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  1. [BreakFalseDeps] fix typos/grammar in documentation comment; NFC (detail)
  2. [InstCombine] Precommit tests for D67351. (detail)
  3. [InstCombine] Use SimplifyFMulInst to simplify multiply in fma. (detail)
  4. [NFC][InstCombine] PR43251 - valid for other predicates too (detail)
  5. [utils] Implement the llvm-locstats tool (detail)
  6. [CMake] Don't pass all LLVM_COMPILE_FLAGS to the C compiler (detail)
  7. [clang][codegen][NFC] Make test patterns more permissive. (detail)
  8. [VectorUtils] Remove unused include. [NFC] (detail)
  9. [ARM] auto-generate complete test checks; NFC (detail)
  10. [X86] Add AVX partial dependency tests as noted on D67363 (detail)
  11. [ARM] add test for BreakFalseDeps with minsize attribute; NFC (detail)
  12. Revert "[utils] Implement the llvm-locstats tool" (detail)
  13. [x86] add a test for BreakFalseDeps; NFC (detail)
  14. Don't emit .gnu_pubnames when tuning for LLDB. (detail)
  15. [RISCV] Add Option for Printing Architectural Register Names (detail)
  16. Implement DW_OP_convert (detail)
  17. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: First pass at attempting to legalize load/stores (detail)
  18. [RISCV] Support llvm-objdump -M no-aliases and -M numeric (detail)
  19. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Legalize constant 32-bit loads (detail)
  20. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: RegBankSelect for G_ZEXTLOAD/G_SEXTLOAD (detail)
  21. [NFC][InstCombine][InstSimplify] PR43251 - and some patterns with offset (detail)
  22. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select llvm.amdgcn.sffbh (detail)
  23. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select cvt pk intrinsics (detail)
  24. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select G_FABS/G_FNEG (detail)
  25. [BPI] Adjust the probability for floating point unordered comparison (detail)
  26. GlobalISel/TableGen: Handle REG_SEQUENCE patterns (detail)
  27. [Function] Factor out GetCallEdgeForReturnAddress, NFC (detail)
  28. [lldbtest] Add an "expected_cmd_failure" option to the filecheck helper (detail)
  29. [NFC][InstSimplify] rewrite test added in r371537 to use non-null (detail)
  30. [X86] Updated target specific selection dag code to conservatively check (detail)
  31. Fix for PR43175: compiler crash when trying to emit noncapturable (detail)
  32. [NFC][InstCombine] rewrite test added in r371537 to use non-null pointer (detail)
  33. [x86] add test for false dependency with AVX; NFC (detail)
  34. Re-land Remove REQUIRES:shell from tests that pass for me on Windows (detail)
  35. [OPENMP5.0]Allow teams directive outside of the target directives. (detail)
  36. [mips] Allow PT_LOAD to have overlapping p_offset ranges on EM_MIPS (detail)
  37. llvm-reduce: Simplify testing using -implicit-check-not (detail)
  38. [ValueTracking] Factor our common speculation suppression logic [NFC] (detail)
  39. When evaluating a __builtin_constant_p conditional, always enter (detail)
  40. [Loads] Move generic code out of vectorizer into a location it might be (detail)
  41. Actually reorder not and env in crash-recovery-modules.m (detail)
  42. Fix a thinko in handling the QSetLogging packet. (detail)
  43. Move LLVM_ENABLE_ABI_BREAKING_CHECKS variables to their own file so that (detail)
  44. llvm-reduce: Add pass to reduce Metadata (detail)
  45. llvm-remove: Remove "using namespace" in header. (detail)
  46. llvm-reduce: Remove some unused headers/more narrowly include them (detail)
  47. [MemorySSA] Do not create memoryaccesses for debug info intrinsics. (detail)
  48. Adding support for overriding LLVM_ENABLE_RUNTIMES for runtimes builds. (detail)
  49. llvm-reduce: Add pass to reduce parameters (detail)
  50. Reland "Change the X86 datalayout to add three address spaces  for 32 (detail)
  51. Update ReleaseNotes: add enabling of MemorySSA. (detail)
  52. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Support sibling calls with mismatched calling (detail)
  53. [clang-format] Apply BAS_AlwaysBreak to C++11 braced lists (detail)
  54. [GlobalISel] When a tail call is emitted in a block, stop translating it (detail)
  55. [MemorySSA] MemorySSA should not model debuginfo, and need not update (detail)
  56. Remove xfail NetBSD mark from ignored-interceptors-mmap.cpp (detail)
  57. Remove xfail i386 NetBSD mark in vptr-non-unique-typeinfo.cpp (detail)
  58. [llvm-nm] Add tapi file support (detail)
  59. [Object][TextAPI] NFC, fix tapi lit tests (detail)
  60. [clang-scan-deps][NFC] Fix tests - prevent FileCheck matching test dir (detail)
  61. Revert "Adding support for overriding LLVM_ENABLE_RUNTIMES for runtimes (detail)
  62. Revert "llvm-reduce: Add pass to reduce parameters" (detail)
  63. Emit -Wmicrosoft-enum-value warning instead of error in MS ABI (detail)
  64. Skip a test in when running against ios devices. (detail)
  65. Ah, only skip this for embedded darwin targets. (detail)
  66. clang-misexpect: Profile Guided Validation of Performance Annotations in (detail)
  67. [llvm-nm] Fix -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON builds after D66160/r371576 (detail)
  68. [CodeGen] Add alias for cpu_dispatch function with IFunc & Fix resolver (detail)
  69. [Debuginfo][Instcombiner] Do not clone dbg.declare. (detail)
  70. [ELF][test] Make tests more tolerant to exact symbol addresses (detail)
  71. [Attributor][Fix] Manifest nocapture only in CSArgument or Argument (detail)
  72. [Attributor] Implement "noalias" callsite argument deduction (detail)
  73. [llvm-objcopy] Simplify --prefix-alloc-sections (detail)
  74. [TLI][AMDGPU] AMDPAL does not have library functions (detail)
  75. [LTO] Avoid calling GlobalValue::getGUID (MD5) twice (detail)
  76. [NFC][ARM] Add and modify tests (detail)
  77. [LoopInterchange] Properly move condition, induction increment and ops (detail)
  78. [LLDB] Do not try to canonicalize gethostname() result (detail)
  79. [ARM] Take into account -mcpu and -mfpu options while handling 'crypto' (detail)
  80. Revert "clang-misexpect: Profile Guided Validation of Performance (detail)
  81. [LLDB][ELF] Load both, .symtab and .dynsym sections (detail)
  82. [LLDB][ELF] Fixup for comments in D67390 (detail)
  83. [LoopInterchange] Drop unused splitInnerLoopHeader declaration. (detail)
  84. [InstCombine] Fixed handling of isOpNewLike (PR11748) (detail)
  85. [NFC] Fixed test (detail)
  86. [NFC] Updated objsize-64.ll test (detail)
  87. [Diagnostics] Add -Wsizeof-array-div (detail)
  88. Fix -Wdocumentation warning - void function doesn't need a @returns. (detail)
  89. [mips][msa] Fix infinite loop for mips.nori.b intrinsic (detail)
  90. [Alignment] Use llvm::Align in MachineFunction and TargetLowering - (detail)
  91. [InstCombine] fold sign-bit compares of srem (detail)
  92. gn build: add include_dir that's necessary after r371564 (detail)
  93. [LangRef] fix punctuation; NFC (detail)
  1. Bring back clang-x64-ninja-win7/windows7-buildbot (detail)

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