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Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-zorg.git)

  1. Fix mismatch between llvm.src and llvm-project for annotated builder (detail)
  2. Try to fix llvm.src layout mismatch again, account for build/ level (detail)
  3. [sanitizer] Do git fetch always before git checkout (detail)
  4. [sanitizer] Fix another bug in git check code (detail)
  5. [sanitizer] Remove bogus exception on git checkout (detail)
  6. Added support for git/github to OpenMPBuilder. (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. [Remarks] Emit the remarks section by default for certain formats (detail)
  2. [Remarks] Remove references to ELF support (detail)
  3. [PGO][PGSO] SizeOpts changes. (detail)
  4. [Remarks] Add bitstream to the list of supported formats in clang (detail)
  5. [Remarks] Fix Sphinx formatting (detail)
  6. [LLDB] Remove incorrect invocation (detail)
  7. [hwasan] Fix typo in the error type. (detail)
  8. [NVPTX] Added* intrinsics (detail)
  9. [lit] Refactor merging of user parameters (detail)
  10. [Driver] Enable ShadowCallStack, not SafeStack, by default on AArch64 (detail)
  11. Add support for DW_AT_export_symbols for anonymous structs (detail)
  12. Revert "Use -fdebug-compilation-dir to form absolute paths in coverage (detail)
  13. [MachineOutliner][NFC] clang-formating the MachineOutliner. (detail)
  14. Revert "[Concepts] Constraint Enforcement & Diagnostics" (detail)
  15. [Docs] Repurpose 'sources' page as 'contributing'. (detail)
  16. [NFCI][XCOFF][AIX] Skip empty Section during object file generation (detail)
  17. [scudo][standalone] Lists fix (detail)
  18. Revert "[clang] Add no_builtin attribute" (detail)
  19. [PowerPC] Do not emit HW loop if the body contains calls to lrint/lround (detail)
  20. [Builtins] Teach Clang about memccpy (detail)
  21. [debugserver] Detect arch from LLVM_DEFAULT_TARGET_TRIPLE (detail)
  22. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Fix assertion fail in C++ selection for vector (detail)
  23. Modernize (detail)
  24. [lldb] move package generation from python to cmake (detail)
  25. Recommit "Add a heap alloc site marker field to the ExtraInfo in (detail)
  26. Replace abort with llvm_unreachable. (detail)
  27. [NFC] Fix some indentation disturbed in D67368 (detail)
  28. [PowerPC] Emit scalar fp min/max instructions (detail)
  29. [clang][clang-scan-deps] Add -fcxx-modules to test for Darwin. (detail)
  30. gn build: (manually) merge 75f72f6b (detail)
  31. [msan] Remove more attributes from sanitized functions. (detail)
  32. gn build: fix bad merge of 75f72f6b done in 3431f1ba (detail)
  33. PR43764: Qualify a couple of calls to forward_as_tuple to be (detail)
  34. gn build: Merge 38839d08b8e (detail)
  35. [Attributor] Make IntegerState more flexible (detail)
  36. Fix a few typos in lld/ELF to cycle bots (detail)
  37. [lit] Remove callback indirection (detail)
  38. [RISCV] Remove RA from reserved register to use as callee saved register (detail)
  39. AMDGPU: Make VReg_1 only include 1 artificial register (detail)
  40. [JITLink] Tighten section sorting criteria to fix a flaky test case. (detail)
  41. [yaml2obj] - Improve handling of the SHT_GROUP section. (detail)
  42. [yaml2obj] - Make .symtab to be not mandatory section for SHT_REL[A] (detail)
  43. [clangd] Add missing highlights for using decls. (detail)
  44. [llvm-readobj] - Fix a comment in stack-sizes.test. NFC. (detail)
  45. [obj2yaml] - Update a comment in a test case. NFC. (detail)
  46. [clangd] NFC, use URI::resolve to simplify the code. (detail)
  47. [ConstantFold] Push extractelement into getelementptr's operands (detail)
  48. [BranchFolding] skip debug instr to avoid code change (detail)
  49. Revert rG70f5aecedef9a6e347e425eb5b843bf797b95319 - "Reland (detail)
  50. [LCSSA] Forget values we create LCSSA phis for (detail)
  51. [clangd] Add a hidden tweak to dump symbol under the cursor. (detail)
  52. Fix unused variable warning. NFCI. (detail)
  53. Revert "[NFC] Replace a linked list in LiveDebugVariables pass with a (detail)
  54. Fix a spelling mistake in a comment. NFC (detail)
  55. Fix a spelling mistake in a comment. NFC (detail)
  56. Fix some spelling mistakes in comments. NFC (detail)
  57. [LLDB] [PECOFF] Use FindSectionByID to associate symbols to sections (detail)
  58. [IR] move helper function to replace undef constant (elements) with (detail)
  59. [BitVector] Cast integer literals to BitWord [NFC] (detail)
  60. [IR] move/change null-check to assert (detail)
  61. [BitVector] Define BitWord as uintptr_t (detail)
  62. [Hexagon] Handle remaining registers in getRegisterByName() (detail)
  63. [InstCombine] add tests for icmp predicate canonicalization with vector (detail)
  64. [bugpoint] Try to reduce passes after reducing everything. (detail)
  65. [OPENMP]Fix PR43772: No warning in non-combined target regions. (detail)
  66. [lldb][NFC] Make LLVMUserExpression::DoExecute return early (detail)
  67. [clang] Add no_builtin attribute (detail)
  68. [InstCombine] make icmp vector canonicalization safe for constant with (detail)
  69. build: workaround stale caches (NFC) (detail)
  70. build: make standalone builds work again (detail)
  71. [X86] Pull out combineOrShiftToFunnelShift helper. NFCI. (detail)
  72. Fix missing memcpy builtin on ppc64be See D68028 (detail)
  73. [SLP] Generalization of stores vectorization. (detail)
  74. Reland [AArch64][DebugInfo] Do not recompute CalleeSavedStackSize (Take (detail)
  75. isBuiltinFunc() uses StringRef instead of const char* (detail)
  76. [SLP] Fix -Wunused-variable. NFC (detail)
  77. [LLDB][Python] fix another fflush issue on NetBSD (detail)
  78. [lld] [ELF] Add '-z nognustack' opt to suppress emitting PT_GNU_STACK (detail)
  79. [ELF] Delete redundant comment after D56554. NFC (detail)
  80. [SVE][AArch64] Adding pattern matching for some SVE instructions. (detail)
  81. Revert "[clang-format] Remove the dependency on frontend" (detail)
  82. [libc++] Force the ABI namespace to be a reserved identifier (detail)
  83. [X86][VBMI2] Add vector funnel shift tests (detail)
  84. [globalisel][docs] Rewrite the pipeline overview (detail)
  85. [LLDB] Fix for windows bots broken by unsupported tests (detail)
  86. [X86] Narrow i64 compares with constant to i32 when the upper 32-bits (detail)
  87. [lit] Make internal diff work in pipelines (detail)
  88. [lit] Extend internal diff to support `-` argument (detail)

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