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  1. AMDGPU: Fix SMEM WAR hazard for gfx10 readlane (detail)
  2. [examples] Add an example of how to use JITLink and small-code-model (detail)
  3. AMDGPU: Relax 32-bit SGPR register class (detail)
  4. [examples] Fix some comments in the LLJITWithJITLink example (detail)
  5. [lldb][NFC] Remove wrong tests in TestCallOverriddenMethod (detail)
  6. [CVP] After proving that @llvm.with.overflow()/@llvm.sat() don't (detail)
  7. [libunwind][Android] Fix findUnwindSections for ARM EHABI Bionic (detail)
  8. scudo: Update TLS_SLOT_SANITIZER value. (detail)
  9. [GISel][CallLowering] Make isIncomingArgumentHandler a pure virtual (detail)
  10. [analyzer] Fix hidden node traversal in exploded graph dumps. (detail)
  11. [analyzer] exploded-graph-rewriter: Fix dump for state 0. (detail)
  12. [analyzer] Drop the logic for collapsing the state if it's same as in (detail)
  13. [analyzer] Fix FieldRegion dumps. (detail)
  14. [analyzer] exploded-graph-rewriter: Rename Environment to Expressions. (detail)
  15. [WebAssembly] Allow multivalue signatures in object files (detail)

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