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Revision: 362564
  1. [X86] Use EVEX instructions for f128 FAND/FOR/FXOR when avx512vl is enabled. (detail)
    by ctopper
  2. [X86] Convert f32/f64 FANDN/FAND/FOR/FXOR to vector logic ops and scalar_to_vector/extract_vector_elts to reduce isel patterns.

    Previously we did the equivalent operation in isel patterns with
    COPY_TO_REGCLASS operations to transition. By inserting
    scalar_to_vetors and extract_vector_elts before isel we can
    allow each piece to be selected individually and accomplish the
    same final result.

    I ideally we'd use vector operations earlier in lowering/combine,
    but that looks to be more difficult.

    The scalar-fp-to-i64.ll changes are because we have a pattern for
    using movlpd for store+extract_vector_elt. While an f64 store
    uses movsd. The encoding sizes are the same. (detail)
    by ctopper

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