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  1. [clang] FastMathFlags.allowContract should be initialized only from FPFeatures.allowFPContractAcrossStatement (details)
  2. [lldb][NFC] Minor NamespaceMap refactor (details)
  3. [AMDGPU] Add the test from D49097. (details)
  4. DIPrinter.h - reduce unnecessary includes to forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  5. MachineMemOperand.h - replace Type.h with full GlobalValue.h include to fix -Wundefined-inline warnings. (details)
  6. [mlir][Linalg] Refactor linalg tiling (details)
  7. [mlir][Linalg] NFC - Simplify GenericNestLoop builder (details)
  8. [mlir] Toy tutorial: insert terminators at the end of the loop during rewrite (details)
  9. [mlir] DialectConversion: avoid double-free when rolling back op creation (details)
  10. [mlir] DialectConversion: support erasing blocks (details)
  11. [mlir] Erase or clear blocks through ConversionPatternRewriter when applicable (details)
  12. [mlir] SCFToStandard: support any ops in and around the control flow ops (details)
  13. [mlir] ensureRegionTerminator: take OpBuilder (details)
  14. [OPENMP][DOCS]Update status of implemented features, NFC. (details)

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