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  1. registered msdia140.dll (details / githubweb)
  1. [XRay] Account: recursion detection (details)
  2. [SVE] Don't use LocalStackAllocation for SVE objects (details)
  3. [AMDGPU] Make generating cache invalidating instructions optional (details)
  4. [MLIR][LLVMDialect] Added volatile and nontemporal attributes to load/store (details)
  5. [lldb/Utility] Fix a bug in RangeMap::CombineConsecutiveRanges (details)
  6. [lldb/Utility] Clean up Scalar constructors (details)
  7. [InstCombine] Fold freeze into phi if one operand is not undef (details)
  8. [Alignment][NFC] Update Bitcodewriter to use Align (details)
  9. [clangd] Switch from EXPECT_TRUE to ASSERT_TRUE in remote marshalling tests (details)
  10. [libcxx][lit] Fix running testsuite with python2.7 after 9020d28688492c437abb648b6ab69baeba523219 (details)
  11. [lld][ELF] Add LOG2CEIL builtin ldscript function (details)
  12. [Docs] remove unused arguments in documentation examples on vectorization passes (details)
  13. [clangd] Add option to use remote index as static index (details)
  14. [lldb] Fix e89414f406 for msvc (details)
  15. [JumpThreading] Add a test that threads jumps with frozen branch conditions (details)
  16. [JumpThreading] Add a test case that has a phi with undef; NFC (details)
  17. [lldb/DWARF] Don't treat class declarations with children as definitions (details)
  18. [mlir] Support for mutable types (details)
  19. Speculative build fix for scudo/standalone/tests/combined_test.cpp (details)
  20. Speculative build fix for clangd/ (details)
  21. [clang-tidy] Refactor IncludeInserter (details)
  22. AArch64: diagnose out of range relocation addends on MachO. (details)
  23. ClangdMain.cpp: this #ifdef should be an #if (details)
  24. [gn] Set CLANGD_ENABLE_REMOTE=0 (details)
  25. Fix another #ifdef CLANGD_ENABLE_REMOTE (details)
  26. [clangd] Add marshalling code for all request types (details)
  27. [InstSimplify] add tests for min/max intrinsics; NFC (details)
  28. [lldb] Modernize away some snprintf calls (details)
  29. [clangd] Collect references for externally visible main-file symbols (details)
  30. [lldb][NFC] Use a StringRef for AddRegexCommand::AddRegexCommand parameters (details)
  31. [llvm][NFC] Silence unused variable warning by using isa over dyn_cast (details)
  32. [Reduce] Function reduction: replace all users of function with undef (details)
  33. [Reduce] Argument reduction: shoe-horn new function into remaining uses of old function (details)
  34. [JumpThreading] ProcessBranchOnXOR(): bailout if any pred ends in indirect branch (PR46857) (details)
  35. llvm_canonicalize_cmake_booleans(CLANGD_ENABLE_REMOTE) (details)
  36. AArch64: avoid UB shift of negative value (details)
  37. [GWP-ASan] Fix uninitialized memory use in sigaction. (details)
  38. [CallGraph] Preserve call records vector when replacing call edge (details)
  39. [MLIR] NFC: Rename mcuMemHostRegister* to mgpuMemHostRegister* to make it consistent with the other cuda-runner functions and ROCm. (details)
  40. IRPrintingPasses.h - simplify unnecessary header with forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  41. [X86] combineExtractSubvector - pull out repeated getSizeInBits() calls. NFCI. (details)
  42. [X86][AVX] Fold extract_subvector(truncate(x),0) -> truncate(extract_subvector(x),0) (details)
  43. [NFC] Replace ".size() < 1" with ".empty()" (details)
  44. [OpenCL] Fixed missing address space for templated copy constructor. (details)
  45. [Attributor] Fix qualifier warning of the unittest (details)
  46. [LLD] [COFF] Fix mingw comdat associativity for leader symbols with a different name (details)
  47. Revert "Re-apply:" Emit DW_OP_implicit_value for Floating point constants"" (details)
  48. [lit] Don't expand escapes until all substitutions have been applied (details)
  49. [AArch64] fjcvtzs,rmif,cfinv,setf* all clobber nzcv (details)
  50. [XCOFF][AIX] Handle llvm.used and llvm.compiler.used global array (details)
  51. [llvm-exegesis] Check perf_branch_entry for field cycles (details)
  52. Use INTERFACE_COMPILE_OPTIONS to disable -Wsuggest-override for any target that links to gtest (details)
  53. [TableGen][CGS] Print better errors on overlapping InstRW (details)
  54. [gn build] (manually) merge 48c948abeb7 (details)
  55. Reland [llvm-exegesis] Add benchmark latency option on X86 that uses LBR for more precise measurements. (details)
  56. [gn build] Make syncing to single-line source files work after 1afd889d0b43 (details)
  57. [gn build] Port ee7caa75939 (details)
  58. [X86][SSE] Relax 128-bit restriction on extract_subvector(ext_vector_inreg(X),0) -> ext_vector_inreg(extract_subvector(X,0)) fold (details)
  59. [mlir][Linalg] Enable fusion of std.constant (producer) with (details)
  60. [NFC][AArch64] Replace some template methods/invocations... (details)
  61. [flang] Temp Driver - pass the flag to change the default integer kind through to F18_FC (details)
  62. [X86] Add back comment inadvertently lost in 1a1448e6568d9b11f198e510fa9c4cb6b1f4216a. (details)
  1. registered msdia140.dll (details)

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