1. Temporarily disable test. (details)
  2. [Sema] Add MacroQualified case for FunctionTypeUnwrapper (details)
Commit 92611da5bfc5d537e8ed69715f115a989c85769f by asbirlea
Temporarily disable test.
The file was modifiedllvm/test/Analysis/GlobalsModRef/intrinsic_addresstaken.ll
Commit e278c138a937a68f3e6c89df8eaeffa913f9b0f7 by leonardchan
[Sema] Add MacroQualified case for FunctionTypeUnwrapper
This is a fix for PR43315. An assertion error is hit for this minimal
//clang -cc1 -triple x86_64-- -S tstVMStructRC-min.cpp int (a b)();  //
Assertion `Chunk.Kind == DeclaratorChunk::Function' failed.
This is because we do not cover the case in the FunctionTypeUnwrapper
where it receives a MacroQualifiedType. We have not run into this
earlier because this is a unique case where the __attribute__ contains
both __cdecl__ and
__regparm__ (in that order), and we are compiling for x86_64. Changing
the architecture or the order of __cdecl__ and __regparm__ does not
raise the assertion.
Differential Revision:
The file was modifiedclang/test/Frontend/macro_defined_type.cpp
The file was modifiedclang/lib/Sema/SemaType.cpp