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Revision: 374295
  1. LLVMBuildFactory code cleaning.

    Cleaned dialing with repourl, added protection from potential leakage of is_legacy_mode kwarg, more radable name for src_dir.

    Patch by Andrei Lebedev

    Differential Revision: (detail)
    by gkistanova
  1. [PowerPC] add tests for popcount with zext; NFC (detail)
  2. Revert [lit] Synthesize artificial deadline (detail)
  3. Disable TestProcessList on windows (detail)
  4. [Reproducer] Surface error if setting the cwd fails (detail)
  5. [asan] Update Windows test expectations for LLVM's MS demangler (detail)
  6. NFC: Fix variable only used in asserts by propagating the value. (detail)
  7. Reapply r375051: [support] GlobPattern: add support for `\` and (detail)
  8. [Builtins] Provide a mechanism to selectively disable tests based on (detail)
  9. [lldb] Don't emit artificial constructor declarations as global (detail)
  10. [PowerPC] Turn on CR-Logical reducer pass (detail)
  11. [NFC][InstCombine] Some more preparatory cleanup for (detail)
  12. [Object] Fix the return type of getOffset/getSize (detail)
  13. [LLDB] [test] Use %clang_cl instead of in a few tests (detail)
  14. [cmake] Pass external project source directories to sub-configures (detail)
  15. [x86] add test for setcc to shift transform; NFC (detail)
  16. Modernize the rest of the Find.* API (NFC) (detail)

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