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  1. [globalisel][irtanslator] The IRTranslator should preserve TBAA (detail)
  2. [GPGPU] Fix #includes. (detail)
  3. [yaml2obj][COFF] Add support for extended relocation tables (detail)
  4. [DebugInfo] Allow spill slots in call site parameter descriptions (detail)
  5. [X86] Fix the implementation of __readcr3/__writecr3 to work in 64-bit (detail)
  6. [GPGPU] Fix depricated warning. (detail)
  7. [llvm-dis] Fix the disable-output flag (detail)
  8. Revert "Temporarily Revert:" (detail)
  9. [COFF] Don't include llvm/LTO/LTO.h in a header (detail)
  10. [SanitizerCommon] Print the current value of options when printing out (detail)
  11. [BPF] Restrict preserve_access_index attribute to C only (detail)
  12. [Reproducer] Enable crash reports for reproducer tests (detail)
  13. Forward declare the DWARFCache to avoid including LLVM DWARF details (detail)
  14. [COFF] Avoid CodeView include in header (detail)
  15. [LLDB] Fix more -Wdocumentation issues (NFC) (detail)
  16. [libc++] [P0920] [P1661] Update status page. (detail)
  17. Add missing includes needed to prune LLVMContext.h include, NFC (detail)
  18. [Utility] Remove a dead header [PPC64LE_ehframe_Registers.h] (detail)

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