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  1. [clang-reorder-fields] Emit warning when reordering breaks member init list dependencies

    This diff adds a warning emitted by clang-reorder-fields
    when reordering breaks dependencies in the initializer list.

    Patch by Sam Conrad!

    Differential revision: (detail)
    by alexshap
  2. CodeGenModule.cpp: [PR33810][Modules] Remove an assertion that confirms MangledDeclNames[CanonicalGD] might be still empty.

    FIXME: It is accepted that MangledDeclNames[CanonicalGD] is overwritten here? (detail)
    by chapuni
  3. PR33902: Invalidate line number cache when adding more text to existing buffer.

    This led to crashes as the line number cache would report a bogus line number
    for a line of code, and we'd try to find a nonexistent column within the line
    when printing diagnostics. (detail)
    by rsmith
  4. [X86] Add addsub intrinsics to the intrinsic lowering table so we have a single set of isel patterns. (detail)
    by ctopper
  5. CodeGenModule.cpp: [PR33810][Modules] Avoid reusing FoundStr to try to fix crash.

    MangledDeclNames might grow up and be reallocated when it were reused by reentering CodeGenModule::getMangledName(). (detail)
    by chapuni

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