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Revision: 364448
  1. [Attributor] Deduce the "returned" argument attribute

    Deduce the "returned" argument attribute by collecting all potentially
    returned values.

    Not only the unique return value, if any, can be used by subsequent
    attributes but also the set of all potentially returned values as well
    as the mapping from returned values to return instructions that they
    originate from (see AAReturnedValues::checkForallReturnedValues).

    Change in statistics (-stats) for LLVM-TS + Spec2006, totaling ~19% more "returned" arguments.

      ADDED: attributor                   NumAttributesManifested                  n/a ->        637
      ADDED: attributor                   NumAttributesValidFixpoint               n/a ->      25545
      ADDED: attributor                   NumFnArgumentReturned                    n/a ->        637
      ADDED: attributor                   NumFnKnownReturns                        n/a ->      25545
      ADDED: attributor                   NumFnUniqueReturned                      n/a ->      14118
    CHANGED: deadargelim                  NumRetValsEliminated                     470 ->        449 (    -4.468%)
    REMOVED: functionattrs                NumReturned                              535 ->        n/a
    CHANGED: indvars                      NumElimIdentity                          138 ->        164 (   +18.841%)

    Reviewers: homerdin, hfinkel, fedor.sergeev, sanjoy, spatel, nlopes, nicholas, reames, efriedma, chandlerc

    Subscribers: hiraditya, bollu, cfe-commits, llvm-commits

    Tags: #clang, #llvm

    Differential Revision: (detail)
    by jdoerfert
Revision: 364448
  1. [cxx2a] P0624R2 fix: only lambdas with no lambda-capture are default-constructible and assignable.

    This is a fix for rG864949 which only disabled default construction and
    assignment for lambdas with capture-defaults, where the C++2a draft
    disables them for lambdas with any lambda-capture at all.

    Patch by Logan Smith!

    Differential Revision: (detail)
    by dblaikie
  2. [Frontend] Explicitly include Bitstream/BitCodes.h and BitstreamWriter.h

    This fixes a modules issue:

    error: declaration of 'bitc' must be imported from module
    'Clang_Serialization.ASTBitCodes' before it is required
    Stream.EmitRecord(llvm::bitc::BLOCKINFO_CODE_SETBID, Record); (detail)
    by thegameg

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