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  1. [gn build] (manually) port 49a4f3f7d88 (detail)
  2. [lldb/Test] Fix replay with (detail)
  3. [lldb/Reproducers] Skip test that changes the source file while debugging (detail)
  4. [docs][llvm-extract] Add missing alias/bb options (detail)
  5. [OPENMP] Fix mixture of omp and clang pragmas (detail)
  6. [JITLink] Initial implementation of ELF / x86-64 support for JITLink. (detail)
  7. [X86] Add avx512vp2intersect feature to compiler-rt's feature detection to match libgcc. (detail)
  8. [X86] Allow avx512vp2intersect to be used with __builtin_cpu_supports. (detail)
  9. [gn build] Port 2e40cf06df0 (detail)
  10. [lldb/REPL] Fix unhandled switch case (detail)
  11. [InstCombine] Sink pure instructions down to return and unreachable blocks (detail)
  12. [NFC] InstCombineNegator: use auto where type is obvious from the cast (detail)
  13. [lldb][NFC] Overload raw_ostream operator << for ConstString (detail)
  14. [lldb] Enable C++14 when evaluating expressions in a C++14 frame (detail)
  15. MILexer.h/cpp - remove unused includes. NFC. (detail)
  16. Fix msvc "switch statement contains 'default' but no 'case' labels" warning. NFC. (detail)
  17. StatepointLowering.h - remove unused includes. NFC. (detail)
  18. Revert "[ARM] Improve codegen of volatile load/store of i64" (detail)
  19. [SYCL] Prohibit arithmetic operations for incompatible pointers (detail)
  20. [lldb] Increase timeout in TestExitDuringExpression (detail)
  21. [analyzer] Refactor and add type annotations (detail)
  22. [analyzer] Refactor and add type annotations (detail)
  23. [analyzer] Refactor and add type annotations (detail)
  24. [analyzer] Partially modernize (detail)
  25. [NFC][Test] Add test coverage for fsqrt on PowerPC (detail)
  26. Replace dyn_cast<> with isa<> to fix unused variable warning. NFCI. (detail)
  27. Remove superfluous semicolon to stop Wpedantic warning. NFCI. (detail)
  28. [AMDGPU][MC][GFX8+] Enabled clamp for v_mul_i32_i24_e64 and v_mul_u32_u24_e64 (detail)
  29. [AVR] Remove unsigned <= 0 checks. NFCI. (detail)
  30. Revert "[llvm][test] Add COM: directives before colon-less non-CHECKs in comments. NFC" (detail)
  31. InstCombine: Add constant folding/simplify for amdgcn.ldexp intrinsic (detail)
  32. [Target] Fix typos. NFC (detail)
  33. [CMake] Fix typos. NFC (detail)
  34. [PowerPC] Add missing handling for half precision (detail)
  35. [PowerPC] Treat 'Z' inline asm constraint as a true memory constraint (detail)
  36. [SLP] fix test to have valid IR; NFC (detail)
  37. [analyzer] LoopUnrolling: fix crash when a parameter is a loop counter. (detail)
  38. [SLP] fix verification check for valid IR (detail)
  39. [libc++] NFC: Inline array<T,N>::at methods inside the class (detail)
  40. [TargetLowering] Move TargetLoweringBase::isJumpTableRelative() implementation into TargetLoweringBase.cpp. NFC. (detail)
  41. TargetLowering.h - remove unnecessary includes. NFC. (detail)
  42. Title: [LV] Handle Fold-Tail of loops with vectorizarion factor equal to 1 (detail)
  43. [PhaseOrdering] regenerate test checks; NFC (detail)

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