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  1. Looks like XToolchainBuilder wants forward slash path separator for (detail)
  2. Preserve input case in InterpolateToNativePath. (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. Fix build with shared libraries. NFC. (detail)
  2. ARM: Don't emit R_ARM_NONE relocations to compact unwinding decoders in (detail)
  3. [ObjectFileMachO] Fix the build for __arm64__. (detail)
  4. [llvm-objcopy][COFF] Implement --redefine-sym and --redefine-syms (detail)
  5. [LLDB][Formatters] Re-enable std::function formatter with fixes to (detail)
  6. [AST] Use an explicit copy in a range-based for (detail)
  7. [OpenMP] Use an explicit copy in a range-based for (detail)
  8. [Analyzer] Use a reference in a range-based for (detail)
  9. [CodeGen] Fix getArrayAccessFor crashes as in bug 32534 with (detail)
  10. [AArch64] Fix addressing mode predicates (detail)
  11. [AArch64] Update for Exynos (detail)
  12. [LLDB] Always remove debugserver from LLVM_DISTRIBUTION_COMPONENTS (detail)
  13. Allow additional file suffixes/extensions considered as source in main (detail)
  14. [GVNHoist] Preserve AAResults. (detail)
  15. [LLDB] Fix/silence CMake developer warning for LLDB framework. (detail)
  16. [GlobalsAA] Restrict ModRef result if any internal method has its (detail)
  17. [BPF] generate BTF_KIND_VARs for all non-static globals (detail)
  18. Add -Wtautological-compare to -Wall (detail)
  19. Fix include guard and properly order __deregister_frame_info. (detail)
  20. [X86] Only pass v64i8/v32i16 as v16i32 on non-avx512bw targets if the (detail)
  21. [X86] Don't consider v64i1 as a legal type unless v64i8 is also a legal (detail)
  22. Add a shim for setenv on PS4 since it does not exist. (detail)
  23. [LLDB] Remove debug message in AddLLDB.cmake (detail)
  24. [LLDB] Only set FRAMEWORK when we're actually building a framework. (detail)
  25. Temporarily Revert "Reapply [LVI] Normalize pointer behavior" as it's (detail)
  26. Temporarily disable test. (detail)
  27. [Sema] Add MacroQualified case for FunctionTypeUnwrapper (detail)
  28. Don't assume that the clang binary's resolved name includes the string (detail)
  29. [LLDB] Add core definition for armv8l and armv7l (detail)
  30. [GlobalsAA] Reenable test. (detail)
  31. AMDGPU Reduce reported maximum group size to 1024 (detail)
  32. AMDGPU: Switch backend default max workgroup size to 1024 (detail)
  33. AMDGPU: Extend add x, (ext setcc) combine to sub (detail)
  34. Add 8548 CPU definition and attributes (detail)
  35. [VFABI] Add LLVM internal mangling for vector functions. (detail)
  36. [Reproducer] Discard reproducer directory if not generated. (detail)

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