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Build Log

  1. Added compiler-rt tests to run on ARM target. (details / githubweb)
  2. Fix bash script when df exits with error (details / githubweb)
  3. NFC. Updated comment. (details / githubweb)
  4. [sanitizer] More robust rm calls (details / githubweb)
  5. [sanitizer] Remove compiler-rt from Android stage2 (details / githubweb)
  6. [sanitizer] Remove ANDROID_NDK_VERSION and ANDROID (details / githubweb)
  7. Use lit --vv on Android bot (details / githubweb)
  8. [sanitizer] Delete build only with CCACHE (details / githubweb)
  1. Support: Avoid std::tie in Support/FileSystem/UniqueID.h, NFC (details)
  2. [gn build] Port c17da8676a0 (details)
  3. [LLD] [COFF] Align all debug directories (details)
  4. [mlir][CAPI] Add APIs for mlirOperationGetName and Identifier. (details)
  5. [mlir][vector] Address post-commit review comments on vector ops folding patterns (details)
  6. [flang] Allow array constructor implied DO loop indices as constant expressions (details)
  7. [Sema] adds -Wfree-nonheap-object member var checks (details)
  8. Undef the `DEFINE_C_API_STRUCT` macro after using it in the MLIR C API header (NFC) (details)
  9. [PartialInliner]: Handle code regions in a switch stmt cases (details)
  10. [AMDGPU] Improve FLAT scratch detection (details)
  11. [NFC][regalloc] Use MCRegister appropriately (details)
  12. [Hexagon] Move isTypeForHVX from Hexagon TTI to HexagonSubtarget, NFC (details)
  13. [clangd] Fix check-clangd with no clang built (details)
  14. Change Module::ASTFile and ModuleFile::File => Optional<FileEntryRef>, NFC (details)
  15. [FileCheck] Added documentation for --allow-unused-prefixes (details)
  16. Rename CXXUnresolvedConstructExpr::arg_size for consistency (details)
  17. Ignore template instantiations if not in AsIs mode (details)
  18. [clangd] Add -log=public to redact all request info from index server logs (details)
  19. [MC] Make MCStreamer aware of AsmParser's StartTokLoc (details)
  20. [mlir] Add func-bufferize pass. (details)
  21. [mlir][Bufferize] Rename TestBufferPlacement to TestFinalizingBufferize (details)
  22. Fix build error on bots after 9f151df17800e1668c32e5314a290ae94c8f2dd3 (details)
  23. [Coroutines][Docs] Remove frame packing as a TODO (details)
  24. [LazyCallGraph] Build SCCs of the reference graph in order (details)
  25. [IndVars] Regenerate test checks (NFC) (details)
  26. [NFC][AMDGPU] Restructure the AMDGPU memory model description (details)
  27. [flang] Fix actual argument character length and length error reporting (details)
  28. [MLIR] Introduce std.global_memref and std.get_global_memref operations. (details)
  29. [MLIR] Work around an ICE in GCC 7. (details)
  30. [GWP-ASan] Stub out backtrace/signal functions on Fuchsia (details)
  31. [LoopFusion] Regenerate test checks (NFC) (details)
  32. [AsmPrinter] Split up .gcc_except_table (details)
  33. [CUDA] Allow local static variables with target attributes. (details)
  34. [mlir] Optimize Op definitions and registration to optimize for code size (details)
  35. [MachO] Also recongize __swift_ast as a debug info section (details)
  36. Revert "[CUDA] Allow local static variables with target attributes." (details)
  37. [MLIR] Remove unnecessary CHECK's from tests for which we do not run FileCheck. (details)
  38. Reland - [Clang] Add the ability to map DLL storage class to visibility (details)
  39. [pstl] Replace direct use of assert() with _PSTL_ASSERT (details)
  40. [NFC] Use [MC]Register in Live-ness tracking (details)
  41. [cc1as] Close MCAsmParser before MCStreamer (details)
  42. [scudo][standalone] Code tidying (NFC) (details)
  43. [libc++] Fix invalid parsing of ints in a <random> test (details)
  44. [darwin] add support for __isPlatformVersionAtLeast check for if (@available) (details)
  45. [mlir][Linalg] Add more utility functions to LinalgDependenceGraph. (details)
  46. [PowerPC] Parse and ignore .machine ppc64 (details)
  47. Add parallelTransformReduce and parallelForEachError (details)
  48. [mlir][Affine] Remove single iteration affine.for ops in AffineLoopNormalize (details)
  49. Remove unused parameter (details)
  50. [sanitizer] Make destructors protected (details)
  51. [LICM] Add assert of AST/MSSA exclusiveness. (details)
  52. Add textual header PPCTypes.def to module Clang_Basic after D81508 (details)
  53. [Syntax] DeclaratorList is a List (details)
  54. [crashlog] Fix and simplify the way we import lldb (details)
  55. [PowerPC] [NFC] Rename VCMPo to VCMP_rec (details)
  56. [PowerPC] Skip IEEE 128-bit FP type in FastISel (details)
  57. [crashlog] Turn crash log parsing modes into a Python 'enum' (NFC) (details)
  58. [crashlog] Remove commented out code (NFC) (details)
  59. [RISCV] Only return DestSourcePair from isCopyInstrImpl for registers (details)
  60. [CodeGen] Fix regression from D83655 (details)
  61. [sanitizer] Cleanup -Wnon-virtual-dtor warnings (details)
  62. [polly] Fix -Wunused-lambda-capture and -Wunused-variable (details)
  63. [docs] Fix clang/docs/UsersManual.rst after D87528 & D88446 (details)
  64. [Libomptarget][NFC] Move global Libomptarget state to a struct (details)
  65. Put back the test pragma-fp-exc.cpp (details)
  66. [Flang][OpenMP][NFC][1/2] Reorder OmpStructureChecker and simplify it. (details)
  67. [NFC][PowerPC] Move the folding RLWINMs from ppc-mi-peephole to PPCInstrInfo. (details)
  68. [IndVars] Use knowledge about execution on last iteration when removing checks (details)
  69. [RISCV] Remove isel patterns for fshl/fshr with same inputs. NFC (details)
  70. [NFC] Split lambda into 2 parts for further reuse (details)
  71. [scan-build] Fix clang++ pathname again (details)
  72. [libcxxabi] Build all of libcxxabi with _LIBCPP_BUILDING_LIBRARY defined (details)
  73. [libcxx] [test] Fix the fs.op.absolute test to cope with windows paths (details)
  74. [libcxx] [test] Avoid an unused variable in non-libcpp cases in path.append (details)
  75. [libcxx] [test] Create symlink_to_dir as the right kind, as a directory symlink (details)
  76. [libcxx] Avoid double frees of file descriptors in the fallback ifstream/ofstream codepath (details)
  77. [libcxx] [test] Use error_code::default_error_condition to check errors against the expected codes (details)
  78. [PowerPC] Extend folding RLWINM + RLWINM to post-RA. (details)
  79. [compiler-rt] [ubsan] Use the itanium type info lookup for mingw targets (details)
  80. [clang] [MinGW] Allow using the vptr sanitizer (details)
  81. [NFC] Refactor code in IndVars, preparing for further improvement (details)
  82. [clang] Fix the fsanitize.c testcase after eaae6fdf67e1f. NFC. (details)
  83. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Use same builder/observer in post-legalizer-combiner (details)
  84. [llvm-readobj/libObject] - Allow dumping objects that has a broken SHT_SYMTAB_SHNDX section. (details)
  85. [lldb] [Process/FreeBSDRemote] Implement thread GetName() (details)
  86. [lldb] [Host/{free,net}bsd] Fix process matching by name (details)
  87. [lldb] [Process/FreeBSDRemote] Fix attaching via lldb-server (details)
  88. [lldb] [Process/FreeBSDRemote] Remove GetSharedLibraryInfoAddress override (details)
  89. [lldb] [Plugins/FreeBSDRemote] Disable GetMemoryRegionInfo() (details)
  90. [mlir] Add partial lowering of shape.cstr_broadcastable. (details)
  91. [mlir] Add to shape.is_broadcastable description (details)
  92. [LLDB][NFC] treat Lua error codes in a more explicit manner (details)
  93. [NFCI] Add StackOffset class and base classes for ElementCount, TypeSize. (details)
  94. [CostModel] Make target intrinsics cheap by default (details)
  95. Provide a hook to customize missing library error handling (details)
  96. [AArch64] Redundant masks in downcast long multiply (details)
  97. [lld] missing doc entry for error handling script (details)
  98. [SLP] Pass VecPred argument to getCmpSelInstrCost. (details)
  99. [mlir] Convert `memref_reshape` to LLVM. (details)
  100. [AggressiveInstCombine] Generalize foldGuardedRotateToFunnelShift to generic funnel shifts (details)
  101. Add test missing from previous commit (details)
  102. Remove mlir-c/Core.h which is superseded by the new API in mlir-c/IR.h (details)
  103. Change the PrintOpStatsPass to operate on any operation instead of just ModuleOp (details)
  104. Handle the verifier at run() time in the PassManager instead of build time (details)
  105. Make the implicit nesting behavior of the PassManager user-controllable and default to false (details)
  106. [MLIR] Added test operations to replace linalg dependency for (details)
  107. [AArch64][SVE] NFC: Guard all SVE tests for TypeSize warnings. (details)
  108. [ARM] Low overhead loop memcpy lowering test. NFC (details)
  109. [ARM] Treat memcpy/memset/memmove as call instructions for low overhead loops (details)
  110. Fix 'default label in switch which covers all enumeration values' warning (details)
  111. [clang-tidy] adding "--config-file=<file-path>" to specify custom config file. (details)
  112. [JITLink][ELF] Implement R_X86_64_PLT32 relocations (details)
  113. Revert "[CodeGen] [WinException] Only produce handler data at the end of the function if needed" (details)
  114. [OpenMP][Tool] Handle detached tasks in Archer (details)
  115. [OpenMP][OMPT][NFC] Fix flaky test (details)
  116. [OpenMP][libomptarget][Tests] fix failing test (details)
  117. [ARM] Remove unused variable. NFC (details)
  118. [SCCP] Handle bitcast of vector constants. (details)
  119. [NFC][InstCombine] Add test coverage for PR47997 (details)
  120. [NFC][InstCombine] Negator: add test coverage for `(?? - (C - %y))` pattern (PR47997) (details)
  121. [NFC][InstCombine] Negator: add test coverage for `(?? - (%y + C))` pattern (PR47997) (details)
  122. [InstCombine] Negator: - (C - %x) --> %x - C (PR47997) (details)
  123. [InstCombine] Perform  C-(X+C2) --> (C-C2)-X  transform before using Negator (details)
  124. [CUDA][HIP] Fix linkage for -fgpu-rdc (details)
  125. [x86] update cost table comments for maxnum; NFC (details)
  126. [mlir][spirv] Support for a few more decorations in (de)serialization (details)
  127. [AMDGPU] Specify a triple to avoid codegen changes depending on host OS (details)
  128. [gn build] (manually) port 1af3cb5424d (details)
  129. [gn build] Port 1667d23e585 (details)
  130. [DAG] computeKnownBits - Move (most) ISD::SHL handling into KnownBits::shl (details)
  131. [ASTMatchers] Made isExpandedFromMacro Polymorphic (details)
  132. [AMDGPU] Precommit globalisel tests for ds_read2_b64 with large offset (details)
  133. [SLP][X86][Test] Extend test coverage for PR47629 (details)
  134. [ADT] Add SmallVector::pop_back_n (details)
  135. make the AsmPrinterHandler array public (details)
  136. [Docs][FileCheck] Small fix. (details)
  137. [lldb/Utility] Add unit tests for RegisterValue::GetScalarValue (details)
  138. [libcxx] [libcxxabi] Set flags for visibility when statically linking libcxxabi into libcxx for windows (details)
  139. [libcxx] Error out if __libcpp_mbsrtowcs_l fails in __time_get_storage (details)
  140. [AMDGPU] Fix ds_read2/write2 with unaligned offsets (details)
  141. [SVE][InstCombine] Improve specificity of InstCombine TypeSize test (details)
  142. [OpenMP][Tools] clang-format Archer (NFC) (details)
  143. Fix GCC error: specialization of 'template<class LeafTy> struct llvm::LinearPolyBaseTypeTraits' in different namespace (details)
  144. [CostModel] fix cost calc bug for sadd/ssub with overflow (details)
  145. [openmp][openacc][NFC] Simplify access and validation of DirectiveBase information (details)
  146. [lldb] [Process/FreeBSDRemote] Fix "Fix attaching via lldb-server" (details)
  147. [AMDGPU] Add gfx90c target (details)
  148. [AMDGPU] Add gfx1033 target (details)
  149. Revert "[PowerPC] Extend folding RLWINM + RLWINM to post-RA." (details)
  150. [compiler-rt][profile][AIX]: Enable compiler-rt profile build on AIX (details)
  151. [NFC][AMDGPU] Minor editorial improvements to AMDGPUUsage.rst (details)
  152. Make test/tools/llvm-dlltool/tool-name.test pass, and make it run (details)
  153. [crashlog] Move crash log parsing into its own class (details)
  154. [libc++] Move <memory> helpers outside of std::allocator_traits (details)
  155. [AMDGPU] Regenerate load i16 tests to use script. NFCI. (details)
  156. [DAG] computeKnownBits - Move (most) ISD::SRL handling into KnownBits::lshr (details)
  157. [RISCV] Add missing patterns for rotr with immediate for Zbb/Zbp extensions. (details)
  158. [DAG] computeKnownBits - Move ISD::SRA handling into KnownBits::ashr (details)
  159. Cleanup namespace comment to fix clang-tidy warning. NFCI. (details)
  160. [crashlog] Modularize parser (details)
  161. [GVN] small improvements to comments (details)
  162. [CUDA] Allow local static variables with target attributes. (details)
  163. [HIP] Use argv[0] as the default choice for the Executable name. (details)
  164. [HIP] Math Headers to use type promotion (details)
  165. [WebAssembly] Implement ref.null (details)
  166. Return actual type from SBType::GetArrayElementType (details)
  167. Precommit LTO pipeline test (details)
  168. Add loop distribution to the LTO pipeline (details)
  169. Fix - [Clang] Add the ability to map DLL storage class to visibility (details)
  170. [AMDGPU] Add some missing tests for GFX10.3 subtargets (details)
  171. Revert "Add loop distribution to the LTO pipeline" (details)
  172. Revert "Precommit LTO pipeline test" (details)
  173. [mlir][vector] Add canonicalization patterns for ExtractStride/ShapeCast + Splat constant (details)
  174. [NFC][Reassociate] Add tests with `add`-like `or` (w/ no common bits set) (details)
  175. [Reassociate] Convert `add`-like `or`'s into an `add`'s to allow reassociation (details)
  176. [memprof] Don't protect destructor in final (details)
  177. [compiler-rt] Use empty SuspendedThreadsList for Fuchsia (details)
  178. [musttail] Unify musttail call preceding return checking (details)
  179. [crashlog] Print the actual exception in the CommandReturnObject (details)
  180. [libc++] NFC: Simplify how we run config tests (details)
  181. [unittest][TrasnformerTest] Fix asan stack-use-after-return (details)
  182. [libc++] Remove support for tests (details)
  183. [clangd] Handle absolute/relative path specifications in Config (details)
  184. [clangd] Fix missing override warnings in remote-index client (details)
  185. [OpenMP] Fixed an issue in the test case parallel_offloading_map (details)
  186. [lldb] [test] Remove xfail from tests that pass on FreeBSD (details)
  187. [lldb] [test/Shell] Pass -pthread to host toolchain on FreeBSD too (details)
  188. [lldb] [test] Update XFAILs/skips for FreeBSD (details)
  189. [libc++] Harden tests against executors not running tests in a shell (details)
  190. [NFC] Inline wasm assertion-only variable (details)
  191. [PowerPC] Add MMA builtin decoding and definitions (details)
  192. [mlir][Parser] Small optimization to parsing (details)
  193. [NFC] Fix call to lldb RegisterValue constructor (details)
  194. [LIBC][NFC] Rename errno and assert files to match other files with functions (details)
  195. [libc++][NFC] Mark LWG issue 2899 as not complete. (details)
  196. [docs] Fix docs-llvm-html after recent TableGen changes D90617 (details)
  197. Revert "Ignore template instantiations if not in AsIs mode" (details)
  198. Undo Revert "Ignore template instantiations if not in AsIs mode" (details)
  199. When re-checking an already-substituted template argument, don't lose (details)
  200. [MLIR] NFC : Move OpenMP dialect include to translation (details)
  201. Remove extra comma after macro, fix GCC warning (NFC) (details)
  202. [ARM] remove cost-kind predicate for most math op costs (details)
  203. [mlir][vector] Make linalg FillOp vectorization use Transfer op (details)
  204. [WebAssembly] Don't fold frame offset for global addresses (details)
  205. [libc][NFC][Obvious] Use the new macro to declare special constants in tests. (details)
  206. [MLIR] Move eraseArguments and eraseResults to FunctionLike (details)
  207. [flang] Dodge gcc 8.2.0 build problem (NFC) (details)
  208. [MLIR] Check for duplicate entries in attribute dictionary during custom parsing (details)
  209. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Add combine for G_EXTRACT_VECTOR_ELT to allow selection of pairwise FADD. (details)
  210. [NFC] Use [MC]Register in register allocation (details)
  211. [clangd][NFC] Make Located::operator->() use pointer sematics (details)
  212. [MachineInstr] Add support for instructions with multiple memory operands. (details)
  213. [StackColoring] Conservatively merge catch point of V for catch(V) (details)
  214. [RISCV] Add fshl with immediate tests for Zbt extension. NFC (details)
  215. Port print-must-be-executed-contexts and print-mustexecute to NPM (details)
  216. Add a basic C API for the MLIR PassManager as well as a basic TableGen backend for creating passes (details)
  217. Switch the CallbackOstream wrapper in the MLIR C API to an Unbuffered stream (details)
  218. Enable -Werror-implicit-function-declaration by default (NFC) (details)
  219. Revert "[AggressiveInstCombine] Generalize foldGuardedRotateToFunnelShift to generic funnel shifts" (details)
  220. Fix linkage error on mlirLogicalResultIsFailure. (details)
  221. [mlir][Python] Return and accept OpView for all functions. (details)
  222. Re-land "[llvm-exegesis] Save target state before running the benchmark. (details)
  223. Revert "Re-land "[llvm-exegesis] Save target state before running the benchmark." (details)
  224. [DebugInfo] Delete unused DwarfUnit::addConstantFPValue & addConstantValue overloads. NFC (details)
  225. [Flang][OpenMP] Add semantic checks for OpenMP copyin clause. (details)
  226. [clangd] Store the containing symbol for refs (details)
  227. [mlir] Add a generic while/do-while loop to the SCF dialect (details)
  228. [mlir] Add lowering to CFG for WhileOp (details)
  229. [mlir] Add a simpler lowering pattern for WhileOp representing a do-while loop (details)
  230. Re-land "[llvm-exegesis] Save target state before running the benchmark." (details)
  231. [NFCI] Replace AArch64StackOffset by StackOffset. (details)
  232. Use LLD for Android compiler-rt (details)
  233. [sanitizer] Remove -Wno-non-virtual-dtor (details)
  234. [ARM] Remove unused variable. NFC (details)
  235. [llvm-exegesis] Fix unused variable warning. (details)
  236. [sanitizer] Remove ANDROID_NDK_VERSION (details)
  237. [lldb] Delete Value::Vector class (details)
  238. [clangd] Pass parameters to config apply functions (details)
  239. [llvm-exegesis][X86] Save and restore eflags. (details)
  240. [Clang] Add more fp128 math library function builtins (details)
  241. [JITLink][ELF] Omit temporary labels in tests (details)
  242. [mlir] Fix failing shared libraries build (details)
  243. [NFC][UBSAN] Replace "count 0" with FileCheck (details)
  244. [AMDGPU] Fix ieee mode default value (details)
  245. [AMDGPU] Set rsrc1 flags for graphics shaders (details)
  246. [libomptarget][nfc] Build amdgcn deviceRTL with nogpulib (details)
  247. [DAG] computeKnownBits - Replace ISD::MUL handling with the common KnownBits::computeForMul implementation (details)
  248. [mlir][SCF] Add canonicalization pattern for scf::For to eliminate yields that just forward. (details)
  249. [SVE][CodeGen] Lower scalable integer vector reductions (details)
  250. [VE] Add +vpu attribute (details)
  251. [gn build] try to port 707d69ff32309b (details)
  252. [gn build] Port 1124bf4ab77 (details)
  253. [gn build] Port 73b6cb67dcd (details)
  254. [llvm-exegesis] Fix rGaf658d920e2b (details)
  255. [MLIR] Support walks over regions and blocks (details)
  256. [mlir][std] Add DimOp folding for dim(tensor_load(m)) -> dim(m). (details)
  257. [Reassociate] Guard `add`-like `or` conversion into an `add` with profitability check (details)
  258. [InstSimplify] add vector cmp tests; NFC (details)
  259. [InstSimplify] allow vector folds for icmp Pred (1 << X), 0x80 (details)
  260. [libc++] Don't run tests in a shell in the default executor (details)
  261. [libc++] Remove test that is irrelevant since f1a96de1bc8d (details)
  262. [lldb] Improve RegisterValue::GetScalarValue (details)
  263. [TableGen] [IR] Eliminate unnecessary recursive help class. (details)
  264. [TableGen] Add !interleave operator to concatenate a list of values with delimiters (details)
  265. Disable emulated-tls for  compiler-rt+tests on Android if ELF_TLS is presence. (details)
  266. [NFC]Remove unused variable (details)
  267. [compiler-rt][AIX]: Link compiler-rt profile library when -fprofile-generate is specified (details)
  268. Add a floating-point suffix to silence warnings; NFC (details)
  269. [libc++] NFCI: Refactor chrono.cpp to make it easier to support new platforms (details)
  270. Fix gcc braces warning. NFCI. (details)
  271. Use isa<> instead of dyn_cast<> to avoid unused variable warning. NFCI. (details)
  272. [lldb/Utility] Delete Scalar::[US]IntValueIsValidForSize (details)
  273. [lldb] Remove [US]IntValueIsValidForSize from CommandObjectMemory (details)
  274. [ms] [llvm-ml] Enable support for MASM-style macro procedures (details)
  275. Start of an llvm.coro.async implementation (details)
  276. [clang-tidy] Add signal-handler-check for SEI CERT rule SIG30-C (details)
  277. [gn build] Port d1b2a523191 (details)
  278. [clangd] Cleanup dependencies around RemoteIndex (details)
  279. Fix breakage in D89615 (due to cmake version 3.16.5) (details)
  280. [libc++] Split off part of a test that require signals into a separate test (details)
  281. Revert "Start of an llvm.coro.async implementation" (details)
  282. [libc++] Remove the ability to not install the support headers (details)
  283. [Dexter] add an optnone attribute debug experience test for loops. (details)
  284. [Dexter] add visual studio 2019 debugger support (details)
  285. [GlobalISel] GISelKnownBits::computeKnownBitsImpl - Replace TargetOpcode::G_MUL handling with the common KnownBits::computeForMul implementation (details)
  286. [KnownBits] KnownBits::computeForMul - avoid unnecessary APInt copies. NFCI. (details)
  287. Add facilities to print/parse a pass pipeline through the C API (details)
  288. [llvm-objcopy][MachO] Make isValidMachOCannonicalName static (details)
  289. [llvm-objcopy] Make --set-section-flags work with --add-section (details)
  290. [AMDGPU] Fix iterating in SIFixSGPRCopies (details)
  291. [NewPM] Don't run before pass instrumentation on required passes (details)
  292. Revert "[GlobalISel] GISelKnownBits::computeKnownBitsImpl - Replace TargetOpcode::G_MUL handling with the common KnownBits::computeForMul implementation" (details)
  293. [AMDGPU] Resolve pseudo registers at encoding uses (details)
  294. [RISCV] Remove custom isel for (srl (shl val, 32), imm). Use pattern instead. NFCI (details)
  295. [UBSan] Cannot negate smallest negative signed integer (details)
  296. Switch from C-style comments `/* ... */` to C++ style `//` (NFC) (details)
  297. [RISCV] Check all 64-bits of the mask in SelectRORIW. (details)
  298. [mlir] Fix materializations for unranked tensors. (details)
  299. [mlir] Make linalg-bufferize a composable bufferization pass (details)
  300. Start of an llvm.coro.async implementation (details)
  301. [MLIR] Remove NoSideEffect from std.global_memref op. (details)
  302. [MLIR] Refactor memref type -> LLVM Type conversion (details)
  303. [RISCV] Remove assertsexti32 from inputs to riscv_sllw/srlw nodes in B extension isel patterns. (details)
  304. [OpenMP] target nested `use_device_ptr() if()` and is_device_ptr trigger asserts (details)
  305. Move MlirStringCallback declaration from mlir-c/IR.h to mlir-c/Support.h (NFC) (details)
  306. Refactor PyPrintAccumulatorm, PyFileAccumulator, and PySinglePartStringAccumulator from IRModules.cpp to PybindUtils.h (details)
  307. [libc++] NFC: Remove trailing whitespace (details)
  308. [DAGCombine] Fix bug in load scalarization (details)
  309. Basic: Split out DirectoryEntry.h, NFC (details)
  310. [RISCV] Correct the operand order for fshl/fshr to fsl/fsr instructions. (details)
  311. [mlir][std] Add SignedCeilDivIOp and SignedFloorDivIOp with std to std lowering triggered by -std-expand-divs option. The new operations support positive/negative nominator/denominator numbers. (details)
  312. [PowerPC] Rename mftbl to mftb (details)
  313. Add info about the cherry-picked commit and contributor (details)
  314. [MemorySSA] Use provided memory location even if instruction is call (details)
  315. [flang][openacc] Lower exit data directive (details)
  316. [RISCV] Remove assertsexti32 from fslw/fsrw isel patterns. (details)
  317. [libc++] Move availability-related Lit configuration to the DSL (details)
  318. [libc++] Remove stray setting of use_system_cxx_lib left behind (details)
  319. [lld][ELF][test] test LTO-removed symbols are not in symtab (details)
  320. [flang][openacc] Lower enter data directive (details)
  321. [NFC] Use Register/MCRegister (details)
  322. [SelectionDAG] Add legalizations for VECREDUCE_SEQ_FMUL (details)
  323. [ms] [llvm-ml] Lex MASM strings, including escaping (details)
  324. Fix -Wsign-compare issue in MasmParser.cpp (details)
  325. [flang][openacc] Lower update directive (details)
  326. [crashlog] Pass the debugger around instead of relying on lldb.debugger (details)
  327. [NewPM] Add OptimizationLevel param to registerPipelineStartEPCallback (details)
  328. Revert "[NewPM] Add OptimizationLevel param to registerPipelineStartEPCallback" (details)
  329. Reland [NewPM] Add OptimizationLevel param to registerPipelineStartEPCallback (details)
  330. Basic: Change Module::Umbrella to a PointerUnion, NFC (details)
  331. [NFC] Fix comment in test (details)
  332. [NFC][LSAN] Remove unused variable (details)
  333. [sanitizer] Get Android API from --target (details)
  334. Fix UB in one libcxx test, when deleting D through a pointer to B. (details)
  335. [PowerPC] Add Sema checks for MMA types (details)
  336. [NFC][sanitizer] Reformat some code (details)
  337. [MLIR][NFC] Update syntax of global_memref in ODS description. (details)
  338. [flang][openacc] Lower init and shutdown directive (details)
  339. [sanitizer] Allow preinit array on Android (details)
  340. [X86] Enable shrink-wrapping for no-frame-pointer non-nounwind functions on platforms not using compact unwind (details)
  341. Reland [lsan] Enable LSAN for Android (details)
  342. [flang][openacc] Lower wait directive (details)
  343. [mlir] Change deprecated -Werror-implicit-function-declaration to -Werror=implicit-function-declaration (details)
  344. [LSAN] Fix CAN_SANITIZE_LEAKS on Android (details)
  345. [sanitizer] Quick fix for non-Linux build (details)
  346. [clang] Add mustprogress and llvm.loop.mustprogress attribute deduction (details)
  347. [lsan] Remove unnecessary elf-tls condition (details)
  348. [NFC] Extract InitializePlatformCommonFlags (details)
  349. [sanitizer] Fix -fno-emulated-tls setup (details)
  350. [LangRef] Adds llvm.loop.mustprogress loop metadata (details)
  351. [RISCV] Move some test cases from rv64i-single-softfloat.ll to a new rv64i-double-softfloat.ll. NFC (details)
  352. Revert "[RISCV] Move some test cases from rv64i-single-softfloat.ll to a new rv64i-double-softfloat.ll. NFC" (details)
  353. Recommit "[RISCV] Move some test cases from rv64i-single-softfloat.ll to a new rv64i-double-softfloat.ll. NFC"" (details)
  354. [SCEV] Handle non-positive case in isImpliedViaOperations (details)
  355. [MachineSink] add more profitable pattern. (details)
  356. Revert "[SCEV] Handle non-positive case in isImpliedViaOperations" (details)
  357. [Driver] Add callback to Command execution (details)
  358. [sanitizers] Add missing definition (details)
  359. Capture the name for mlir::OpPassManager in std::string instead of StringRef (NFC) (details)
  360. [LSAN] Enabled only with __ANDROID_API__ >= 28 (details)
  361. [NewPM] Provide method to run all pipeline callbacks, used for -O0 (details)
  362. [LSAN] Fix preprocessor condition for MSVC (details)
  363. Revert "[LSAN] Fix preprocessor condition for MSVC" (details)
  364. [LSAN] Fix compilation error on MSVC (details)
  365. [NFC] Fix cpplint warnings (details)
  366. [test] Add 'REQUIRES: bpf-registered-target' to bpf-O0.c (details)
  367. [mlir][spirv] Allow usage of vector size 8 and 16 with Vector16 capability (details)
  368. [mlir][spirv] Add VectorExtractDynamicOp and vector.extractelement lowering (details)
  369. [ARM] Make tests less dependent on scheduling. NFC (details)
  370. [flang] update ODS syntax to use OpBuidlerDAG instead of OpBuilder (details)
  371. [mlir][Linalg] Side effects interface for Linalg ops (details)
  372. [mlir] Restructure C API tests for IR (details)
  373. [SyntaxTree] Add reverse links to syntax Nodes. (details)
  374. [InstCombine] Remove orphan InstCombinerImpl method declarations. NFCI. (details)
  375. [UnitTests] Add exhaustive tests for KnownBits shl/lshr/ashr (details)
  376. Revert rGbbeb08497ce58 "Revert "[GlobalISel] GISelKnownBits::computeKnownBitsImpl - Replace TargetOpcode::G_MUL handling with the common KnownBits::computeForMul implementation"" (details)
  377. [SVE] Return StackOffset for TargetFrameLowering::getFrameIndexReference. (details)
  378. [OpenMP] avoid warning: equality comparison with extraneous parentheses (details)
  379. [sanitizer] Assume getrandom might not be supported by the kernel (details)
  380. [lsan] Disable some LSAN tests for arm-linux-gnueabi{hf} (details)
  381. [GlobalISel] ComputeKnownBits - use common KnownBits shift handling (PR44526) (details)
  382. [OpenCL] Support vec_step in C++ for OpenCL mode (details)
  383. [GVN] Fix MemorySSA update when replacing assume(false) with stores. (details)
  384. [Flang][f18] Remove unimplemented options from `flang -help` (NFC) (details)
  385. [lldb] Also Catch invalid calls to TestPExpectTest's expect() (details)
  386. [KnownBits] Move ValueTracking/SelectionDAG UDIV KnownBits handling to KnownBits::udiv. NFCI. (details)
  387. [libc++] Correct XFAILs for the C++20 Synchronization Library (details)
  388. [TableGen] Add true and false literals to represent booleans (details)
  389. [lldb] Skip TestChangeProcessGroup on watchOS/tvOS (details)
  390. Reland [lldb] Explicitly use the configuration architecture when building test executables (details)
  391. [sanitizers] Remove the test case involving `new int[0]` (details)
  392. [mlir] Move TestDialect and its passes to mlir::test namespace. (details)
  393. [KnownBits] Move ValueTracking/SelectionDAG UREM KnownBits handling to KnownBits::urem. NFCI. (details)
  394. [lldb] Add Apple simulator platforms to (details)
  395. [KnownBits] Move ValueTracking SREM KnownBits handling to KnownBits::srem. NFCI. (details)
  396. [FileCheck] Use %ProtectFileCheckOutput in allow-unused-prefixes.txt (details)
  397. [clang] Add an option for hiding line numbers in diagnostics (details)
  398. [gn build] Port 659f4bd87ef (details)
  399. Implement Lambda Conversion Operators for All CCs for MSVC. (details)
  400. [lldb] Set the default architecture also in buildDefault (details)
  401. [lldb][NFC] Fix compiler warnings after removal of eValueTypeVector (details)
  402. [CaptureTracking] Avoid overly restrictive dominates check (details)
  403. [lldb] [test/Shell] Simplify -pthread condition (details)
  404. [lldb] Enable FreeBSDRemote plugin by default and update test status (details)
  405. [IndVarSimplify][SimplifyIndVar] Move WidenIV to Utils/SimplifyIndVar. NFCI. (details)
  406. [mlir]  Fix missing namespaces in OpBuildGen.cpp (details)
  407. [GlobalISel] Don't use Register type for getNumOperands(). NFCI. (details)
  408. [DAG] computeKnownBits - Replace ISD::SREM handling with KnownBits::srem to reduce code duplication (details)
  409. [OpenMP] Add ident_t flags for compiler OpenMP version (details)
  410. scudo: Don't memset previously released cached pages in the secondary allocator. (details)
  411. Revert "[CaptureTracking] Avoid overly restrictive dominates check" (details)
  412. [libc++] Rework the whole availability markup implementation (details)
  413. [RISCV] Add isel patterns for fshl with immediate to select FSRI/FSRIW (details)
  414. [RISCV] Remove shadow register list passed to AllocateReg when allocating FP registers for calling convention (details)
  415. [clangd] Trivial: Log missing completion signals. (details)
  416. [Sema] Special case -Werror-implicit-function-declaration and reject other -Werror- (details)
  417. [flang][f18] Remove unimplemented options (NFC) (details)
  418. [NFC] Add InitializePlatformCommonFlags for Fuchsia (details)
  419. [AMDGPU] Add default 1 glc operand to rtn atomics (details)
  1. [benchmark] [PowerPC] Rename mftbl to mftb (details / githubweb)

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