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  1. [OPENMP50]Simplify processing of context selector scores. (detail)
  2. Fix typo so that '-O0' is correctly specified (detail)
  3. [X86/Atomics] Correct a few transforms for new atomic lowering (detail)
  4. [lldb] Add a install target for lldb python on darwin (detail)
  5. [Hexagon] getCompoundCandidateGroup - fix 'false' value is implicitly (detail)
  6. [LoopRotationUtils] Check values are newly inserted into maps. (detail)
  7. [CMake] Prevent adding lld to test dependency (TEST_DEPS) when lld (detail)
  8. [mips] Fix `getRegForInlineAsmConstraint` to do not crash on empty (detail)
  9. [IRMover] Use GlobalValue::getAddressSpace instead of directly from its (detail)
  10. Revert "[analyzer] Add test directory for scan-build." (detail)

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  1. [test-suite][mips] Enable GCC C Torture Suite (detail)

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