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  1. [MLIR] LLVMMLIRTableGen -> MLIRTableGen (details)
  2. [MLIR][cmake][NFC] Check for incorrect usage of LLVM components in LINK_LIBS (details)
  3. CodeGen: Use Register (details)
  4. GlobalISel: Remove unused include (details)
  5. [analyzer][NSOrCFError] Don't emit diagnostics under the name osx.NSOrCFErrorDerefChecker (details)
  6. [Hexagon] cannot be used with p3:0 as producer (details)
  7. AMDGPU: Use member initializers in MFI (details)
  8. AMDGPU: Fix DAG divergence for implicit function arguments (details)
  9. [analyzer][ObjCGenerics] Don't emit diagnostics under the name core.DynamicTypePropagation (details)
  10. GlobalISel: Copy correct flags to select (details)
  11. [SVE] MOVPRFX zero merging test renaming (details)
  12. analyzer][CallAndMessage][NFC] Change old callbacks to rely on CallEvent (details)
  13. AMDGPU: Annotate functions that have stack objects (details)
  14. [analyzer][NFC] Merge checkNewAllocator's paramaters into CXXAllocatorCall (details)
  15. [asan_symbolize] Fix bug handling C++ symbols when using Atos. (details)
  16. [lldb/test] Move "DataFormatters/Mock.h" to "Plugins/Language/ObjC/Utilities.h" (details)
  17. Add terminateCommands to lldb-vscode protocol (details)

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