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  1. Don't run background-index.test on Windows.

    The test had a "UNSUPPORTED: win32" line, but the spelling of that
    changed in r339307 a year ago. Finally update this test too.

    Part of PR43592. (detail/ViewSVN)
    by nico
  2. [NewGVN] Use m_Br to simplify code a bit. (NFC) (detail/ViewSVN)
    by fhahn
  3. Add a pass to lower is.constant and objectsize intrinsics

    This pass lowers is.constant and objectsize intrinsics not simplified by
    earlier constant folding, i.e. if the object given is not constant or if
    not using the optimized pass chain. The result is recursively simplified
    and constant conditionals are pruned, so that dead blocks are removed
    even for -O0. This allows inline asm blocks with operand constraints to
    work all the time.

    The new pass replaces the existing lowering in the codegen-prepare pass
    and fallbacks in SDAG/GlobalISEL and FastISel. The latter now assert
    on the intrinsics.

    Differential Revision: (detail/ViewSVN)
    by joerg
  4. Improve __builtin_constant_p lowering

    __builtin_constant_p used to be short-cut evaluated to false when
    building with -O0. This is undesirable as it means that constant folding
    in the front-end can give different results than folding in the back-end.
    It can also create conditional branches on constant conditions that don't
    get folded away. With the pending improvements to the
    handling on the LLVM side, the short-cut is no longer useful.

    Adjust various codegen tests to not depend on the short-cut or the
    backend optimisations.

    Differential Revision: (detail/ViewSVN)
    by joerg
  5. Update 9.0 metabug for 9.0.1 (detail/ViewSVN)
    by atanasyan
  6. [Attributor] Shortcut no-return through will-return

    No-return and will-return are exclusive, assuming the latter is more
    prominent we can avoid updates of the former unless will-return is not
    known for sure. (detail/ViewSVN)
    by jdoerfert
  7. [Attributor][FIX] NullPointerIsDefined needs the pointer AS (AANonNull)

    Also includes a shortcut via AADereferenceable if possible. (detail/ViewSVN)
    by jdoerfert
  8. [Attributor][MemBehavior] Fallback to the function state for arguments

    Even if an argument is captured, we cannot have an effect the function
    does not have. This is fine except for the special case of `inalloca` as
    it does not behave by the rules.

    TODO: Maybe the special rule for `inalloca` is wrong after all. (detail/ViewSVN)
    by jdoerfert
  9. [Attributor][FIX] Use check prefix that is actually tested

    This changes "CHECK" check lines to "ATTRIBUTOR" check lines where
    necessary and also fixes the now exposed, mostly minor, problems.

    Reviewers: sstefan1, uenoku

    Subscribers: hiraditya, bollu, llvm-commits

    Tags: #llvm

    Differential Revision: (detail/ViewSVN)
    by jdoerfert
  10. [NFC][InstCombine] Some preparatory cleanup in dropRedundantMaskingOfLeftShiftInput() (detail/ViewSVN)
    by lebedevri
  11. [Docs] Moves Control Flow Document to User Guides

    Moves Control Flow document from Reference docs page to User guides page. (detail/ViewSVN)
    by dr87
  12. [X86] getTargetShuffleInputs - Control KnownUndef mask element resolution as well as KnownZero.

    We were already controlling whether the KnownZero elements were being written to the target mask, this extends it to the KnownUndef elements as well so we can prevent the target shuffle mask being manipulated at all. (detail/ViewSVN)
    by rksimon
  13. [X86] Enable use of avx512 saturating truncate instructions in more cases.

    This enables use of the saturating truncate instructions when the
    result type is less than 128 bits. It also enables the use of
    saturating truncate instructions on KNL when the input is less
    than 512 bits. We can do this by widening the input and then
    extracting the result. (detail/ViewSVN)
    by ctopper

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