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  1. [Reproducer] Improve reproducer help (NFC) (detail)
  2. [AMDGPU] Remove -amdgpu-spill-sgpr-to-smem. (detail)
  3. [Reproducer] XFAIL TestWorkingDir on Windows (detail)
  4. [SampleFDO] Add profile remapping support for profile on-demand loading (detail)
  5. [hwasan] Remove system allocator fallback. (detail)
  6. [AMDGPU] move PHI nodes to AGPR class (detail)
  7. hwasan: Add missing SANITIZER_INTERFACE_ATTRIBUTE on (detail)
  8. gn build: Build compiler-rt code with -fvisibility=hidden. (detail)
  9. LiveIntervals: Fix handleMoveUp with subreg def moving across a def (detail)
  10. [profile] Do not cache __llvm_profile_get_filename result (detail)
  11. DebugInfo: Render the canonical name of a class template specialization, (detail)
  12. [c++20] Add CXXRewrittenBinaryOperator to represent a comparison (detail)
  13. [c++20] Add rewriting from comparison operators to <=> / ==. (detail)
  14. P1152R4: Fix deprecation warnings in libc++ testsuite and in uses of (detail)
  15. [analyzer] Specify the C++ standard in more tests. (detail)
  16. [hip][cuda] Fix the extended lambda name mangling issue. (detail)
  17. [clang][driver] Print compilation phases with indentation. (detail)
  18. Prune two MachineInstr.h includes, fix up deps (detail)
  19. Skip (more) PExpect tests under ASAN, I can't get them to work reliably. (detail)
  20. Sema: Create a no-op implicit cast for lvalue function conversions. (detail)
  21. [profile] Disable instrprof-get-filename-merge-mode.c on Windows (detail)
  22. Move endian constant from Host.h to SwapByteOrder.h, prune include (detail)
  23. [profile] Use -fPIC -shared in a test instead of -dynamiclib (detail)
  24. New tautological warning for bitwise-or with non-zero constant always (detail)
  25. Prune Analysis includes from SelectionDAG.h (detail)

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