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  1. GlobalISel: fix unused warnings in release builds. (detail)
  2. [ARM] Prevent generating NEON stack accesses under MVE. (detail)
  3. [AArch64][SVE] Implement abs and neg intrinsics (detail)
  4. [ELF][AArch64] Apply some NFC cleanups to AArch64ErrataFix.cpp (detail)
  5. [clangd] Update clangd-vscode docs to be more user-focused. (detail)
  6. [clangd] Support multifile edits as output of Tweaks (detail)
  7. Revert rL371198 from llvm/trunk: [DFAPacketizer] Track resources for (detail)
  8. [clang-doc] sys::fs::F_None -> OF_None. NFC (detail)
  9. [ARM][MVE] VCTP instruction selection (detail)
  10. [clang-tidy] Fix bug in bugprone-use-after-move check (detail)
  11. [Inliner][NFC] Make test less brittle. (detail)
  12. [ELF] nmagic or omagic: don't allocate PT_PHDR or PF_R PT_LOAD for the (detail)
  13. [DFAPacketizer] Reapply: Track resources for packetized instructions (detail)
  14. compiler-rt: use fp_t instead of long double, for consistency (detail)

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