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Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-zorg.git)

  1. [zorg] Add LNT testing to clang-ppc64le-rhel (detail)
  2. [lldb] Put a timeout around checkout (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. [Remarks][Driver] Error on -foptimization-record-file with multiple (detail)
  2. Remove implicit conversion that promotes half to other larger precision (detail)
  3. [BPF] Support to emit debugInfo for extern variables (detail)
  4. [OpenMP][NFCI] Introduce llvm/IR/OpenMPConstants.h (detail)
  5. [llvm-readobj][test] - Move platform specific test cases and their (detail)
  6. [clangd] Simplify code using findName. NFC (detail)
  7. Add more diff -b to roundtrip-compress.test (detail)
  8. [llvm-readelf/llvm-readobj] - Improved the error reporting in a few (detail)
  9. Add testcases exposing PR44135 (detail)
  10. [LegalizeTypes] Bugfixes for big-endian targets when handling BITCASTs (detail)
  11. [AArch64][SVE] Add wide compare immediate patterns (detail)
  12. [TableGen] Permit dag operators to be unset. (detail)
  13. Only Remove implicit conversion for the target that support fp16 (detail)
  14. gn build: (manually) merge eb3e81f43 (detail)
  15. [AArch64] Fix issues with large arrays on stack (detail)
  16. [LLDB] [PECOFF] Make sure to set the address byte size in m_data after (detail)
  17. [lldb][NFC] Make g_TotalSizeOfMetadata in (detail)
  18. [lldb] Centralize type "desugaring" logic in ClangASTContext (detail)
  19. [TypePromotion] Query target register width (detail)
  20. add test for previous commit (detail)
  21. [lldb] Actually enable wchar support in Editline when it is defined in (detail)
  22. Reapply: [DebugInfo] Recover debug intrinsics when killing (detail)
  23. [DWARF][RISCV] Test resolving of RISC-V relocations (detail)
  24. [Alignment][NFC] CreateMemSet use MaybeAlign (detail)
  25. [Docs] Improve SLP code snippet (detail)
  26. [InstCombine] replace shuffle's insertelement operand if inserted scalar (detail)
  27. [scudo][standalone] Define hasHardwareCRC32 for other archs (detail)
  28. [test][llvm-cxxfilt] Improve comment for clarity (detail)
  29. [DebugInfo] Support to emit debugInfo for extern variables (detail)
  30. [BUG-FIX][XCOFF] fixed a bug of XCOFFObjectFile.cpp when there is (detail)
  31. [ARM][MVE] Refactor complex vector intrinsics [NFCI] (detail)
  32. [VectorUtils] Introduce the Vector Function Database (VFDatabase). (detail)
  33. [RISCV] Improve assembler missing feature warnings (detail)
  34. [analyzer] Keep track of escaped locals (detail)
  35. [ELF] Refine section group --gc-sections rules to not discard (detail)
  36. [ELF] --icf: do not fold preemptible symbols (detail)
  37. [OPENMP50]Add if clause in target parallel for simd directive. (detail)
  38. [VectorUtils] Fix -Wunused-private-field after D67572 (detail)
  39. [profile] Add explanatory comments to instrprof-darwin-exports.c, NFC (detail)
  40. [OPENMP]Remove extra space from error message. (detail)
  41. [FPEnv] clang support for constrained FP builtins (detail)
  42. Revert 30e8f80fd5a4 "[DebugInfo] Don't create multiple DBG_VALUEs when (detail)
  43. Replace redundant code in FormatManager and FormatCache with templates (detail)
  44. Fix bug 44190 - wrong code with #pragma pack(1) (detail)
  45. [lldb/Reproducers] Support multiple GDB remotes (detail)
  46. [lldb/Host] Use Host/Config.h entries instead of a global define. (detail)
  47. Fix a -Wsign-compare error around wchar_t vs unsigned int. (detail)
  48. Fix -Wincomplete-umbrella warning in the modules build (detail)
  49. Assert launch success in run_to_breakpoint_do_run (detail)
  50. [BPF] put not-section-attribute externs into BTF ".extern" data section (detail)
  51. [DWARF5] Start emitting DW_AT_dwo_name when -gdwarf-5 is specified. (detail)
  52. [cxx_status] Add missed Belfast paper affecting three-way comparisons. (detail)
  53. Add missed #include in llvmorg-10-init-11532-g848934c67d4. (detail)
  54. Revert "[DWARF5] Start emitting DW_AT_dwo_name when -gdwarf-5 is (detail)
  55. Recommit "[DWARF5] Start emitting DW_AT_dwo_name when -gdwarf-5 is (detail)
  56. scudo: Move getChunkFromBlock() allocated check into caller. NFCI. (detail)
  57. scudo: Tweak how we align UserPtr. NFCI. (detail)
  58. [Wdocumentation] Use the command marker. (detail)
  59. [Wdocumentation] Properly place deprecated attribute (detail)
  60. [Wdocumentation] Use C2x/C++14 deprecated attribute (detail)
  61. [clangd] Fix an incorrect expectedResult usage in rename test. (detail)
  62. Temporarily revert [lldb] e81268d - [lldb/Reproducers] Support multiple (detail)
  63. [OPENMP50]Add if clause in target simd directive. (detail)
  64. [lldb] Add #include to appease the modules build (detail)
  65. Deprecate the hasDefaultArgument matcher (detail)
  66. [DebugInfo] Refactored macro related generation, added a test case for (detail)
  67. [cxx_status] Fix table layout. (detail)
  68. [c++20] Return type deduction for defaulted three-way comparisons. (detail)
  69. [Remarks][Docs] Enhance documentation for opt-remarks driver options (detail)
  70. [OPENMP50]Do not mark the function as used if referenced only in declare (detail)
  71. [libcxx] [test] Query the target platform, not the host one (detail)
  72. Debug Info: Strengthen the test, NFC (detail)
  73. [FormatManager] Add a unittest for GetCandidateLanguages() (detail)
  74. [DWARF] Allow cross-CU references of subprogram definitions (detail)
  75. DebugInfo: Clarify some more reasons v4 loc.dwo can't share much (detail)
  76. [InstSimplify] add tests for insert constant + splat; NFC (detail)
  77. [IR] allow undefined elements when checking for splat constants (detail)
  78. Skip on ios testsuite runs. (detail)
  79. [TypeCategory] IsApplicable gets a LanguageType, not a ValueObject. (detail)
  80. Remove debugging printf and reformat code. (detail)
  81. Revert "Temporarily revert [lldb] e81268d - [lldb/Reproducers] Support (detail)
  82. [X86] Go back to considering v64i1 as a legal type under (detail)
  83. Skip on ios etc device testing. (detail)
  84. [DataFormatters] Change the Get() method to take a LanguageType. (detail)
  85. [libcxx] Replace func_name with __name__ for compatibility with Python 3 (detail)
  86. Do not cache hardcoded formats in FormatManager (detail)
  87. [FormatManager] Move Language lookup into the obviously non-cached part (detail)
  88. Revert "Reapply: [DebugInfo] Recover debug intrinsics when killing (detail)
  89. Replace redundant code in LanguageCategory with templates (NFC) (detail)
  90. Remove unsound caching in LanguageCategory (detail)
  91. [libc++] Hide some functions and types in <future> and <thread> as (detail)
  92. [FPEnv][X86] Constrained FCmp intrinsics enabling on X86 (detail)
  93. Revert "[analyzer] Keep track of escaped locals" (detail)
  94. NFC: Get rid of an unused parameter to CGObjCMac::EmitSelectorAddr. (detail)
  95. [llvm][MIRVRegNamerUtil] Adding hashing against MachineInstr flags. (detail)
  96. [c++20] Implement P1185R2 (as modified by P2002R0). (detail)
  97. Reland "Enable `-funwind-tables` flag when building libunwind" (detail)
  98. [X86] Split v64i1 arguments into 2 v32i1s that will be promoted to v32i8 (detail)
  99. [llvm-ar] Improve tool selection heuristic (detail)
  100. Fix mishandling of invalid-but-non-empty nested name specifiers in name (detail)
  101. Revert "[DebugInfo] Refactored macro related generation, added a test (detail)
  102. Change the mtc Makefile to check $SDKROOT value instead of depending on (detail)
  103. [c++20] Delete defaulted comparison functions if they would invoke an (detail)
  104. [c++20] Implement P1946R0: allow defaulted comparisons to take their (detail)
  105. [cxx_status] Re-add missing cell. (detail)
  106. [SanitizerCommon] Reduce wasting memory in LowLevelAllocator. (detail)
  107. [ELF] Move a computeIsPreemptible() pass into ICF. NFC (detail)
  108. [LegalizeTypes] Remove manual worklist management from (detail)
  109. [PowerPC] Exploitate the Vector Integer Average Instructions (detail)
  110. [llvm-readobj] Fix/improve printing WinEH unwind info for linked PE (detail)
  111. [Alignment][NFC] Introduce Align in SROA (detail)
  112. [CodeComplete] Fix a crash in preferred type and signature help (detail)
  113. [DWARF5][SplitDwarf] Set default state for -fsplit-dwarf-inlining to be (detail)
  114. [llvm-readelf] - Do no print an empty symbol version as "<corrupt>" (detail)
  115. [LiveRegUnits] Add phys_regs_and_masks iterator range (NFC). (detail)
  116. [PowerPC] [CodeGen] Use MachineBranchProbabilityInfo in (detail)
  117. [AArch64][SVE] Move TableGen class definitions for gather loads (NFC) (detail)
  118. [clangd] Deduplicate refs from index for cross-file rename. (detail)
  119. [MCRegInfo] Add sub_and_superregs_inclusive iterator range. (detail)
  120. [NFC][PowerPC] Remove the dead conditions in the if(cond) (detail)
  121. [ARM][TypePromotion] Enable by default (detail)
  122. [NFC] Correct the example in the comments of JSON.h to avoid mislead (detail)
  123. [lldb/DWARF] Add support for DW_AT_loclists_base&DW_FORM_loclistx (detail)
  124. [ARM][MVE] Add intrinsics for immediate shifts. (reland) (detail)

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