. Avoid redundant work when computing vtable vcall visibility (details)
  668. [libc++] [P0482] [C++20] Implement missing bits for atomic (details)
  669. [mlir] Add conversion from SCF parallel loops to OpenMP (details)
  670. [PowerPC] Don't reuse an illegal typed load for int_to_fp conversion. (details)
  671. [mlir][sparse] generalize invariant expression handling in sparse compiler (details)
  672. [mlir] Remove SameOperandsAndResultShape when redundant with ElementwiseMappable (details)
  673. [RISCV] Add GHC calling convention (details)
  674. [clangd] Addusing tweak: find insertion point after definition (details)
  675. [OpenMP50][DOCS] Mark target data non-contiguous as done, NFC. (details)
  676. [SelectionDAG] Avoid aliasing analysis if the object size is unknown. (details)
  677. [gn build] Port 8d06a678a5c (details)
  678. Revert "[RISCV] Add GHC calling convention" (details)
  679. [RISCV] Add GHC calling convention (details)
  680. [ASTImporter] Make the Import() return value consistent with the map of imported decls when merging ClassTemplateSpecializationDecls (details)
  681. [RISCV] Set __GCC_HAVE_SYNC_COMPARE_AND_SWAP_x defines (details)
  682. [MC/AsmParser] Fix use of Arm calling convention in target-agnostic test (details)
  683. [mlir] use STATUS instead of CHECK_* in MLIRDetectPythonEnv.cmake (details)
  684. [AIX] Add mabi=vec-extabi options to enable the AIX extended and default vector ABIs. (details)
  685. [SelectionDAG] Add PseudoProbeSDNode to LargestSDNode to fix 32-bt build break. (details)
  686. [LAA] Minor code style tweaks [NFC] (details)
  687. [Sanitizer][RISCV] Fix redefinition of REG_SP (details)
  688. Fix mangling of substitutions for template-prefixes. (details)
  689. [lld] Add --no-lto-whole-program-visibility (details)
  690. Treat a placeholder type for class template argument deduction as (details)
  691. [mlir][sparse] add parallelization strategies to sparse compiler (details)
  692. [clang-tidy] Support IgnoredRegexp configuration to selectively suppress identifier naming checks (details)
  693. Fix compilation issue reported by MSVC user on cfe-dev (details)
  694. DebugInfo: Add some missing explicit target triples. (details)
  695. [PowerPC][FP128] Fix the incorrect calling convention for IEEE long double on Power8 (details)
  696. DebugInfo: Remove llc_dwarf usage from tests already relying on a target triple in the IR (details)
  697. Make CallInst::updateProfWeight emit i32 weights instead of i64 (details)
  698. [SCEV] Use isa<> pattern for testing for CouldNotCompute [NFC] (details)
  699. Don't assume the clang binary name contains the string "clang". (details)
  700. [NFC][Test] Format the test for IEEE Long double (details)
  701. Try to fix tests after e16c0a9a68971 with CLANG_DEFAULT_LINKER=lld (details)
  702. [PPC][AIX] Add vector callee saved registers for AIX extended vector ABI (details)
  703. [DAG][PowerPC] Fix dropped `nsw` flag in `SimplifySetCC` by adding `doesNodeExist` helper (details)
  704. [IndVars] Use more precise context when eliminating narrowing (details)
  705. [NewPM] Add pipeline EP callback after initial frontend cleanup (details)
  706. [DAGCombine] Add hook to allow target specific test for sqrt input (details)
  707. Revert "[SCEV] Generalize no-self-wrap check in isLoopInvariantExitCondDuringFirstIterations" (details)
  708. [CHR] Use pred_size (NFC) (details)
  709. [PowerPC] Probe the gap between stackptr and realigned stackptr (details)
  710. [NFC][ARM][PhaseOrdering] Add one more test for D91800: LoopIdiom should be before IndVars (details)
  711. [llvm-readelf/obj] - Deduplicate the logic that prints notes. NFCI. (details)
  712. [VPlan] Turn VPReductionRecipe into a VPValue (details)
  713. [VPlan] Switch VPWidenRecipe to be a VPValue (details)
  714. [llvm-readobj] - An attempt to fix BB after D92018. (details)
  715. [clangd] Avoid type hierarchy crash on incomplete type (details)
  716. [SchedModels] Return earlier removed checks (details)
  717. [obj2yaml] - Dump section offsets in some cases. (details)
  718. [clangd] Add metrics for invalid name. (details)
  719. [libObject,llvm-readelf] - Stop describing a section/segment in `notes_begin()`. (details)
  720. [ORC] Remove a superfluous semicolon, silencing GCC warnings. NFC. (details)
  721. [ORC] Cast to const void* to silence a GCC warning. NFC. (details)
  722. [clang][SVE] Activate macro `__ARM_FEATURE_SVE_VECTOR_OPERATORS`. (details)
  723. [OpenCL] Move kernel arg type tests into one file (details)
  724. [clangd] Fix a tsan failure. (details)
  725. [VPlan] Add VPReductionSC to VPUser::classof, unify VPValue IDs. (details)
  726. [clangd] Extract common file-caching logic from ConfigProvider. (details)
  727. [gn build] Port d95db1693cb (details)
  728. [SVE][CodeGen] Add a DAG combine to extend mscatter indices (details)
  729. DetectDeadLanes.cpp - remove unused headers. NFCI. (details)
  730. SemaExpr.cpp - use castAs<> instead of getAs<> as we dereference the pointer directly. NFCI. (details)
  731. CGCall.cpp - use castAs<> instead of getAs<> as we dereference the pointer directly. NFCI. (details)
  732. TargetInfo.cpp - use castAs<> instead of getAs<> as we dereference the pointer directly. NFCI. (details)
  733. SemaExpr.cpp - use castAs<> instead of getAs<> as we dereference the pointer directly. NFCI. (details)
  734. [ARM][AArch64] Adding Neoverse N2 CPU support (details)
  735. [clangd] Use TimePoint<> instead of system_clock::time_point, it does matter after all. (details)
  736. [libc++] P1645 constexpr for <numeric> (details)
  737. [llvm-readelf/obj] - Stop using `reportError` when dumping notes. (details)
  738. Fix a typo in the documentation to unbreak the sphinx builder. (details)
  739. Revert "[libc++] P1645 constexpr for <numeric>" (details)
  740. [LAA] NFC: Rename [get]MaxSafeRegisterWidth -> [get]MaxSafeVectorWidthInBits (details)
  741. [clangd] PopulateSwitch: disable on dependent enums. (details)
  742. [libc++] ADL-proof <variant> by adding _VSTD:: qualification on calls. (details)
  743. Fix case mismatch between definition and declaration (details)
  744. [PowerPC] Regenerate vec_select.ll tests and add <1 x i128> test case (details)
  745. [DAG] Legalize abs(x) -> smax(x,sub(0,x)) iff smax/sub are legal (details)
  746. [flang][openacc] Semantic check for cache directive (details)
  747. [AMDGPU] Emit stack frame size in metadata (details)
  748. [WebAssembly] Factor out WasmTableType in binary format (details)
  749. [PassManager] Run Induction Variable Simplification pass *after* Recognize loop idioms pass, not before (details)
  750. [MC][WebAssembly] Only emit indirect function table import if needed (details)
  751. [AMDGPU] Actually fully update opt-pipeline.ll test to account for -loop-idiom vs -indvars switch (details)
  752. [ELF] Add TargetInfo::adjustGotPcExpr for `R_GOT_PC` relaxations. NFC (details)
  753. [SVE] Fix TypeSize warning in RuntimePointerChecking::insert (details)
  754. [ELF] Rename adjustRelaxExpr to adjustTlsExpr and delete the unused `data` parameter. NFC (details)
  755. [clang][test] Fix prefix operator++ signature in iterators (details)
  756. [gn build] Download prebuilt mac-arm64 binary now that it exists (details)
  757. [OpenMP][OMPT] Implement verbose tool loading (details)
  758. [OpenMP][OMPT] Introduce a guard to handle OMPT return address (details)
  759. [OpenMP] libomp: fix non-X86, non-AARCH64 builds (details)
  760. [Flang][Docs] Update call information and add two more calls (details)
  761. [OpenMP][Docs] Add more content, call coordinates, FAQ entries, links (details)
  762. [RISCV] Custom type legalize i32 fshl/fshr on RV64 with Zbt. (details)
  763. [FastISel] Flush local value map on ever instruction (details)
  764. [DAG] Legalize abs(x) -> umin(x,sub(0,x)) iff umin/sub are legal (details)
  765. [clangd] Implement clang-tidy options from config (details)
  766. [gn build] Port 73fdd998701 (details)
  767. [CostModel][X86] Refresh ISD::ABS costs (details)
  768. Remove static function unused after cf1c774. (details)
  769. [RISCV] Add test cases showing that we don't recognize the select form of NABS in SelectionDAGBuilder so we end up with branches. NFC (details)
  770. [Hexagon] Add support for ISD::SMAX/SMIN/UMAX/UMIN instead of custom dag patterns (details)
  771. [MS] Fix double evaluation of MSVC builtin arguments (details)
  772. [MS] Add more 128bit cmpxchg intrinsics for AArch64 (details)
  773. [MLIR][Affine] Add custom builders for AffineVectorLoadOp/AffineVectorStoreOp (details)
  774. [clangd] Track deprecation of 'member' semantic token type in LSP. (details)
  775. [libc++] Factor out common logic for calling aligned allocation (details)
  776. [RISCV] Make SMIN/SMAX/UMIN/UMAX legal with Zbb extension. (details)
  777. [RISCV] Add test cases to check that we use (smax X, (neg X)) for abs with Zbb extension. (details)
  778. [mlir] Add build configuration for Quant unittest (details)
  779. [ms] [llvm-ml] Implement the expression expansion operator (details)
  780. [libc++] NFC: Reindent non-lockfree-atomics feature (details)
  781. DebugInfo: remove unnecessary mtriple from test/DebugInfo/X86/abstract_origin.ll (details)
  782. github actions: Use llvmbot token for main branch sync (details)
  783. [SelectionDAGBuilder] Add SPF_NABS support to visitSelect (details)
  784. [RISCV] Add an implementation of isFMAFasterThanFMulAndFAdd (details)
  785. [NFC] Fix pattern name. (details)
  786. Revert builtins fp16 support: tests do not pass on Mac (details)
  787. [CodeView] Avoid emitting empty debug globals subsection. (details)
  788. Refactor and simplify class scope name lookup. (details)
  789. Adding PoisonValue for representing poison value explicitly in IR (details)
  790. Part of C++ DR 39: a class member lookup is not ambiguous if it finds the (details)
  791. [gn build] (manually) port b534beabeed3ba (details)
  792. [mlir][sparse] add ability to select pointer/index storage type (details)
  793. [clangd] Collect main file refs by default (details)
  794. [gn build] sync script: handle multiple source lists if only deleting (details)
  795. [gn build] sync script: only compute tokloc when adding files (details)
  796. [gn build] sync script: try to make a loop clearer (details)
  797. [lld][WebAssembly] Ensure stub symbols always get address 0 (details)
  798. [mlir][Python] Add additional capsule interop types. (details)
  799. [LoopLoadElim] Make sure all loops are in simplify form. PR48150 (details)
  800. [LegalizerTypes] Add support for scalarizing the operand of an FP_EXTEND when the result type is legal. (details)
  801. [RISCV] Remove unused PatFrag argument from the tablegen class used for c.beqz/c.bnez. NFC (details)
  802. [IndVars] Use isLoopBackedgeGuardedByCond for last iteration check (details)
  803. [RISCV] Add isel pattern to match (i64 (sra (shl X, 32), C)) to SRAIW if C > 32. (details)
  804. [SCEV] Use isKnownPredicateAt in isLoopBackedgeGuardedByCond (details)
  805. [llvm-readobj] - Fix a warning. (details)
  806. [Support] Use llvm::is_contained (NFC) (details)
  807. [libc++] [libc++abi] Mark a few tests as unsupported/xfail on gcc-7/8/9. (details)
  808. [OpenMP][OMPT] Fix building with OMPT disabled after 6d3b81664a4b79 (details)
  809. [libc++] [www] Fix HTML. NFC. (details)
  810. Fix use-of-uninitialized-value in rG75f50e15bf8f (details)
  811. [clangd] Do not treat line as inactive if skipped range ends at character position 0 (details)
  812. [lldb] Fix after "Flush local value map on every instruction" (details)
  813. [libc++] [docs] Migrate C++ status pages to RestructuredText (RST). (details)
  814. [AMDGPU] Introduce and use isGFX10Plus. NFC. (details)
  815. [libc++] [P0966] [C++20] Fix bug PR45368 by correctly implementing P0966: string::reserve should not shrink. (details)
  816. [libc++] Fix gcc warning -Wsign-compare. (details)
  817. [NFC][libc++] Mark LWG3296 as complete. (details)
  818. Revert "[SCEV] Use isKnownPredicateAt in isLoopBackedgeGuardedByCond" (details)
  819. [llvm-profgen] [docs] Fix invalid header. Add to ToC. NFC. (details)
  820. [RISCV] Add test cases for missed opportunities to use sbsetw/sbclrw/sbinvw when the result isn't known to be sign extended. (details)
  821. [RISCV] Add isel patterns for sbsetw/sbclrw/sbinvw with sext_inreg as the root. (details)
  822. [SCEV] Use isBasicBlockEntryGuardedByCond in isLoopBackedgeGuardedByCond (details)
  823. [llvm-readelf/obj] - Report a warning when the value of the DT_PLTREL dynamic tag is invalid. (details)
  824. Revert "[SCEV] Use isBasicBlockEntryGuardedByCond in isLoopBackedgeGuardedByCond" (details)
  825. Return "[SCEV] Use isBasicBlockEntryGuardedByCond in isLoopBackedgeGuardedByCond", 2nd try (details)
  826. [X86] Fix -DAG checks on gnux32 pic tests (details)
  827. Revert "Return "[SCEV] Use isBasicBlockEntryGuardedByCond in isLoopBackedgeGuardedByCond", 2nd try" (details)
  828. [SVE][CodeGen] Extend isConstantSplatValue to support ISD::SPLAT_VECTOR (details)
  829. [libc++] Mark a few more tests as unsupported on gcc-8/9. (details)
  830. [clang][Driver] Handle risvc in Baremetal.cpp. (details)
  831. [CostModel] Add basic implementation of getGatherScatterOpCost. (details)
  832. [X86] Extend neg-abs test coverage (details)
  833. [clangd][query-driver] Extract target (details)
  834. [mlir][bufferize] Add argument materialization for bufferization (details)
  835. [VE] Add comprehensive stackframe tests (details)
  836. [AArch64][CostModel] Precommit some vector mul tests. NFC. (details)
  837. [IndVarSimplify] Fix Modified status when handling dead PHI nodes (details)
  838. [mlir][linalg] Mark linalg.yield as ReturnLike (details)
  839. [VPlan] Turn VPReplicateRecipe into a VPValue. (details)
  840. [ASTImporter] Import the default argument of TemplateTemplateParmDecl (details)
  841. [LiveDebugVariables] Strip all debug instructions from nodebug functions (details)
  842. [clang][cli] Port Target option flags to new option parsing system (details)
  843. Remove stray debug-only from test (details)
  844. [DAG] Legalize umin(x,y) -> sub(x,usubsat(x,y)) and umax(x,y) -> add(x,usubsat(y,x)) iff usubsat is legal (details)
  845. Revert rG12d59b696b330 "[DAG] Legalize umin(x,y) -> sub(x,usubsat(x,y)) and umax(x,y) -> add(x,usubsat(y,x)) iff usubsat is legal" (details)
  846. [ARM] Cleanup for the MVETailPrediction pass (details)
  847. [AArch64] Regenerate min/max tests and add vXi64 umin/umax test coverage (details)
  848. [libc++] Fix two fr_FR locale tests on FreeBSD (details)
  849. [mlir][DialectConversion] Do not prematurely drop unused cast operations (details)
  850. [libc++] Attempt to fix spurious modules-related failures in the CI (details)
  851. [libc++] Remove sysctl-based implementation of thread::hardware_concurrency() (details)
  852. [ASTImporter] Import the default argument of TemplateTypeParmDecl (details)
  853. [AIX] Add support for non var_arg extended vector ABI calling convention on AIX (details)
  854. [MC] Set the unique id of .stack_sizes to the associated .text section's (details)
  855. [AA] Split up LocationSize::unknown() (details)
  856. [BPF][NewPM] Port bpf-adjust-opt to NPM and add it to pipeline (details)
  857. [X86] Regenerate i64-to-float.ll tests with avx512 coverage (details)
  858. [clangd] AddUsing: do not crash on non-namespace using decls. (details)
  859. [libc++] Fix the Homebrew tap to install Buildkite on macOS hosts (details)
  860. [libc++] Remove ABI lists for previous releases (details)
  861. [NFC][SimplifyCFG] Add statistic to `FoldBranchToCommonDest()` fold (details)
  862. [NFC][SimplifyCFG] Add test coverage for FoldBranchToCommonDest xform with live-out bonus instuctions (details)
  863. [SimplifyCFG] FoldBranchToCommonDest: lift use-restriction on bonus instructions (details)
  864. [llvmbuildectomy] Also include component groups in llvm-config --components list (details)
  865. Revert "[SimplifyCFG] FoldBranchToCommonDest: lift use-restriction on bonus instructions" (details)
  866. [libc++] Install missing package in the Dockerfile (details)
  867. [test] Fix runtime-pointer-checking-insert-typesize.ll under NPM (details)
  868. [BasicAA] Fix BatchAA results for phi-phi assumptions (details)
  869. [clangd] Fix use of system-installed GRPC after f726101b6240a6740b3c0926af759da5e7336f8a (details)
  870. [RISCV] Add isel patterns to use SBSET for (1 << X) by using X0 as the input. (details)
  871. [LangRef] Add poison constant (details)
  872. [InlineCost] Fix indentation (NFC) (details)
  873. [DAGCombine] Adding a hook to improve the precision of fsqrt if the input is denormal (details)
  874. [clangd] Add support for within-file rename of complicated fields (details)
  875. [IndVars] LCSSA Phi users should not prevent widening (details)
  876. [IR] Use llvm::is_contained and pred_size (NFC) (details)
  877. [Test] Add some more tests showing how we fail to widen IV (details)
  878. [RISCV] Don't remove (and X, 0xffffffff) from inputs when matching RISCVISD::DIVUW/REMUW to 64-bit DIVU/REMU. (details)
  879. [llvm-readelf/obj] - Stop calling `reportError` in `printArchSpecificInfo()`. (details)
  880. Revert "[DebugInfo] Improve dbg preservation in LSR." (details)
  881. [libc][Obvious] Fix typo in strnlen_test.cpp. (details)
  882. [mlir] Let ModuleTranslate propagate LLVM triple (details)
  883. [msan] Fix bugs when instrument x86.avx512*_cvt* intrinsics. (details)
  884. [mlir] Add gpu.allocate, gpu.deallocate ops with LLVM lowering to runtime function calls. (details)
  885. [MLIR][SCF] Find all innermost loops for parallel loop tiling (details)
  886. [NFC][SimplifyCFG] FoldBranchToCommonDest: add one more test with PHI (details)
  887. Reland [SimplifyCFG] FoldBranchToCommonDest: lift use-restriction on bonus instructions (details)
  888. [InstSimplify] Clarify use of FixedVectorType in SimplifySelectInst (details)
  889. [SVE] Add a couple of extra sizeless type tests (details)
  890. [ASTImporter] Import the default argument of NonTypeTemplateParmDecl (details)
  891. [LegacyPM] Remove unused undocumented parameter. NFC. (details)
  892. [LegacyPM] Avoid a redundant map lookup in setLastUser. NFC. (details)
  893. [libc] Fix typo in buildbot README.txt. (details)
  894. [X86] Regenerate extract-store.ll tests (details)
  895. [DAG] Legalize umin(x,y) -> sub(x,usubsat(x,y)) and umax(x,y) -> add(x,usubsat(y,x)) iff usubsat is legal (details)
  896. [SLP] Dump Tree costs. NFC. (details)
  897. [ARM] MVE qabs vectorization test. NFC (details)
  898. [obj2yaml] - Don't assert when trying to calculate the expected section offset. (details)
  899. [libc++] [docs] Exclude helper files from Sphinx configuration to avoid generating empty pages. (details)
  900. [obj2yaml] - Dump the `EShNum` key in some cases. (details)
  901. [mlir] Fix typos and broken links in LangRef (details)
  902. [OpenCL] Check for extension string extension lookup (details)
  903. [AArch64][SLP] Precommit tests which would be better not to SLP vectorize. NFC. (details)
  904. Revert "[ASTMatchers] Matcher macros with params move params instead of copying" (details)
  905. Don't elide splat attributes during printing (details)
  906. [AIX] Enabling vector type arguments and return for AIX (details)
  907. [TableGen][SchedModels] Get rid of hasVariant. NFC (details)
  908. [libc++] Replace several uses of 0 by nullptr (details)
  909. [libc++] Formalize what configurations are covered by the ABI lists (details)
  910. [libomptarget][cuda] Detect missing symbols in plugin at build time (details)
  911. [Hexagon] Add HVX support for ISD::SMAX/SMIN/UMAX/UMIN instead of custom dag patterns (details)
  912. [X86] Add AVX2/AVX512 test coverage in sat-add.ll (details)
  913. [AllocaInst] Update `getAllocationSizeInBits` to return `TypeSize`. (details)
  914. [libc++] Introduce an indirection to create threads in the test suite (details)
  915. [VPlan] Use VPTransformState::set in widenGEP. (details)
  916. TargetProcessControl.cpp - Remove warning: extra ‘;’ (details)
  917. [AArch64] Define __ARM_FEATURE_{CRC32,ATOMICS} (details)
  918. lld-link: Let LLD_REPRODUCE control /reproduce:, like in ld.lld (details)
  919. [AIX][XCOFF][NFC] Change geNumberOfVRSaved function name to getNumberOfVRSaved. (details)
  920. [libc++] Use std::move in numeric algorithms (P0616R0). (details)
  921. [Hexagon] Improve check for HVX types (details)
  922. [RISCV] Replace sexti32/zexti32 in isel patterns where only one part of their PatFrags can match. NFCI (details)
  923. [RISCV][LegalizeTypes] Teach type legalizer that it can promote UMIN/UMAX using SExtPromotedInteger if that's better for the target. (details)
  924. Revert "[BasicAA] Fix BatchAA results for phi-phi assumptions" (details)
  925. [RISCV] Remove stale FIXMEs from a couple test cases. NFC (details)
  926. [ValueTracking] Fix assert on shufflevector of pointers (details)
  927. [NFC] SmallVector<char...> to SmallString<...> (details)
  928. [RISCV] Replace getSimpleValueType() with getValueType() in DAG combines to prevent asserts with weird types. (details)
  929. Add -fintegrated-as to clang invocation (details)
  930. [libc++] Consistently unparenthesize `numeric_limits<T>::max`. NFCI. (details)
  931. [libc++] Support no libc++ namespace in the iterator test. (details)
  932. [VE] Optimize emitSPAdjustment function (details)
  933. [libc++] s/constpexr/constexpr/ in some comments. NFC. (details)
  934. [IRSim][IROutliner] Adding the extraction basics for the IROutliner. (details)
  935. [gn build] Port bf899e89138 (details)
  936. Revert "[IRSim][IROutliner] Adding the extraction basics for the IROutliner." (details)
  937. [gn build] Port a8a43b63388 (details)
  938. [RISCV] Add tests for existing (rotr (bswap X), (i32 16))->grevi pattern for RV32. Extend same pattern to rotl and GREVIW. (details)
  939. [BasicAA] Remove unnecessary known size requirement (details)
  940. [mlir] Change ConvertOpToLLVMPattern::matchAndRewrite argument to concrete operand type. (details)
  941. [mlir] Fix bad rebase landed in acb69f3b7c83. (details)
  942. [clangd] Add symbol origin for remote index (details)
  943. [libc++] P1645 constexpr for <numeric> (details)
  944. [Timer] Add a command option to enable/disable timer sorting. (details)
  945. [X86] Have indirect calls take 64-bit operands in 64-bit modes (details)
  946. [ConstantFold] Fold operations to poison if possible (details)
  947. [X86] Do not allow FixupSetCC to relax constraints (details)
  948. [X86] Add -verify-machineinstrs to pic.ll (details)
  949. [BasicAA] Add tests for suboptimal speculation results (NFC) (details)
  950. [libc++] Disable some tests using gcc 9. (details)
  951. [ARMAttributeParser] Correctly parse and print Tag_THUMB_ISA_use=3 (details)
  952. Implement computeHostNumHardwareThreads() for FreeBSD (details)
  953. [mlir] Add a shape function library op (details)
  954. Revert "[mlir] Add a shape function library op" (details)
  955. [BasicAA] Generalize recursive phi alias analysis (details)
  956. [LangRef] minor fixes to poison examples and well-defined values section (NFC) (details)
  957. [ConstantFold] Fold more operations to poison (details)
  958. [clangd] Cache .clang-tidy files again. (details)
  959. [clangd] Fix path edge-case condition. (details)
  960. [libc++] hash<long double>: adjust for x86-64 ILP32 (details)
  961. [IR] remove redundant code comments; NFC (details)
  962. [IR] simplify code in removePredecessor(); NFCI (details)
  963. [VPlan] Manage stored values of interleave groups using VPUser (NFC) (details)
  964. [OpenMP][OMPT][NFC] Fix flaky test (details)
  965. [OpenMP][OMPT][NFC] Fix failing test (details)
  966. Use `const` for array pointers in `StandardTypes.h` (details)
  967. [VPlan] Use VPValue and VPUser ops to print VPReplicateRecipe. (details)
  968. [VPlan] Fix -Wunused-variable after a813090072c0527eb6ed51dd2ea4f54cb6bc72a0 (details)
  969. [mlir] Add a shape function library op (details)
  970. [RISCV] Change predicate on InstAliases for GORCI/GREVI/SHFLI/UNSHFLI to HasStdExtZbp instead of HasStdExtZbbOrZbp. (details)
  971. [ELF] Check --orphan-handling=place (default value) early (details)
  972. [DL] Optimize address space zero lookup (NFC) (details)
  973. [ELF] Improve 2 SmallVector<*, N> usage (details)
  974. [clang-tidy] [clangd] Avoid multi-line diagnostic range for else-after-return diagnostic (details)
  975. Use bool in place of int for boolean things in the C API (details)
  976. [MC] Copy visibility for .symver created symbols (details)
  977. [mlir][Python] Python API cleanups and additions found during code audit. (details)
  978. [mlir][Python] Add an Operation.result property. (details)
  979. [RISCV] Remove unused Addend parameter from classifySymbolRef. NFC (details)
  980. Remove redundant check for access in the conversion from the naming (details)
  981. [IndVars] ICmpInst should not prevent IV widening (details)
  982. [mlir][CAPI] Convert the rest of the API int -> bool. (details)
  983. [lldb/test] Avoid the socket "pump" thread (details)
  984. [clang] Improve diagnostics for auto-return-type function if the return expr had an error. (details)
  985. [libc] Improve memcpy copy loop (details)
  986. [AST][RecoveryAST] Preseve more invalid return stmt. (details)
  987. [mlir][LLVMIR] Add support for InlineAsmOp (details)
  988. [TableGen][SchedModels] Fix read/write variant substitution (details)
  989. [ARM] Constant predicate tests. NFC (details)
  990. [NFC][SimplifyCFG] Add STATISTIC() to the FoldValueComparisonIntoPredecessors() fold (details)
  991. [clang-tidy] add concurrency module (details)
  992. [clang-tidy] implement concurrency-mt-unsafe (details)
  993. Fix test case (details)
  994. [clang-format] State where should be run from (details)
  995. [lldb] Error when there are no ports to launch a gdbserver on (details)
  996. [NFC][clang-tidy] Do link FrontendOpenMP into concurrency module after all (details)
  997. [LegacyPM] Simplify PMTopLevelManager::collectLastUses. NFC. (details)
  998. Add `using ConvertToLLVMPattern::match/matchAndRewrite` to avoid 'hiding overload' warning. (details)
  999. [X86][AVX512] Only lower to VPALIGNR if we have BWI (PR48322) (details)
  1000. [lldb] Use llvm::Optional for port in LaunchGDBServer (details)
  1001. [AArch64][CostModel] Fix cost for mul <2 x i64> (details)
  1002. Support custom expedited register set in gdb-remote (details)
  1003. Send SVE vg register in custom expedited registerset (details)
  1004. [gn build] Manually sync 8da7efb and cac5be4 (details)
  1005. [llvm-objdump] Document --mattr=help in --help output (details)
  1006. [VE] Specify vector alignments (details)
  1007. [VPlan] Use VPUser to manage VPPredInstPHIRecipe operand (NFC). (details)
  1008. [VE] Change the behaviour of truncate (details)
  1009. Try to fix bots after 112b3cb by removing cortex-a57-misched-mla.s (details)
  1010. [VE] Optimize prologue/epilogue instructions (details)
  1011. [mac/lld] Add support for response files (details)
  1012. Try harder to get rid off cortex-a57-misched-mla.s (details)
  1013. [lld/mac] Add --reproduce option (details)
  1014. [InstCombine][X86] Add addsub tests showing failure to simplify demandedelts (PR46277) (details)
  1015. [llvm-objdump] Require x86 target for mcpu/attr test (details)
  1016. [ConstantFold] Don't fold and/or i1 poison to poison (NFC) (details)
  1017. [LangRef] missing link, minor fix (details)
  1018. [LLDB/Lua] add support for one-liner breakpoint callback (details)
  1019. Add 'asserts' requiremnt to test/CodeGen/ARM/cortex-a57-misched-mla.mir (details)
  1020. [IR][LoopRotate] avoid leaving phi with no operands (PR48296) (details)
  1021. [lld-macho] Implement -fatal_warnings (details)
  1022. [windows-itanium] handle dllimport/export code paths separately and share with PS4 (details)
  1023. [mlir] Make mlir-cpu-runner depend on native instead of X86 (details)
  1024. Revert "[IR][LoopRotate] avoid leaving phi with no operands (PR48296)" (details)
  1. [ARM] Enable GCC C Torture Suite (details / githubweb)

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