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  1. [lldb/api] Add checks for StackFrame::GetRegisterContext calls (NFC) (details)
  2. [SVE] Remove calls to VectorType::getNumElements from AsmParserTest (details)
  3. [llvm-readobj][test] Fix ELF/verneed-flags.yaml (details)
  4. Do not set LLDB_DEBUGSERVER_PATH if --out-of-tree-debugserver is passed. (details)
  5. [dotest] Log a warning when --server and --out-of-tree-debugserver are set (details)
  6. [RuntimeDyld][test] Fix ExecutionEngine/RuntimeDyld/X86/ELF_x86-64_none.yaml after D60122 (details)
  7. Revert "[SLP] Make sure instructions are ordered when computing spill cost." (details)
  8. [X86] Add back the assert in getImpliedFeatures that I removed in ef4cc70f3ed2a91e0a48c6448c517c3ba34c2846 (details)
  9. [OpenMP][Tests] Update compatibility with GCC (NFC) (details)

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