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  1. gn build: (manually) merge r371787 (details)
  2. gn build: Merge r371822 (details)
  3. gn build: (manually) merge r371834 (details)
  4. Revert "gn build: (manually) merge r371834" (details)
  5. gn build: (manually) merge r371834, take 2 (details)
  6. lld-link: Add a flag /lldignoreenv that makes lld-link ignore env vars. (details)
  7. Fix depfile name construction (details)
  8. clang-format: Add support for formatting (some) lambdas with explicit (details)
  9. [docs][llvm-objcopy][llvm-strip] Improve --strip-unneeded description (details)
  10. [ADT] Remove a workaround for old versions of clang (details)
  11. [PowerPC][NFC] Move codegen tests to PowerPC from MIR/PowerPC (details)
  12. gn build: pacify "gn format" after 371102 (details)
  13. [Sema][Typo Correction] Fix potential infite loop on ambiguity checks (details)
  14. Fix a few spellos in docs. (details)
  15. [X86] Use incDecVectorConstant to simplify the min/max code in (details)
  16. [docs][llvm-readelf][llvm-readobj] Improve --stack-sizes documentation (details)
  17. Fix build in C++20 (details)
  18. Only initialize the streams cout/wcout/cerr/wcerr etc once, rather than (details)

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