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  1. [mlir][gpu] Refactor ConvertGpuLaunchFuncToCudaCalls pass. (detail)
  2. [StringRef] Use some trickery to avoid initializing the std::string returned by upper()/lower() (detail)
  3. [BitcodeReader] Simplify code. NFCI. (detail)
  4. [mlir][rocdl] Exposing buffer load/store intrinsic (detail)
  5. GenericDomTree.h - remove unused PointerIntPair.h include. NFC. (detail)
  6. [x86] NFC: Fix typo in command line option description (detail)
  7. Fix DeferredDiagnosticsEmitter for bug#45987 (detail)
  8. [ModuloSchedule] Trivial fix for instruction with more than one destination in modulo peeler. (detail)
  9. [SLP][NFC] PR45269 getVectorElementSize() is slow (detail)
  10. [llvm][test] Add COM: directives before colon-less non-CHECKs in comments. NFC (detail)
  11. [llvm][test] Add missing FileCheck colons. NFC (detail)
  12. Revert "[YAMLTraits] Add trait for char" (detail)
  13. [ADT] NFC: Fix typos in header comments (detail)
  14. [AMDGPU] Tune threshold for cmp/select vector lowering (detail)
  15. [libFuzzer] Fix leak in unit test. (detail)
  16. [ProfileSummary] Add the PartialProfileRatio field in ProfileSummary metadata. (detail)
  17. [ADT][Analysis] NFC: Fix some more typos (detail)
  18. [ImmutableSet] Use IntrusiveRefCntPtr to eliminate some manual refcounting (detail)
  19. Revert "Revert "[YAMLTraits] Add trait for char"" (detail)
  20. Disable ptr_ref tests under ASAN (detail)
  21. Disable malloc stepping test under ASAN. The output is different and I'm not sure how stable it is. (detail)
  22. Move decorator to the correct function. (detail)
  23. [mips] Reorganize check directives in the test. NFC (detail)
  24. [dsymutil] Add reproducers to dsymutil (detail)
  25. [dsymutil] Fix include-style (detail)
  26. [gn build] Port 92fd3971e0d (detail)
  27. [lld][WebAssembly] Do not emit initialization for .bss segments (detail)
  28. [IR] Make Module::setProfileSummary to replace an existing ProfileSummary flag. (detail)
  29. [dsymutil] Fix conversion between unique_ptr and Expected (detail)
  30. [libc++] Link back-deployment tests against the latest libc++ and libc++abi (detail)
  31. [Analyzer][WebKit] RefCntblBaseVirtualDtorChecker (detail)
  32. [mlir][spirv] Add remaining cooperative matrix instructions (detail)
  33. [AMDGPU] Added opt pipeline test. NFC. (detail)
  34. [mlir][spirv] Enable composite instructions for cooperative matrix type. (detail)
  35. [dsymutil] Add llvm_unreachable to silence warning (detail)
  36. Revert "[Analyzer][WebKit] RefCntblBaseVirtualDtorChecker" (detail)
  37. Reland [libc++] [LWG3321] Mark "year_month_day_last::day() specification does not cover !ok() values" issue as "Nothing to do", but add assertion. (detail)
  38. [SelectionDAG] Add the option of disabling generic combines. (detail)
  39. [libTooling][NFC]Fix typo in comment in RangeSelectors (detail)
  40. [ModuloSchedule] Add missing comma. (detail)
  41. [MsgPack] MsgPackDocument::readFromBlob now merges (detail)
  42. [AArch64][SVE] Fill out missing unpredicated load/store patterns. (detail)
  43. [NFC] Make assertion more informative. (detail)
  44. [AMDGPU] Promote alloca to vector in opt (detail)
  45. [CodeGen] Add support for multiple memory operands in MachineInstr::mayAlias (detail)
  46. [MsgPack] Added convenience assignment to MsgPackDocument (detail)
  47. [AMDGPU] Fixed incorrect PAL metadata register naming (detail)
  48. Set traversal explicitly where needed in clang-tidy (detail)
  49. Set traversal explicitly where needed in tests (detail)
  50. Make the ExprMutationAnalyzer explicit about how it traverses the AST (detail)
  51. llvm-diff: Avoid crash with complex expressions (detail)
  52. [PS4] Enable relaxed relocations by default (detail)
  53. [docs] Fix buildbot failures (detail)
  54. Don't jump to landing pads in Control Flow Optimizer (detail)
  55. [Target] Use Align in TargetLoweringObjectFile::getSectionForConstant. (detail)
  56. Add nomerge function attribute to clang (detail)
  57. [AARCH64][NEON] Allow to sink operands of aarch64_neon_pmull64. (detail)
  58. [Instruction] Set metadata uses to undef on deletion (detail)
  59. Revert "Add nomerge function attribute to clang" (detail)
  60. Rename FunctionOptimizationWarning to the more generic FrameSelectedCallback (NFC) (detail)
  61. Reland "[Analyzer][WebKit] RefCntblBaseVirtualDtorChecker" (detail)
  62. [gn build] Port 54e91a3c701 (detail)
  63. [lldb/Reproducers] Skip lldb-vscode category when lldb-run-with-repro is set. (detail)
  64. [clang] Add nomerge function attribute to clang (detail)
  65. [WebAssembly] Warn on exception spec only when Wasm EH is used (detail)
  66. [lldb/Test] Cleanup (detail)
  67. [AMDGPU] Correct formatting typos in documentation (detail)
  68. Handle the case where a thread exits while we are running a function on it. (detail)
  69. [llvm-extract] Fix basic block extraction by delaying search until the function is materialized (detail)
  70. This very simple .c file is failing on the Debian bot wit the error (detail)
  71. Maybe I need ENABLE_THREADS in the Makefile. (detail)
  72. [libc] Make clang-tidy use host compiler's resource dir. (detail)
  73. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Add a post-legalizer combiner with a very simple combine. (detail)

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