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  1. [Zorg] Add space between script and args (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. [lldb] Replace NativeProcess delegate list with a single delegate (detail)
  2. [NFC][SYCL] Drop idle triple component from regression tests. (detail)
  3. [M68k] Implement AsmParser (detail)
  4. [libc++] Fix test synopses and remove unused includes. (detail)
  5. [lldb] Require x86 backend for a bunch of DWARF tests (detail)
  6. [lldb][Arm/AArch64] Add basic disassemble tests for Arm/AArch64 (detail)
  7. [lldb] Require x86 for unwind no-return test (detail)
  8. Revert "[lldb] [Process] Watch for fork/vfork notifications" and associated followups (detail)
  9. [mlir][linalg] lower index operations during linalg to loop lowering. (detail)
  10. [lldb] [gdb-remote client] Refactor handling qSupported (detail)
  11. Revert "Revert "[clangd] Provide a way to disable external index"" (detail)
  12. [OpenCL][NFC] Rename isOpenCLVersionContainedInMask (detail)
  13. [SimplifyCFG] Allow hoisting terminators only with HoistCommonInsts=false. (detail)
  14. [CodeView] Fix the ARM64 CPUType enum (detail)
  15. [AArch64][SVE] Fix dup/dupq intrinsics for C++. (detail)
  16. [flang] Fix a test (use %s instead of $s) (detail)
  17. [lldb] [gdb-remote server] Refactor handling qSupported (detail)
  18. [Windows Itanium][PS4] handle dllimport/export w.r.t vtables/rtti (detail)
  19. [mlir] Canonicalize single-iteration ParallelOp (detail)
  20. Require commas between double square bracket attributes. (detail)
  21. [flang][driver] Remove `%flang-new` from the LIT configuration (detail)
  22. Reland "[lldb] [Process] Watch for fork/vfork notifications" for FreeBSD (detail)
  23. [libc++] Split __compressed_pair out of <memory> (detail)
  24. [libc++] Split std::raw_storage_iterator out of <memory> (detail)
  25. [libc++] Split the memory-related algorithms out of <memory> (detail)
  26. [libc++] Split std::unique_ptr out of <memory> (detail)
  27. [libc++] Split std::shared_ptr & friends out of <memory> (detail)
  28. [libc++] Move pointer safety related utilities out of <memory> (detail)
  29. Reland "[lldb] [Process] Watch for fork/vfork notifications" for NetBSD (detail)
  30. Reland "[lldb] [Process] Watch for fork/vfork notifications" for Linux (detail)
  31. [lldb] Require x86 for various NativePDB, Breakpad and Minidump tests (detail)
  32. [gn build] fix bug in fb0b19c3de3b (detail)
  33. [gn build] Port 21d6636d83b3 (detail)
  34. [gn build] Port 4f9b2469f33f (detail)
  35. [gn build] Port 7f1963dc8e23 (detail)
  36. [gn build] Port 916fecb499c5 (detail)
  37. [gn build] Port 9b0a3388eb36 (detail)
  38. [gn build] Port be54341cd2ff (detail)
  39. [AMDGPU] Set implicit arg attributes for indirect calls (detail)
  40. [TTI] NFC: Change getCastInstrCost and getExtractWithExtendCost to return InstructionCost (detail)
  41. [TTI] NFC: Change getGatherScatterOpCost to return InstructionCost (detail)
  42. [TTI] NFC: Change getArithmeticReductionCost to return InstructionCost (detail)
  43. [TTI] NFC: Change getMinMaxReductionCost to return InstructionCost (detail)
  44. [TTI] NFC: Change getCmpSelInstrCost to return InstructionCost (detail)
  45. [TTI] NFC: Change getMaskedMemoryOpCost to return InstructionCost (detail)
  46. [TTI] NFC: Change get[Interleaved]MemoryOpCost to return InstructionCost (detail)
  47. [lldb] Remote @debugserver_test from TestAppleSimulatorOSType (detail)
  48. StackProtector: ensure protection does not interfere with tail call frame. (detail)
  49. [lldb] Remove self-skipping code from lldb-server tests (detail)
  50. [mlir][linalg] update tiling to support linalg index operations. (detail)
  51. [lldb][AArch64] Only run MTE memory region test if we have MTE (detail)
  52. [lld-macho] Add support for arm64_32 (detail)
  53. [lld-macho] Add 32-bit compact unwind support (detail)
  54. [lld-macho] Have toString() emit full path to archive files (detail)
  55. [lld-macho] Make load relaxation work for arm64_32 (detail)
  56. [analyzer] Replace StoreManager::CastRetrievedVal with SValBuilder::evalCast (detail)
  57. [lldb/test] s/add_no_ack_remote_stream/do_handshake (detail)
  58. [AsmParser][SystemZ][z/OS] Add in support to allow use of additional comment strings. (detail)
  59. [libc++] [P0458] Add map::contains and set::contains for heterogenous lookup missed in a17b1aed. (detail)
  60. [docs][scudo] Update Scudo documentation (detail)
  61. [mlir] X86Vector: Add AVX Rsqrt (detail)
  62. [clangd] Enable modules to contribute tweaks. (detail)
  63. [clangd] Introduce ASTHooks to FeatureModules (detail)
  64. [clangd] Propagate data in diagnostics (detail)
  65. BPF: generate proper BTF for globals with WeakODRLinkage (detail)
  66. [lld-macho] arm64_32 executables are always PIE (detail)
  67. [analyzer] [NFC] Eliminate dispatchCast, evalCastFromNonLoc and evalCastFromLoc functions from SValBuilder (detail)
  68. [OpenMP] Fix incompatible attributes in OpenMPIRBuilder test. (detail)
  69. Fix the const overload of IgnoreExprNodes (detail)
  70. [gn build] Port 8914902b01a3 (detail)
  71. [gn build] Port bb6d96ced80f (detail)
  72. [GlobalOpt] Revert valgrind hacks (detail)
  73. [SystemZ][z/OS] Introduce dialect querying helper functions (detail)
  74. Remove empty test case (detail)
  75. [libc] Make FPBits a union. (detail)
  76. Implement WG21 P2156R1/WG14 N2557 on duplicate attributes (detail)
  77. [X86][SSE] combineSetCCMOVMSK - allow comparison with upper (known zero) bits in CMP(MOVMSK(PACKSS())) -> CMP(MOVMSK()) fold (detail)
  78. Revert "[lld-macho] Add support for arm64_32" and other stacked diffs (detail)
  79. [mlgo] Skip AOT-compiling a model if a header/object pair is provided (detail)
  80. [debugserver] Fix unintialized member variable (detail)
  81. [lldb] [gdb-remote server] Abstract away getting current process (detail)
  82. [Clang][OpenMP][NVPTX] Fixed failure in openmp-offload-gpu.c if the system has CUDA (detail)
  83. Remove a -O2 usage from a CSE specific test file (detail)
  84. [debugserver] Use class member initialization for RNBContext (detail)
  85. [libFuzzer] Fix MSan false positives with custom mutators. (detail)
  86. [flang] Handle instantiation of procedure pointer components (detail)
  87. [MemorySSA] Add test for PR49859. (detail)
  88. [flang][OpenMP] Modify semantic check for nesting of `ordered` regions to include `close` nesting check. (detail)
  89. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Mark G_CTPOP as legal for v16s8 and v8s8 (detail)
  90. [RISCV] Rename RISCVISD::GREVI(W)/GORCI(W) to RISCVISD::GREV(W)/GORC(W). Don't require second operand to be a constant. (detail)
  91. String Literal and Wide String Literal Encoding from the Preprocessor (detail)
  92. [SCEV] Don't walk uses of phis without SCEV expression when forgetting (detail)
  93. [lli] Honor the --entry-function flag in orc and orc-lazy modes. (detail)
  94. [libFuzzer] Fix fuzzer-oom.test. (detail)
  95. BPF: remove default .extern data section (detail)
  96. [libc][Obvious] Fix nextafter* implementation. (detail)

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