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Revision: 364448
  1. Fix modular build issues caused by BitCodes.h

    Consolidate llvm::BWH_* statics into an enum to fix
    module build issues. This fixes the LLVM_Bitcode module,
    getting rid of -Wmodules-ambiguous-internal-linkage.

    Differential Revision: (detail)
    by Kristina Brooks
Revision: 364448
  1. [analyzer] CastValueChecker: Remove a dump()

    Summary: Fix a nit. (detail)
    by charusso
Revision: 364448
  1. [ubsan][test] Restore float-divide-by-zero test

    Removed by rCTE365307 to fix buildbots. It can be restored now because D64317/rC365587 brought back -fsanitize=float-divide-by-zero (detail)
    by maskray

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