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  1. [Tooling] JSONCompilationDatabase::loadFromBuffer retains the buffer, copy it. (details)
  2. [libc++] fix std::sort(T**, T**) (details)
  3. [OPENMP]Fix PR48394: need to capture variables used in atomic constructs. (details)
  4. [dfsan] Add empty APIs for field-level shadow (details)
  5. [test] Add explicit dso_local to constant/global variable declarations (details)
  6. Include BuiltinAttributes.h in llvm-prettyprinters/gdb/mlir-support.cpp (details)
  7. [mlir][vector] rephrased description (details)
  8. ADT: Remove AlignedCharArrayUnion, NFC (details)
  9. [gn build] Port 4d8bf870a82 (details)
  10. [MC] Consume EndOfStatement in .cfi_{sections,endproc} (details)
  11. Frontend: Use translateLineCol instead of translateFileLineCol, NFC (details)
  12. ARCMigrate: Initialize fields in EditEntry inline, NFC (details)
  13. ASTImporter: Migrate to the FileEntryRef overload of SourceManager::createFileID, NFC (details)
  14. [VE] Add vfsqrt, vfcmp, vfmax, and vfmin intrinsic instructions (details)
  15. [libc++] Slightly improve constexpr test coverage for std::includes. (details)
  16. [libc++] [P0202] constexpr set_union, set_difference, set_symmetric_difference, merge (details)
  17. [libc++] Update the commented "synopsis" in <algorithm> to match current reality. (details)
  18. [asan][test] Improve -asan-use-private-alias tests (details)
  19. Add diagnostic for for-range-declaration being specificed with thread_local (details)
  20. Index: Remove unused internal header SimpleFormatContext.h, NFC (details)
  21. [test] precommit test for D92698 (details)

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