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Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-zorg.git)

  1. [zorg] Fix LLDBCmakeBuildFactory (detail)
  2. Fix the default build and install directories in LLVMBuildFactory. (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. [Docs] Reflect the slow migration from guard to widenable condition (detail)
  2. [SelectionDAG] Enable lowering unordered atomics loads w/LoadSDNode (and (detail)
  3. [ValueObjectDisplay] Generalize the description of an option. (detail)
  4. Fix argument numbering confusion when diagnosing a non-viable (detail)
  5. [globalisel][docs] Rewrite the IRTranslator documentation (detail)
  6. [globalisel][docs] Fix warning treated as error (detail)
  7. [DWARF5] Added support for deleted C++ special member functions. (detail)
  8. Accept __is_same_as as a GCC-compatibility synonym for the proper trait (detail)
  9. [Headers] Fix compatibility between arm_acle.h and intrin.h (detail)
  10. [LLDB][breakpoints] ArgInfo::count -> ArgInfo::max_positional_args (detail)
  11. Replace std::function in PrintingPolicy with a callbacks object. (detail)
  12. [LLD][ELF] Support --[no-]mmap-output-file with F_no_mmap (detail)
  13. Thread safety analysis: Peel away NoOp implicit casts in initializers (detail)
  14. [lit] Small improvements in (detail)
  15. [lldbsuite] Remove unused support files (detail)
  16. [lldbsuite] Remove pre_kill_hook package (detail)
  17. [lldbsuite] Remove the DumpFormatter (detail)
  18. [lldbsuite] Remove unused test_event files (detail)
  19. [MS] Fix constexpr data member pointer conversions (detail)
  20. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Legalize FDIV32 (detail)
  21. Suppress useless GCC "bitfield is too small to hold all values of enum (detail)
  22. Break out OrcError and RPC (detail)
  23. [ADT] add equality operator for SmallSet (detail)
  24. [lit] Refactor ordering of tests (detail)
  25. [llvm-cov] Add option to whitelist filenames (detail)
  26. gn build: (manually) merge a34680a3 (detail)
  27. [WebAssembly][lld] Fix for static linking of PIC code (detail)
  28. Revert "[llvm-cov] Add option to whitelist filenames" (detail)
  29. [lli] Fix -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=on build (detail)
  30. [lli-child-target] Fix -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=on build (detail)
  31. [Orc][test] Fix -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=on build (detail)
  32. [llvm-objcopy][MachO] Support indirect symbol table (detail)
  33. [X86] Make memcmp vector lowering handle arbitrary expansions (detail)
  34. [llvm-objcopy] Add REQUIRES directive to fix a test (detail)
  35. [X86] Add test case for PR43758. NFC (detail)
  37. [PowerPC] Clear the sideeffect bit for those instructions that didn't (detail)
  38. [AddressSanitizer] Only instrument globals of default address space (detail)
  39. [] Fix invalid python string escape sequence (detail)
  40. [Alignment] Use Align for TFI.getStackAlignment() in X86ISelLowering (detail)
  41. [UpdateTestChecks] Fix invalid python string escapes (detail)
  42. Enable OpenBSD support. (detail)
  43. [llvm-objcopy] - Do not crash on object that has relocations but no (detail)
  44. [clang][driver] Add basic --driver-mode=flang support for fortran (detail)
  45. gn build: Merge 6bf55804924 (detail)
  46. [AMDGPU] Consolidate one more getGeneration check (detail)
  47. [AArch64][SVE] Implement additional integer arithmetic intrinsics (detail)
  48. [X86] combineOrShiftToFunnelShift - use getShiftAmountTy instead of (detail)
  49. [X86] combineOrShiftToFunnelShift - use isOperationLegalOrCustom to (detail)
  50. [AArch64][SVE] Implement masked store intrinsics (detail)
  51. [lldb] [test] Mark TestCustomShell XFAIL on *bsd as well (detail)
  52. [ARM][AArch64][DebugInfo] Improve call site instruction interpretation (detail)
  53. COFF: Set section permissions (detail)
  54. [lldb-vscod] fix build with NDEBUG on windows (detail)
  55. lldb-vscode: Add a forgotten cast to void (detail)
  56. Rename a flang test case (detail)
  57. [libomptarget] Always call malloc, free via SafeMalloc, SafeFree wrapper (detail)
  58. [nfc][libomptarget] Move smid() into target_impl (detail)
  59. minidump: Rename some architecture constants (detail)
  60. LiveIntervals: Split live intervals on multiple dead defs (detail)
  61. [ASTImporter] Add support for BuiltinTemplateDecl (detail)
  62. [IR] Allow fast math flags on calls with floating point array type. (detail)
  63. [compiler-rt] libhwasan interceptor ABI intercept longjmp/setjmp (detail)
  64. [OPENMP50]Add support for parallel master taskloop simd directive. (detail)
  65. [OPENMP][DOC]Update list of supported functions, NFC. (detail)
  66. [OPENMP][DOC]Provide correct info about supported features, NFC. (detail)
  67. [OpenMP] Reset affinity mask in the process child on FreeBSD (detail)
  68. [NFC][LoopUnroll] Tests for peeling of first iteration (PR43840) (detail)
  69. [bugpoint] Reduce metadata that does not contribute to crash. (detail)
  70. [ObjectYAML] - Redefine LLVM_YAML_IS_SEQUENCE_VECTOR(llvm::yaml::Hex*) (detail)
  71. [SelectionDAG] Add support for FP_ROUND in WidenVectorOperand. (detail)
  72. [AArch64][MachineOutliner] Return address signing for outlined functions (detail)
  73. [AIX] Lowering CPI/JTI/BA to MIR (detail)
  74. gn build: (manually) merge 67474c60d34 (detail)
  75. [LLD] - Fix a test after obj2yaml change. (detail)
  76. Updating the documentation for the _Noreturn attribute; NFC. (detail)
  77. [scudo][standalone] Add a free list to the Secondary (detail)
  78. [SLPVectorizer] Use getAPInt() for comparison. NFCI. (detail)
  79. Fix pattern error for S2_tstbit_i instruction (detail)
  80. [ELF][test] Change references of %T to %t.dir (detail)
  81. [nfc][libomptarget] Move named_sync() into target_impl (detail)
  82. [NFC][MachineOutliner] Fix typo in comment (detail)
  83. [LLDB][PythonFile] fix dangerous borrow semantics on python2 (detail)
  84. [LLDB][Python] warning fix for LLDBSwigPythonBreakpointCallbackFunction (detail)
  85. [clang][driver][flang] Mark test as unsupported on darwin (detail)
  86. [AMDGPU] Simplify VCCZ bug handling (detail)
  87. Add the readability-redundant-access-specifiers check. (detail)
  88. [NFC] Move this set of STRICT_* cases to be next to the non-strict (detail)
  89. [SLP] Vectorize jumbled stores. (detail)
  90. Fix a false positive in misc-redundant-expression check (detail)
  91. gn build: Merge 29dc0b17de6 (detail)
  92. Fix modernize-use-nodiscard for classes marked [[nodiscard]] (detail)
  93. Move this release note to its appropriate location; NFC. (detail)
  94. Add an option to hicpp-signed-bitwise for positive integer literals. (detail)
  95. [MSP430] adjust tests for Shift Amount Threshold; NFC (detail)
  96. [MSP430] fix typo in test name; NFC (detail)
  97. Fix readability-identifier-naming to prevent variables becoming (detail)
  98. [sanitizer_common] Create max_allocation_size_mb flag. (detail)
  99. [X86][SSE] combineX86ShuffleChain - use (detail)
  100. [X86] Add FIXME comment to merge more of computeZeroableShuffleElements (detail)
  101. [LegacyPassManager] Delete BasicBlockPass/Manager. (detail)
  102. [DebugInfo][DAG] Distinguish different kinds of location indirection (detail)
  103. [PowerPC][AIX] Adds support for writing the data section in object files (detail)
  104. [globalisel][docs] Fix a label that was renamed (detail)
  105. Revert "[NFC] Rename LLVM_NO_DEAD_STRIP" (detail)
  106. [AArch64] Remove overlapping scheduling definitions (NFC) (detail)
  107. [X86] Regenerate memmove vector width tests (detail)
  108. [X86][SSE] Regenerate vector-rem tests (detail)
  109. [globalisel][docs] Add a pass index (detail)
  110. DebugServer: be more lenient about the target triple (detail)
  111. [JITLink] Add a utility for splitting blocks at a given index. (detail)
  112. gn build: Merge b9d8e23b806 (detail)
  113. [clang][llvm] Obsolete Exynos M1 and M2 (detail)
  114. [JITLink] Add missing include, explicitly qualify STLExtras functions. (detail)
  115. [JITLink] Remove relocation unit tests. (detail)
  116. gn build: Merge cd24a00bd32 (detail)
  117. Fix __attribute__((enable_if)) to treat arguments with side-effects as (detail)
  118. [globalisel][docs] Rework the Legalizer page slightly (detail)
  119. Add a test file that was missed in (detail)
  120. Add a test file that was missed in (detail)

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