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  1. [mlir] [VectorOps] [integration_test] Sparse matrix times vector (DOT version) (details)
  2. Recommit "[libFuzzer] Disable implicit builtin knowledge about memcmp-like functions when -fsanitize=fuzzer-no-link is given." (details)
  3. Replace fuzzer::FuzzerDriver's INTERFACE marking with new LLVMRunFuzzerDriver. (details)
  4. [clangd] Add more logs and attach tracers to remote index server routines (details)
  5. [Attributor][NFC] Add tests to noalias.ll (details)
  6. [AIX] Implement AIX special alignment rule about double/long double (details)
  7. [mlir][AffineToStandard] Make LowerAffine pass Op-agnostic. (details)
  8. [PowerPC] Remove QPX/A2Q BGQ/BGP CNK support (details)
  9. [lldb] Remove CMAKE_VERSION checks now that the minimum version is 3.13.4 (details)
  10. [llvm][examples][SimplifyCFG] Fix pass's IR changed reporting (details)
  11. [lldb/AppleSimulator] Always provide a -simulator environment (details)
  12. [OpenMP] Add more pass-through functions in DeviceTy (details)
  13. [libunwind] Remove old keymgr related logic (details)
  14. Unify the return value of GetByteSize to an llvm::Optional<uint64_t> (NFC-ish) (details)
  15. [OpenMPOpt] Most SCC's are uninteresting, don't waste time on them (up to 16x faster) (details)
  16. Rename t2-reduce-size -> thumb2-reduce-size (details)
  17. Reland "[compiler-rt] [test] Allow expanding lit substitutions recursively" (details)
  18. [NFC] Move BitcodeCommon.h from Bitstream to Bitcode (details)
  19. Revert "[PowerPC] Remove QPX/A2Q BGQ/BGP CNK support" (details)
  20. Fix the move constructor of MMI to move MachineFunctions map (details)
  21. [lldb] NFC: Use early exit in ArchSpec::IsEqualTo (details)
  22. [DFSan] Remove unused DataFlowSanitizer vars (details)
  23. [flang] Allow omission of comma in FORMAT(1PE5.2) in runtime (details)
  24. [llvm][CodeGen] Addressing modes for SVE ldN. (details)
  25. TableGen/GlobalISel: Allow output instructions with multiple defs (details)
  26. [llvm] Make ZLIB handling compatible with multi-configuration generators (details)
  27. AMDGPU: global_atomic_csub is not always dereferenceable (details)
  28. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Mark G_ATOMICRMW_{NAND|FSUB} as lower (details)
  29. GlobalISel: Don't fail translate on intrinsics with metadata (details)
  30. [GraphDiff] Use class method getChildren instead of GraphTraits. (details)
  31. [OpenMP][Docs] Update `present` modifier status (details)
  32. [CMake] Move find_package(ZLIB) to LLVMConfig (details)
  33. [lldb/ArchSpec] Always match simulator environment in IsEqualTo (details)
  34. [DomTree] Remove dead code.[NFC] (details)
  35. [CFGDiff] Refactor Succ/Pred maps. (details)
  36. TableGen: Check if pattern outputs matches instruction defs (details)

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