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  1. [Hexagon] Use InstSimplify instead of ConstantProp (details)
  2. Teach SROA to handle allocas with more than one dbg.declare. (details)
  3. [RDF] Lower the sorting complexity in RDFLiveness::getAllReachingDefs (details)
  4. [RDF] Cache register aliases in PhysicalRegisterInfo (details)
  5. [RDF] Really remove remaining uses of PhysicalRegisterInfo::normalize (details)
  6. BPF: simplify IR generation for __builtin_btf_type_id() (details)
  7. [RDF] Use hash-based containers, cache extra information (details)
  8. [RDF] Add operator<<(raw_ostream&, RegisterAggr), NFC (details)
  9. Fix debugserver's qProcessInfo reporting of maccatalyst binaries (details)

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