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  1. [DWARF] Adjust return type of DWARFUnit::getLength(). (detail)
  2. [lldb][NFC] Merge multiple (detail)
  3. [LLVM][Alignment] Introduce Alignment In MachineFrameInfo (detail)
  4. [AMDGPU] Prevent VGPR copies from moving across the EXEC mask (detail)
  5. Improving CodeView debug info type record's inline comments (detail)
  6. compiler-rt: Fix warning if COMPILER_RT_HAS_FCNTL_LCK is 0 (detail)
  7. [ELF][ARM] Simplify some llvm-objdump tests with both ARM/Thumb states (detail)
  8. clang: Fix typo in comment (detail)
  9. [libcxx] Only declare contents of threading API when (detail)
  10. git-llvm: Give "push" a --force flag to disable confirm prompt on (detail)
  11. clang: Fix typo in comment (detail)
  12. clang: Fix typo in comment (detail)
  13. [instcombine] icmp eq/ne (sub C, Y), C -> icmp eq/ne Y, 0 (detail)
  14. clang: Fix typo in comment (detail)
  15. [Sanitizer] Disable -Wframe-larger-than on SystemZ (detail)
  16. git-llvm: Make push --force suppress error on nothing to commit as well (detail)
  17. [ARM] Formatting for NFC (detail)
  18. Add a couple of extra test noticed in post-commit discussion of rL369541 (detail)
  19. GlobalISel: Implement moreElementsVector for G_UNMERGE_VALUES sources (detail)
  20. [LoopPassManager + MemorySSA] Only enable use of MemorySSA for LPMs (detail)
  21. Fix -Wimplicit-fallthrough warnings in regcomp.c (detail)
  22. [LTO] Always mark regular LTO units with EnableSplitLTOUnit=1 under the (detail)
  23. [GWP-ASan] Build stack_trace_compressor_fuzzer. (detail)
  24. [GWP-ASan] Add public-facing documentation [6]. (detail)
  25. [docs] Convert remaining command guide entries from md to rst. (detail)
  26. Add newline to GWP-ASan sphinx document. Should fix the document (detail)
  27. Generalize FindTypes with CompilerContext to support fuzzy lookup (detail)
  28. [docs] Fix GwpAsan.rst (detail)
  29. [BitcodeReader] Check if we can create a null constant for type. (detail)
  30. [lld-link] implement -lto-obj-path (detail)
  31. [docs] Add GwpAsan to toctree. (detail)
  32. [DAGCombiner] Remove mostly redundant calls to AddToWorklist (detail)
  33. [mips] Remove duplicated case from the `StringSwitch`. NFC (detail)
  34. [mips] Replace call `expandLoadAddress` by `loadAndAddSymbolAddress`. (detail)
  35. [TableGen] Include directly into the (detail)
  36. [MVT] Add v16f16 and v32f16 vectors. (detail)
  37. [WebAssembly] Handle aliases in WebAssemblyFixFunctionBitcasts (detail)
  38. Revert r367389 (and follow-up r368404); it caused PR43073. (detail)
  39. [clang-tidy] Check for dynamically initialized statics in headers. (detail)
  40. Revert r369549 as it broke the bots. (detail)
  41. [GVN] Do PHI translations across all edges between the load and the (detail)
  42. gn build: Make sync script not exit 1 if it writes changes (detail)
  43. gn build: Merge r369568 (detail)
  44. Fix -Werror=unused-variable error after r369528. (detail)
  45. [analyzer] Mention whether an event is about a condition in a bug report (detail)
  46. [Attributor] Use existing unreachable instead of introducing new ones (detail)
  47. [Attributor][NFC] Remove leftover semicolon (detail)
  48. [Attributor][NFC] Fix copy & paste error (detail)
  49. Fix documentation build after rL369568 (detail)
  50. [BinaryFormat] Teach identify_magic about Tapi files. (detail)
  51. [RISCV] Fix use of side-effects in asserts in decoder functions (detail)
  52. Use C++14 heteregenous lookup for a couple of std::map<std::string, ...> (detail)
  53. Add char8_t support (C++20) (detail)
  54. [analyzer][NFC] Add different interestingness kinds (detail)
  55. When building file without debug info, include the architecture setting (detail)
  56. NFCI: Simplify SourceManager::translateFile by removing code path that (detail)
  57. [Attributor][NFCI] Introduce tight iteration bounds in the tests (detail)
  58. Add FileWriter to GSYM and encode/decode functions to AddressRange and (detail)
  59. [Attributor] Fix: Gracefully handle non-instruction users (detail)
  60. [analyzer] Don't make ConditionBRVisitor events prunable when the (detail)
  61. [RISCV] Remove fix introduced by r369573, superseded by r369580 (detail)
  62. [LifetimeAnalysis] Support more STL idioms (template forward declaration (detail)
  63. [Attributor] FIX: Try to make bots happy (detail)
  64. gn build: Merge r369587 (detail)
  65. gn build: Merge r369591 (detail)
  66. [test] Update test so it matches the Windows output (detail)
  67. [analyzer] Mention whether an event is about a condition in a bug report (detail)
  68. libcxx: Rename last two .hpp files in libcxx to .h (detail)
  69. [X86] Replace a couple hardcoded '5's with X86::AddrNumOperands for (detail)
  70. [X86] Correct the scheduler classes for TAILJMP and TCRETURN CodeGenOnly (detail)
  71. [Object] Add tapi files to object (detail)
  72. [TSan] #include header instead of forward declaring interceptees (detail)
  73. [Object] FIX: update PlatformKind name in TapiFile (detail)
  74. gn build: Merge r369600 (detail)
  75. [analyzer] TrackConstraintBRVisitor: Do not track unknown values (detail)
  76. [analyzer] CastValueChecker: Store the dynamic types and casts (detail)
  77. [GWP-ASan] Remove c++ standard lib dependency. (detail)
  78. [analyzer] CastValueChecker: Rewrite dead header hotfix (detail)
  79. gn build: Merge r369605 (detail)
  80. [analyzer] CastValueChecker: Try to fix the buildbots (detail)
  81. [COFF] Fix section name for constants larger than 64 bits on Windows (detail)
  82. The g_format_infos table needs to be updated in concert with the enum (detail)
  83. [X86] Making X86OptimizeLEAs pass public. NFC (detail)
  84. [analyzer] Don't track the condition of foreach loops (detail)
  85. [FormatManager] Add static_assert to keep formats in sync. (detail)
  86. [analyzer] CastValueChecker: Model isa(), isa_and_nonnull() (detail)
  87. [analyzer] Enable control dependency condition tracking by default (detail)
  88. [FormatManage] Fix the format info order (detail)
  89. [lldb] Replace std::once_flag with llvm::once_flag. (detail)
  90. [OpenMP] Permit map with DSA on combined directive (detail)
  91. [lit] Diagnose insufficient args to internal env (detail)
  92. [debugserver] Switch back to std::once_flag (detail)
  93. [TargetLowering] Remove optional arguments passing to makeLibCall (detail)
  94. Revert "[GWP-ASan] Remove c++ standard lib dependency." (detail)
  95. [lldb][NFC] Remove WordComplete mode, make result array indexed from 0 (detail)
  96. [lldb][NFC] Remove dead code that is supposed to handle invalid command (detail)
  97. [ARM] Fix lsrl with a 128/256 bit shift amount or a shift of 32 (detail)
  98. [Support] Improve readNativeFile(Slice) interface (detail)
  99. [X86] Lower the cost of v2i32->v2f64 sint_to_fp under vector widening (detail)
  100. Remove an unused function, suppress -Wunused-function warning. (detail)
  101. [llvm-readobj] - Remove `reportError(std::error_code EC, StringRef (detail)
  102. [clangd] The ClangdServer::EnableHiddenFeatures is not used any more. (detail)
  103. [lldb][NFC] NFC cleanup for the completion code (detail)
  104. Revert r369458 "[DebugInfo] Add debug location to dynamic atexit (detail)
  105. [llvm-objdump] - Remove an outdated "FIXME". NFC. (detail)
  106. [lldb][NFC] Remove unused return value from (detail)
  107. Revert r369626 "[ARM] Fix lsrl with a 128/256 bit shift amount or a (detail)
  108. [Loop Peeling] Fix silly bug in metadata update. (detail)
  109. Reapply: [ARM] Fix lsrl with a 128/256 bit shift amount or a shift of 32 (detail)
  110. [MVT] Add MVT equivalent to EVT::getHalfNumVectorElementsVT() helper. (detail)
  111. [OpenCL] Fix declaration of enqueue_marker (detail)
  112. [X86][BtVer2] Fix latency and throughput of XCHG and XADD. (detail)
  113. Remove \brief commands from doxygen comments. (detail)
  1. [monorepo_build] lldb: Do not fail a test run if any tests fail (detail)

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