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  1. Remove sanitizer-aarch64-linux-mte bot. (detail)

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  1. Unwind: avoid warning about unused typedef (detail)
  2. [Docs] Move topics to new categories (detail)
  3. [AddressSanitizer] Don't dereference dyn_cast<ConstantInt> results. (detail)
  4. [PPC] PPCLoopPreIncPrep - silence static analyzer null dereference (detail)
  5. [Docs] Add a custom sidebar to doc pages (detail)
  6. Fix missed case of switching getConstant to getTargetConstant. Try 2. (detail)
  7. [SystemZ] Support z15 processor name (detail)
  8. [SystemZ] Support z15 processor name (detail)
  9. Fix assertion failure when constant evaluation of a switch jumps over an (detail)
  10. Remove outdated FIXME. (detail)
  11. [SampleFDO] Expose an interface to return the size of a section or the (detail)
  12. [Inliner] Remove incorrect early exit during switch cost computation (detail)
  13. bugfix: test filters with -f do not work on Python3 (detail)
  14. prepare_binding_Python: print readable errors if SWIG fails (detail)
  15. [GlobalISel] Defer setting HasCalls on MachineFrameInfo to selection (detail)
  16. [clang-scan-deps] strip the --serialize-diagnostics argument (detail)
  17. [clang-tidy] Add check for classes missing -hash ⚠️ (detail)
  18. gn build: Merge r372445 (detail)
  19. Support for 64-bit PC-relative relocations for X86_64 (detail)
  20. Improve -Wtautological-overlap-compare (detail)
  21. LiveIntervals: Add missing operator!= for segments (detail)
  22. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Allow selection of scalar min/max (detail)
  23. avr targetinfo: remove unneeded dep on MC (detail)
  24. Revert assertion added by r372394 (detail)
  25. Merge and improve code that detects same value in comparisons. (detail)
  26. Fix bad APInt compare. (detail)
  27. [Clang Interpreter] Fixed Bug 43362, build failure on GCC (detail)
  28. [X86] Add test case to show failure to fold load with getmantss due to (detail)
  29. [X86] Use sse_load_f32/f64 and timm in patterns for memory form of (detail)
  30. Stop tracking atexit/__cxa_atexit/pthread_atfork allocations in (detail)
  31. Avoid memory leak in ASan test (detail)
  32. Add __lsan::ScopedInterceptorDisabler for strerror(3) (detail)

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