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Revision: 362564
  1. [MIR] Add simple PRE pass to MachineCSE

    This is the second part of the commit fixing PR38917 (hoisting
    partitially redundant machine instruction). Most of PRE (partitial
    redundancy elimination) and CSE work is done on LLVM IR, but some of
    redundancy arises during DAG legalization. Machine CSE is not enough
    to deal with it. This simple PRE implementation works a little bit
    intricately: it passes before CSE, looking for partitial redundancy
    and transforming it to fully redundancy, anticipating that the next
    CSE step will eliminate this created redundancy. If CSE doesn't
    eliminate this, than created instruction will remain dead and eliminated
    later by Remove Dead Machine Instructions pass.

    The third part of the commit is supposed to refactor MachineCSE,
    to make it more clear and to merge MachinePRE with MachineCSE,
    so one need no rely on further Remove Dead pass to clear instrs
    not eliminated by CSE.

    First step:


    This is fixed recommit of r361356 after PowerPC64 multistage build failure. (detail)
    by anton-afanasyev

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