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Unstable Build #441 (Oct 14, 2019 6:39:18 PM)

  1. Sanitize kwargs in (detail / githubweb)
  2. Change SphinxDocsBuilder to use UnifiedTreeBuilder. (detail / githubweb)
  3. Removed always failing builder 'clang-x86_64-linux-selfhost-modules'. (detail / githubweb)
  1. [OPNEMP]Allow num_tasks clause in combined task-based directives. (detail)
  2. remove FILE* bindings from SBInstruction. (detail)
  3. [NFC] Fix ClangScanDeps/static-analyzer.c test on Windows (detail)
  4. Add support to -Wa,-W in clang (detail)
  5. [lit] Create Run object later and only when it is needed (detail)
  6. build fix for SBInstruction. (detail)
  7. PR43080: Do not build context-sensitive expressions during name (detail)
  8. [Modules Build] Add missing dependency. (detail)
  9. [InstCombine] fold a shifted bool zext to a select (detail)
  10. [update_mir_test_checks] Handle MI flags properly (detail)
  11. DebugInfo: Remove unnecessary/mistaken inclusion of (detail)
  12. [ARM][AsmParser] handles offset expression in parentheses (detail)
  13. Revert "Add support to -Wa,-W in clang" (detail)
  14. Add support to -Wa,-W in clang (detail)
  15. [Tests] Add a SCEV analysis test for llvm.widenable.condition (detail)
  16. [test] Fix test failure (detail)
  17. [clang] add requirements to -Wa,-W test cases. (detail)
  18. In the new pass manager use PTO.LoopUnrolling to determine when and how (detail)
  19. Add -fno-experimental-pass-manager to make clear which pass manager (detail)
  20. [Modules][PCH] Hash input files content (detail)
  21. Temporarily Revert [Modules][PCH] Hash input files content as it's (detail)
  22. Revert "Dead Virtual Function Elimination" (detail)
  23. fix (detail)
  24. [lit] Add argument check: --timeout must be non-negative integer (detail)
  25. [X86] Add encoding tests for avx512pf vgatherpf/vscatterpf instructions. (detail)
  26. [X86] Teach X86MCodeEmitter to properly encode zmm16-zmm31 as index (detail)
  27. [MemorySSA] Update for partial unswitch. (detail)
  28. Revert [InstCombine] fold a shifted bool zext to a select (detail)
  29. Revert "fix" (detail)
  30. [lldb-server/android] Show more processes by relaxing some checks (detail)
  31. [libc++][test] Use <version> to get config on MSVC (detail)
  32. [WebAssembly] Trapping fptoint builtins and intrinsics (detail)
  33. [RISCV] Support fast calling convention (detail)
  1. Redefine API so it would not assume SVN. (detail)
  2. Sanitize kwargs in (detail)
  3. Change SphinxDocsBuilder to use UnifiedTreeBuilder. (detail)
  4. Removed always failing builder 'clang-x86_64-linux-selfhost-modules'. (detail)

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