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  1. [NFC][TTI] Add Alignment for isLegalMasked[Load/Store]

    Add an extra parameter so the backend can take the alignment into

    Differential Revision: (detail/ViewSVN)
    by sam_parker
  2. Fix D68936 (detail/ViewSVN)
    by gchatelet
  3. build_llvm_package.bat: Run check-clang-tools and check-clangd tests. (detail/ViewSVN)
    by hans
  4. [Alignment][NFC] Support compile time constants

    This is patch is part of a series to introduce an Alignment type.
    See this thread for context:
    See this patch for the introduction of the type:

    Reviewers: courbet

    Subscribers: llvm-commits

    Tags: #llvm

    Differential Revision: (detail/ViewSVN)
    by gchatelet

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