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Success Build #234 (Mar 6, 2021 1:37:58 AM)

  1. [OpenCL] Use StringMap instead of std::map (details)
  2. [lli] Test debug support in RuntimeDyld with built-in functions (details)
  3. [lldb] Remote leftover _llgs from (details)
  4. [lldb] Add missing include to Cloneable.h (details)
  5. [AMDGPU][MC][GFX9+] Corrected encoding of op_sel_hi for unused operands in VOP3P (details)
  6. Revert "[X86] Fold shuffle(not(x),undef) -> not(shuffle(x,undef))" (details)
  7. [clang][docs] Fix code blocks rendering (details)
  8. [MLIR][LinAlg] Detensorize interal function control flow. (details)
  9. [LV] Add test cases that require a larger number of RT checks. (details)
  10. [clang][cli] NFC: Rename marshalling multiclass (details)
  11. [LLD][ELF][ARM] Refactor inBranchRange to use addend for PC Bias (details)
  12. [RISCV] Lower CONCAT_VECTORS to INSERT_SUBVECTOR nodes (details)
  13. [clang][cli] NFC: Use .str() instead of operator<< (details)
  14. [AMDGPU] Fix "initialization is never read" clang-tidy warnings. NFCI. (details)
  15. [clang][cli] NFC: Use .str() instead of operator<< (details)
  16. Support GDB remote g packet partial read (details)
  17. [mlir] Use mlir::OpState::operator->() to get to Operation::getAttrs(). (details)
  18. [MCParser] Bring back srcmanager diagnostics in AsmParser (details)
  19. [DAG] DAGCombiner::tryStoreMergeOfLoads - remove unused StartAddress variable. NFCI. (details)
  20. [Driver] Fix -gz=zlib options for linker also on FreeBSD (details)
  21. [OpenMP] Fix clang-cl build error regarding TSX intrinsics (details)
  22. Revert "[clangd] Use ML Code completion ranking as default." (details)
  23. [lli] Add --jit-linker command line argument (details)
  24. [llvm-jitlink] Remove duplicate type defintion (NFC) (details)
  25. [JITLink] Remove some std::move(MemoryBufferRef) below createLinkGraphFromObject() (NFC) (details)
  26. [JITLink] LinkGraph::getName() can be const (details)
  27. [Orc] Fix a file header (NFC) (details)
  28. [Orc] Rename local variable to avoid confusion with equally-named class member (NFC) (details)
  29. [Orc] Add JITLink debug support plugin for ELF x86-64 (details)
  30. [lli] Add JITLink in-process debug support (details)
  31. [Orc] Extend lli debug support tests to JITLink (details)
  32. [docs][JITLink] Fix a typo (NFC) (details)
  33. [Orc] Fix remaining memory size of slab allocator (details)
  34. [lldb] Support DWARF-5 DW_FORM_line_strp (used by GCC) (details)
  35. [SDAG] allow vector types for select->logic folds (details)
  36. Split `ElementwiseMappable` trait into four more precise traits. (details)
  37. [Orc] Fix MSVC error: conversion from 'initializer list' requires a narrowing (details)
  38. [SLP]Merge reorder and reuse shuffles. (details)
  39. [clangd] findExplicitReferences impl filters nulls centrally. NFC (details)
  40. Revert "[flang] Detect circularly defined interfaces of procedures" (details)
  41. [DSE] eliminateDeadStoresMemorySSA - fix "initialization is never read" clang-tidy warning. NFCI. (details)
  42. [clang] DeltaTree::AddDelta - fix "initialization is never read" clang-tidy warning. NFCI. (details)
  43. AArch64: report fp16 arithmetic is present for apple-a11 CPU. (details)
  44. [OPENMP50]Mapping of the subcomponents with the 'default' mappers. (details)
  45. [clangd] Make categorical features 64 bit in DecisionForest Model. (details)
  46. [gn build] Port ef2389235c5d (details)
  47. [gn build] Port f47ff8cff1ed (details)
  48. [gn build] (manually) port 99a6d003edbe (details)
  49. [clangd] Show hex value of numeric constants (details)
  50. [lldb] DWARFDebugInfoEntry::Extract(): Print an error for unsupported DW_FORM_* (details)
  51. [nfc] [lldb] DWARFDebugInfoEntry::Extract(): reindent (details)
  52. Stop traping on sNaN in __builtin_isinf (details)
  53. [AA] Cache (optionally) estimated PartialAlias offsets. (details)
  54. [Instcombine][NFC]Simplify logical reductions tests, NFC. (details)
  55. [clangd] Include macro expansions in documentSymbol hierarchy (details)
  56. [RISCV] Support fixed-length INSERT_VECTOR_ELT (details)
  57. Revert "Revert "[clangd] Use ML Code completion ranking as default."" (details)
  58. [TableGen] Add IntrNoMerge as intrinsic property (details)
  59. [lld-macho] Change loadReexport to handle the case where a TAPI re-exports to reference documents nested within other TBD. (details)
  60. [flang][driver] Fix -fdefault* family bug (details)
  61. [clang+lld] Pass -platform_version args to ld64.lld (details)
  62. [libc++] Add a utility script to run the Docker image used by builders (details)
  63. [flang][f18] Add missing line in help text (nfc) (details)
  64. [libcxx] [test] Fix a test error with condvars with trivial destruction (details)
  65. [AMDGPU] Make OMod explicit for V_CVT_{U,I}* (details)
  66. [gn build] fix llvm-jitlink tests on linux after ef2389235c5dec0 (details)
  67. [flang] Detect circularly defined interfaces of procedures (details)
  68. [SystemZ]  Assign the full space for promoted and split outgoing args. (details)
  69. [ARM] Use 0, not ZR during ISel for CSINC/INV/NEG (details)
  70. Fix `debuginfo-tests/llvm-prettyprinters` build after MLIR API change in e6260ad043d8 (NFC) (details)
  71. [AArch64] add select tests with partial vector undefs; NFC (details)
  72. [SDAG] allow partial undef vector constants with select->logic folds (details)
  73. [libcxx] Explicitly return the expected error code in create_directories if the parent isn't a directory (details)
  74. [libcxx] [test] Pass some windows environment variables through to test processes (details)
  75. [llvm-jitlink] Prevent missing symbols from JITLoaderGDB with MSVC mangling (details)
  76. [mlir][linalg] Only generate one var for an attrUse. (details)
  77. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Enable use of the optsize predicate in the selector. (details)
  78. [lld-macho] Rework length check when opening input files (details)
  79. Add __builtin_isnan(__fp16) testcase (details)
  80. BPF: Fix a bug in peephole TRUNC elimination optimization (details)
  81. [LICM] Make promotion faster (details)
  82. [clang-tidy] Simplify unused RAII check (details)
  83. [WebAssembly] Fix more ExceptionInfo grouping bugs (details)
  84. [PR48898][CMake] Support MinGW Toolchain tool sin llvm_ExternalProject_Add (details)
  85. [cte][NFC] Remove all references to stdlib stream headers. (details)
  86. [clangd] Move DraftStore from ClangdLSPServer into ClangdServer. (details)
  87. [AST] Remove unused Loop member (NFC) (details)
  88. Promote scalars to load addresses when dereferencing them. (details)
  89. GlobalISel: Merge and cleanup more AMDGPU call lowering code (details)
  90. [libcxx] adds common_reference to <type_traits> (details)
  91. [OpenMP] Add allocator support for target memory (details)
  92. [libunwind] [risc-v] This patch is for fixing (details)
  93. hack to unbreak check-llvm on win after (details)
  94. [flang] Detect circularly defined interfaces of procedures (details)
  95. [mlir][sparse] do not ignore ordering for "dense" tensor linked with sparse type (details)
  96. [test] Fix CodeGen/VE/Scalar tests (details)
  97. [NFCI][VPlan] Modify Recipes' print methods to honor Indent parameter (details)
  98. [opt] Error if -debug-pass is specified alongside the new PM (details)
  99. Migrate to llvm::unique_function instead of static member functions for callbacks (details)
  100. [lldb] Extend Python convenience variable table with equivalent APIs (details)
  101. [libc++] Add bind_front function (P0356R5). (details)
  102. [runtimes] Use standalone build only for compiler-rt (details)
  103. [AIX][TLS] Generate TLS variables in assembly files (details)
  104. [lldb] Add more logging to __lldb_apple_objc_v2_get_dynamic_class_info (details)
  105. [lldb] Inline objc_opt->version >= 14 to avoid dealing with bool type (details)
  106. [CMake] Enable Polly for Fuchsia toolchain build (details)
  107. Revert "[runtimes] Use standalone build only for compiler-rt" (details)
  108. [clang-tidy] performance-for-range-copy: Don't trigger on implicit type conversions. (details)
  109. [dfsan] Fix clang-tidy warnings (details)
  110. [NFC] Add x86_amx and some missed half, bfloat keywords to llvm plugin syntaxes (details)
  111. [clang-tidy][NFC] Use equalsBoundNode matchers to simplify LoopConvertCheck (details)
  112. [clang][NFC] pack StaticDiagInfoRec (details)
  113. [dfsan] Propagate origin tracking at load (details)
  114. Fix the build error caused by D97570 (details)
  115. [LegalizeVectorTypes] Improve SplitVecRes_INSERT_SUBVECTOR to handle subvector being in the high half of the split or not at element 0 of the low half. (details)
  116. [PowerPC] Allow spilling GPR to VSR on AIX (details)
  117. [RISCV] Use RISCVV_BUILTIN for vector intrinsic checking. (details)
  118. [Polly] Refabricating IsOutermostParallel() from Integer Set Libarary(ISL) to take the C++ wrapper (details)
  119. [WebAssembly] Swap operand order of call_indirect in text format (details)
  120. [ARM] Ensure undef is propagated to CBZ/CBNZ flags (details)
  121. [runtimes] Use standalone build only for compiler-rt (details)
  122. [FileCheck] Do not skip end of line in diagnostics (details)
  123. [AMDGPU] Rename llvm.amdgcn.msaa.load to llvm.amdgcn.msaa.load.x (details)
  124. [AMDGPU] Rename amdgcn_wwm to amdgcn_strict_wwm (details)
  125. [lldb] Fix handling of `DW_AT_decl_file` according to D91014 (attempt #2) (details)
  126. [lld][MachO] Silence "enumeral and non-enumeral type" warning from gcc (details)
  127. [AArch64] Add missing intrinsics for vcls (details)
  128. [clangd] Fix uninit member (details)
  129. [ASTMatchers] Make Param functors variadic (details)
  130. [mlir] Move cuda tests (details)
  131. [lldb][NFC] Delete unused AddressResolverName (details)
  132. [mlir] Silence -Wglobal-constructors error in CudaRuntimeWrapper.cpp (details)
  133. [mlir][NFC] Use `BaseMemRefType::isValidElementType` in Parser (details)
  134. [mlir][ODS] Use StringLiteral instead of StringRef when applicable (details)
  135. [AMDGPU] Introduce Strict WQM mode (details)
  136. Improve static_assert/_Static_assert diagnostics (details)
  137. GlobalISel: Add default implementation of assignValueToReg (details)
  138. [AVR] Add register aliases XL, YH, etc (details)
  139. [AVR] Fix expansion of NEGW (details)
  140. [AVR] Fix def state of operands (details)
  141. [clangd] Make WorkspaceSymbols request work with empty queries (details)
  142. revert llvm/include/llvm/Analysis/ObjCARCUtil.h part of 1cc558bd4fa1acd1462226ef4796c712f80ea8e8 (details)
  143. Revert "[ObjC][ARC] Use operand bundle 'clang.arc.attachedcall' instead of explicitly emitting retainRV or claimRV calls in the IR" (details)
  144. [OpenCL] Prevent adding extension pragma by default. (details)
  145. Implement P2173 for attributes on lambdas (details)
  146. [clang][patch] To solve PR26413, x86 interrupt routines may only call routines with no_saved_reg (details)
  147. [mlir][Shape] Make cstr_eq more like cstr_broadcastable (details)
  148. Revert "[InstrProfiling] Place __llvm_prf_vnodes and __llvm_prf_names in llvm.used on ELF" (details)
  149. [mlir][Shape] Make shape_eq nary (details)
  150. [test] Fix apparent typo in clang/test/Driver/std.c (details)
  151. [AIX][clang][driver] Restrict /usr/lib to internal library search paths (details)
  152. [X86] Fold scalar_to_vector(x) -> extract_subvector(broadcast(x),0) iff broadcast(x) exists (details)
  153. [clang-query] Fix help text after D91918 (details)
  154. [clang-tidy] Deprecate readability-deleted-default check (details)
  155. [mlir][Shape] Lower cstr_eq to shape_eq + assert (details)
  156. [coro async] Allow a coro.suspend.async to specify which argument is the context argument (details)
  157. [tests] Add tests for cases brought up during review of D97520 (details)
  158. [pstl] Fix broken policy_traits and clean up unused code (details)
  159. [basicaa] Minor indentation fix (details)
  160. [basicaa] Fix a latent bug in isGEPBaseAtNegativeOffset (details)
  161. [VirtRegRewriter] Insert missing killed flags when tracking subregister liveness (details)
  162. [basicaa] Rewrite isGEPBaseAtNegativeOffset in terms of index difference [mostly NFC] (details)
  163. Fix a build warning from ea7d208 (details)
  164. [mlir] Add LinalgInterface method to clone with a given BlockAndValueMapping. (details)
  165. [mlir][linalg] Delete unused vars if there are shaped-only operands. (details)
  166. [libc++/abi] Replace uses of _NOEXCEPT in src/ by noexcept (details)
  167. [libc++] Use generator expression to simplify the CMake code (details)
  168. [XRay][x86_64] Fix CFI directives in assembly trampolines (details)
  169. [llvm-cov] Cache file status information (details)
  170. [CSSPGO][llvm-profgen] Continue disassembling after illegal instruction is seen. (details)
  171. Add C bindings for mlir::ExecutionEngine (details)
  172. Add basic JIT Python Bindings (details)
  173. [AMDGPU] Exclude always_inline from max bb threshold (details)
  174. [libc++] NFC: Normalize links to bug reports (details)
  175. [CMake] Rename RUNTIMES_BUILD to LLVM_RUNTIMES_BUILD (details)
  176. [dfsan] Remove hardcoded shadow width in abilist_aggregate.ll (details)
  177. [clangd] ObjC fixes for semantic highlighting and xref highlights (details)
  178. [Coverage] Emit gap region between statements if first statements contains terminate statements. (details)
  179. [test] Improve PGO tests (details)
  180. [InstrProfiling] Place __llvm_prf_vnodes and __llvm_prf_names in llvm.used on ELF (details)
  181. [AArch64] Move CALL_RVMARKER definition after CALL. (details)
  182. [mlir][linalg] Add depthwise_conv_2d_input_nhwc_filter_hwcf to Linalg TC ops. (details)
  183. [flang] Prohibit MODULE procedures in the global scope (details)
  184. [SystemZ] Reimplement the i8/i16 compare-and-swap logic. (details)
  185. [LSR] Unify scheduling of existing and inserted addrecs (details)
  186. Sink routine for replacing a operand bundle to CallBase [NFC] (details)
  187. Address review comment from D97219 (follow up to 8051156) (details)
  188. [Cost]Add tests for boolean and/or reductions, NFC. (details)
  189. [LoopUnrollRuntime] Add option to assume the non latch exit block to be (details)
  190. [lld-macho][nfc] Parse more options using getLastArg{Value} (details)
  191. [lld-macho] Require -arch and -platform_version to always be specified (details)
  192. [WebAssembly] Add missing default cases in switch statements (details)
  193. Revert "hack to unbreak check-llvm on win after D97335" in attempt for actual fix (details)
  194. [AArch64] Add implicit uses for operands when expanding BLR_RVMARKER. (details)
  195. [mlir] Remove incorrect folding for SubTensorInsertOp (details)
  196. [libc++] Temporary hack: disable Apple back-deployment testing (details)
  197. Fix use of deprecated API (details)
  198. [lli] Add JITLink link component after 99a6d003edbe (details)
  199. [Analysis] simplify propagation of FMF in recurrences; NFC (details)
  200. [lld-macho] Fix test breakage introduced by D97799 (details)
  201. [mlir][IR] Refactor the internal implementation of Value (details)
  202. [lld-link] Add safe icf mode to lld-link, which does safe icf for all sections. (details)
  203. [dfsan] Remove hard-coded shadow width in more tests (details)
  204. Fix flang build after D97804 (details)
  205. Add the use of register r for outlined function when register r is live in and defined later. (details)
  206. [test] Fix profiling.ll (details)
  207. [LICM][Coroutine] Don't sink stores from loops with coro.suspend instructions (details)
  208. [mlir][pdl] Add a new !pdl.range<> type (details)
  209. [mlir][pdl][NFC] Rename InputOp to OperandOp (details)
  210. [AIX] Update default arch on AIX (details)
  211. [IRSymTab] Set FB_used on llvm.compiler.used symbols (details)
  212. [RISCV] Make use of the required features in BuiltinInfo to store that V extension builtins require 'experimental-v'. (details)
  213. [mlir] Add support for generating Attribute classes for ODS (details)
  214. [LangRef] Make lifetime intrinsic's semantics consistent with StackColoring's comment (details)
  215. [LangRef] fix undefined label (details)
  216. [mlir][sparse] fix bug in reduction chain (details)
  217. [libcxx] adds concept `std::common_reference_with` (details)
  218. [libc++] Introduce __identity_t<T>. NFCI. (details)
  219. LanguageRuntime for 0th frame unwind, simplify getting pc-for-symbolication (details)
  220. Add Windows ehcont section support (/guard:ehcont). (details)
  221. [InstCombine] Move statepoint intrinsic handling from visitCall to visitCallBase (details)
  222. [libcxx] adds concept `std::common_with` (details)
  223. [compiler-rt | interceptors] Provide an intercept override knob. (details)
  224. libclc: Add clspv target to libclc (details)
  225. [DSE] Add support for not aligned begin/end (details)
  226. [libc] Remove redundant header files included from internal paths. (details)
  227. [doc] Fix description of _Float16 (details)
  228. [Attributor] Use sensible initialization in AANoCaptureCallSiteReturned (details)
  229. [Attributor][NFC] Move some trivial checks up (details)
  230. [Attributor] Use known alignment as lower bound to avoid work (details)
  231. [Attributor] Avoid work for GEPs and wait till the users are visited (details)
  232. [Attributor] Fold "TrackDependence" into the DepClassTy enum (details)
  233. [Attributor] Make DepClass a required argument (details)
  234. [Docs] Remove `no-aa` from the alias analysis documentation (details)
  235. [libcxx] adds concept `std::assignable_from` (details)
  236. [CSSPGO] Introducing dangling pseudo probes. (details)
  237. [CSSPGO] Unblocking optimizations by dangling pseudo probes. (details)
  238. [CSSPGO] Deduplicating dangling pseudo probes. (details)
  239. [libcxx] Don't use dllimport for a static member in a template (details)
  240. [debugserver] Fix more compiler warnings on arm64 (details)
  241. [LegalizeVectorTypes] Remove a tautological compare. (details)
  242. [mlir] Add loop codegen options to some LLVM dialect ops. (details)
  243. [LangRef] fix more undefined label errors (details)
  244. [mlir] make implementations of translation to LLVM IR interfaces private (details)
  245. [LangRef] remove links to lifetime since use marker intro already has a link (details)
  246. [X86][CodeGenPrepare] Try to reuse IV's incremented value instead of adding the offset, part 1 (details)
  247. [lld][WebAssembly] -Bsymbolic creates indirect function table if needed (details)
  248. [ARM] KnownBits for CSINC/CSNEG/CSINV (details)
  249. Revert "[XRay][x86_64] Fix CFI directives in assembly trampolines" (details)
  250. [ARM] Fix linking of the new unittest from a968e7b82eac (details)
  251. [RISCV] Preserve fixed-length VL on insert_vector_elt in more cases (details)
  252. [RISCV] Fix crash when inserting large fixed-length subvectors (details)
  253. [llvm-objcopy][test] Improve many-sections object and test case (details)
  254. [X86][CodeGenPrepare] Try to reuse IV's incremented value instead of adding the offset, part 2 (details)
  255. [mlir] ODS: change OpBuilderDAG to OpBuilder (details)
  256. [Polly][Codegen] Emit access group metadata. (details)
  257. [ARM] Remove new ARMSelectionDAGTest unittest. (details)
  258. [clangd] Introduce client state invalidation (details)
  259. [libcxx] Move Linaro AArch64 buildbots to buildkite (details)
  260. [llvm-objcopy/strip] Fix off-by-one error in SYMTAB_SHNDX need check (details)
  261. [llvm-objcopy][llvm-strip] Improve --discard-all documentation and help (details)
  262. [NFC] Fix typos in CallingConvLower.h (details)
  263. [X86] canonicalizeShuffleWithBinOps - handle general unaryshuffle(binop(x,c)) patterns not just xor(x,-1) (details)
  264. [MCA] Add support for in-order CPUs (details)
  265. [objdump][ARM] Use correct offset when printing ARM/Thumb branch targets (details)
  266. [gn build] Port d791695cb517 (details)
  267. Revert "[darwin] switch blocking mutex from osspinlock to os_unfair_lock" (details)
  268. [llvm-objcopy][llvm-strip][test] Improve testing (details)
  269. [DebugInfo] Add new instruction and DIExpression operator for variadic debug values (details)
  270. Revert "[DebugInfo] Add new instruction and DIExpression operator for variadic debug values" (details)
  271. Revert "Stop traping on sNaN in __builtin_isinf" (details)
  272. [mlir] Initialize CUDA context lazily. (details)
  273. [X86] X86TargetLowering::isSafeMemOpType - break if-else chain. NFCI. (details)
  274. [DAG] TargetLowering::BuildUDIV - use APInt as const ref. NFCI. (details)
  275. Revert "Add __builtin_isnan(__fp16) testcase" (details)
  276. [clang-tidy][NFC] Update docs for bugprone-use-after-move (details)
  277. [mlir][Linalg] NFC - Add isOutputTensor to (details)
  278. [mlir] NFC - Add runner util functions to only print MemRef metadata. (details)
  279. Add __builtin_isnan(__fp16) testcase (details)
  280. [AVR] Fix lifeness issues in the AVR backend (details)
  281. [flang][driver] Add options for -fdefault* and -flarge-sizes (details)
  282. [mlir][Linalg] Add folding of linalg.copy that are in fact identities. (details)
  283. [lldb] Apply gdb-remote timeout to platform connections as well (details)
  284. [CodeGenPrepare] Eliminate llvm.expect before removing empty blocks (details)
  285. [Analysis][LoopVectorize] rename "Unsafe" variables/methods; NFC (details)
  286. Revert "[Coverage] Emit gap region between statements if first statements contains terminate statements." (details)
  287. [GlobalISel] Start using vectors in GISelKnownBits (details)
  288. [GlobalISel] Combine zext(trunc x) to x (details)
  289. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Combine zext(trunc x) to x after RegBankSelect (details)
  290. [AST][PCH][ASTImporter] Fix UB caused by uninited SwitchStmt member (details)
  291. [mlir][Vector] Add folding of vector transfers from/into tensor producing ops. (details)
  292. [pstl] A hot fix for (details)
  293. [mlir][linalg] Add suffix "Op" to pooling TC ops. (details)
  294. Revert "[GlobalISel] Start using vectors in GISelKnownBits" (details)
  295. Revert "[GlobalISel] Combine zext(trunc x) to x" (details)
  296. Revert "AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Combine zext(trunc x) to x after RegBankSelect" (details)
  297. [SystemZ][z/OS] Missing non-posix functions libc++ (details)
  298. [OPENMP]Fix PR48759:  "fatal error" when compile with preprocessed file. (details)
  299. [Analysis][LoopVectorize] rename "Unsafe" variables/methods; NFC (details)
  300. [PowerPC][AIX] Handle variadic vector formal arguments. (details)
  301. [Instcombiner]Improve emission of logical or/and reductions. (details)
  302. [llvm-exegesis] Disable the LBR check on AMD (details)
  303. [CMake][AIX] Adjust plugin library extension used on AIX (details)
  304. [gn build] port e9f9ec837d447857 (details)
  305. Revert "[llvm-exegesis] Disable the LBR check on AMD" (details)
  306. [dfsan] add a missing zero origin at atomic commands (details)
  307. [clang] removes check against integral-to-pointer conversion... (details)
  308. [OpenMP] Fix support for device as host (details)
  309. [OpenMP] Fix lone target exit data (details)
  310. [OpenMP] Encapsulate more in checkDeviceAndCtors (details)
  311. [mlir] Add an AccessGroup attribute to load/store LLVM dialect ops and generate the access_group LLVM metadata. (details)
  312. [CGP] Lazily compute domtree only when needed during address matching (details)
  313. [FileCheck][NFC] Move -dump-input tests to a subdirectory (details)
  314. [mlir] Tighten the rules around folding TensorLoadOp (details)
  315. Fold full-size subview of static shapes. (details)
  316. [cgp] Defer lazy domtree usage to last possible point (details)
  317. [PowerPC][PC Rel] Implement option to omit Power10 instructions from stubs (details)
  318. [mir] Fix confusing MIR when MMO's value is nullptr but offset is non-zero (details)
  319. [TableGen] Fix warning when compiling generated MCCodeEmitter (details)
  320. [CostModel][SVE]  Add cost model for shuffle reverse with i1 and scalable vector (details)
  321. [clang-tidy] Extend LoopConvert on array with `!=` comparison (details)
  322. Improve the debug info for coro-split .resume functions (details)
  323. [Support] Add raw_ostream_iterator: ostream_iterator for raw_ostream (details)
  324. [ObjC][ARC] Use operand bundle 'clang.arc.attachedcall' instead of (details)
  325. [lldb/Interpreter] Make OptionGroupPythonClassWithDict options non-required (details)
  326. [libc][NFC] Make few fenv functions work with fexcept_t from other libcs. (details)
  327. [llvm-ifs] Add option to use InterfaceStub library (details)
  328. [lld-macho] Bind re-exported symbols directly to implicitly-linked umbrellas (details)
  329. [lld-macho] Fix & fold reexport-nested-libs test into stub-link.s (details)
  330. [lld-macho] Filter TAPI re-exports by target (details)
  331. [lld-macho] Include install name in error messages for dylibs from TBDs (details)
  332. Revert "Revert "[Coverage] Emit gap region between statements if first statements contains terminate statements."" (details)
  333. [mlir] Add a DialectAsmParser::getChecked method (details)
  334. [clang-tidy] Add options to describe individual core increments to readability-function-cognitive-complexity check. (details)
  335. [tests] Expand coverage of gc.relocate CSE in early-cse (details)
  336. Change instrprof LLVM_VP_MAX_NUM_VALS_PER_SITE threshold. (details)
  337. Introduce noundef attribute at call sites for stricter poison analysis (details)
  338. [test] Add DCE coverage for gc.relocate (details)
  339. Use the right pass in test introduced in f1fdbd67 (details)
  340. [tests] Precommit tests for upcoming patch to support CSE of gc.relocates in gvn (details)
  341. [PPC] Silence unused variable warning in release builds. NFC. (details)
  342. Revert "[Support] Add raw_ostream_iterator: ostream_iterator for raw_ostream" (details)
  343. Reland [GlobalISel] Start using vectors in GISelKnownBits (details)
  344. [Remarks] Emit variable info in auto-init remarks (details)
  345. [dfsan] Increase coverage of vector and select tests (details)
  346. [libc++] Properly pick up the Ninja from Xcode in the CI script (details)
  347. [mlir][AttrDefGen] Add support for specifying the value type of an attribute (details)
  348. [mlir][IR][NFC] Move a majority of the builtin attributes to ODS (details)
  349. [basicaa] Recurse through a single phi input (details)
  350. [MLIR][SPIRV] Rename `spv.spcConstant...` to `spv.SpcConstant...`. (details)
  351. [PowerPC] Disable more extended mne on AIX (details)
  352. [MLIR][SPIRV] Rename `spv.constant` to `spv.Constant`. (details)
  353. [libcxx] [test] Use separate references for windows in the path.append test (details)
  354. [MLIR][SPIRV] Rename `spv.globalVariable` to `spv.GlobalVariable`. (details)
  355. [flang][fir][NFC] Update comments. (details)
  356. [gn build] port db06088d63f8 (details)
  357. [gn build] Port d7834556b7ad (details)
  358. [AMDGPU] Don't check for VMEM hazards on GFX10 (details)
  359. [NFC][AliasSetTracker] Remove implicit conversion AliasResult to integer. (details)
  360. [MS] Fix crash involving gnu stmt exprs and inalloca (details)
  361. [Attributor] Enable heap-to-stack of any size (details)
  362. [LoopVectorize] propagate fast-math-flags from induction instructions (details)
  363. Revert "[Attributor] Enable heap-to-stack of any size" (details)
  364. [WebAssembly] Disable uses of __clang_call_terminate (details)
  365. [gn build] Port 561abd83ffec (details)
  366. [WebAssembly] Fix ExceptionInfo grouping again (details)
  367. [AArch64][GlobalISel][RegBankSelect] Improve rbs of G_BUILD_VECTOR when fed by fp values. (details)
  368. [docs] Move statepoint related intrinsics into main LangRef (details)
  369. [docs] Remove some stale wording from gc.relocate description (details)
  370. [dfsan] Propagate origin tracking at store (details)
  371. [gn build] port b973e2e2f27e (details)
  372. Move llvm/Analysis/ObjCARCUtil.h to IR to fix layering. (details)
  373. Fix clang for header move in LLVM/IR (details)
  374. BPF: permit type modifiers for __builtin_btf_type_id() relocation (details)
  375. [dfsan] Remove hardcoded shadow width in array.ll (details)
  376. [XCOFF][DebugInfo] support DWARF for XCOFF for assembly output. (details)
  377. [libcxx] adds concepts std::equality_comparable[_with] (details)
  378. [SampleFDO] Another fix to prevent repeated indirect call promotion in (details)
  379. [RISCV] Enable fixed-length vectorization of LoopVectorizer for RISC-V Vector (details)
  380. [clang][AST] Fix Wreturn-type gcc warning (NFC) (details)
  381. [LangRef] lifetime intrinsics: don't use word 'offset' (details)
  382. [dfsan,NFC] Suppress cpplint warning (details)
  383. [clang][OpenMP] Use OpenMPIRBuilder for workshare loops. (details)
  384. [sanitizer,NFC] Fix long comment formating (details)
  385. [clang][StaticAnalyzer] Compilation fix. (details)
  386. [lldb] Rename QueueFundamentalPlan to QueueBasePlan (NFC) (details)
  387. [DebugInfo] Delete deleted getLine/getColumn (details)
  388. [DebugInfo] Delete unused DIVariable::getSource (details)
  389. [libcxx] fixes up some [concepts]-related code (details)
  390. [Driver] Switch Exherbo/Alpine/Arch Linux to /etc/os-release (details)
  391. [Driver][test] Fix ClangDriverTest (details)
  392. [TargetLowering] Use HandleSDNodes to prevent nodes from being deleted by recursive calls in getNegatedExpression. (details)
  393. [SelectionDAG] Assert that operands to SelectionDAG::getNode are not DELETED_NODE to catch issues like PR49393 earlier. (details)
  394. [JITLink] Fix Wtype-limits gcc warning (NFC) (details)
  395. [X86] Pass to transform amx intrinsics to scalar operation. (details)
  396. [asan][test] Don't XFAIL Posix/no_asan_gen_globals.c on Solaris (details)
  397. [asan][test] Don't XFAIL Posix/unpoison-alternate-stack.cpp on Solaris (details)
  398. [libcxx] Implement semaphores for windows (details)
  399. [libcxx] Avoid infinite recursion in create_directories, if the root directory doesn't exist (details)
  400. [libcxx] Map ERROR_BAD_PATHNAME to errc::no_such_file_or_directory on windows (details)
  401. [profile][test] Pin Linux/instrprof-value-prof-warn.test to -fuse-ld=bfd (details)
  402. [llvm-objcopy][test] Fix test that could have passed spuriously (details)
  403. [llvm-objcopy] Fix crash for binary input files with non-ascii names (details)
  404. [clangd] Rename Module -> FeatureModule to avoid confusion. NFC (details)
  405. [libc++] [C++2b] [P1682] Add to_underlying. (details)
  406. [mlir][scf] Canonicalize scf.for last tensor iteration result. (details)
  407. [clang][cli] Fix generation of '-fvisibility' with regards to '-mignore-xcoff-visibility' (details)
  408. [SVE][LoopVectorize] Add support for extracting the last lane of a scalable vector (details)
  409. Reland [GlobalISel] Combine zext(trunc x) to x (details)
  410. Reland AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Combine zext(trunc x) to x after RegBankSelect (details)
  411. [clang][modules] Use extensible RTTI for ModuleFileExtension (details)
  412. [WebAssembly][yaml2obj][obj2yaml] Elem sections for nonzero tables (details)
  413. [test] Fix new CodeGenPrepare test for non-X86 systems (details)
  414. [lld][WebAssembly] Allow element sections for nonzero table numbers (details)
  415. [X86] X86ISelLowering.cpp - try to use for-range loops. NFCI. (details)
  416. Revert rG8198d83965ba4b9db6922b44ef3041030b2bac39: "[X86] Pass to transform amx intrinsics to scalar operation." (details)
  417. [gn build] Port a60d06d8b757 (details)
  418. Fix Wdocumentation unknown parameter warning. NFCI. (details)
  419. [AArch64] Add missing intrinsics for vrnd (details)
  420. [AMDGPU] Keep skip branch for ds instructions (details)
  421. [test] Use host platform specific error message substitution in lit tests (details)
  422. Reapply  "[DebugInfo] Add new instruction and DIExpression operator for variadic debug values" (details)
  423. [clang-format] Improve error message (details)
  424. [OpenCL] Fix `mix` builtin overloads (details)
  425. [HIP] do not use -mconstructor-aliases for device (details)
  426. [HIP] do not use -munsafe-fp-atomics by default (details)
  427. [clang-tidy] Use-after-move: Ignore moves inside a try_emplace. (details)
  428. [BPF] Add support for floats and doubles (details)
  429. [lld/mac] ad-hoc sign dylibs and bundles on arm64 by default, support -(no_)adhoc_codesign flags (details)
  430. [lld/mac] minor formatting tweak to test just added in 0e319bd0be2 (details)
  431. [XCOFF][DWARF] set default DWARF version to 3. (details)
  432. [libcxxabi] Add LIBCXXABI_HAS_WIN32_THREAD_API build option (details)
  433. [mlir] Make cuInit() call thread-safe. (details)
  434. [AArch64] Legalize horizontal fmax/fmin reductions on f16 vectors (details)
  435. [mlir][Linalg] Fix order of dimensions in hoistPaddingOnTensors. (details)
  436. [flang][fir] Add diagnostic tests for FIR ops verifier (details)
  437. Added API for "masked" construct via two entrypoints: __kmpc_masked, (details)
  438. [clang-tidy][NFC] Remove unsupported language version checks from vector (details)
  439. Fix Wdocumentation unknown parameter warning. NFCI. (details)
  440. [X86] X86DAGToDAGISel::Select - merge X86::TEST load bitsize checks. NFCI. (details)
  441. [X86] X86ISelDAGToDAG.cpp - include cstdint instead of stdint.h NFCI. (details)
  442. [mlir][sparse] mask reduction update (details)
  443. [DebugInfo] Add DIArgList MD to store multple values in DbgVariableIntrinsics (details)
  444. [PowerPC] Update Copy/Paste encodings according to ISA3.1 (details)
  445. [lld/mac] fix clang-format violation from 0e319bd0be2 (details)
  446. [gn build] allow setting clang_base_path to a source-absolute path (details)
  447. [AMDGPU] Do not attempt sgpr spills to vgpr, when it is disabled (details)
  448. [LegalizeDAG] Implement promotion rules for SELECT_CC (details)
  449. [mac/lld] Fix scale computation for vector ops in PAGEOFF12 relocations (details)
  450. [Utils] Add missing attributes in syntax files (details)
  451. [libcxx] [test] Fix path.decompose for windows (details)
  452. [libcxx] [test] Add an option to for using a different temp path (details)
  453. [PowerPC][AIX] Enable the default AltiVec ABI on AIX (details)
  454. [rs4gc] avoid insert base computation instructions for deopt uses (details)
  455. [tests] precommit some additional tests for D97974 (details)
  456. Mark gc.relocate and gc.result as readnone (details)
  457. [gvn] CSE gc.relocates based on meaning, not spelling (details)
  458. NFC: Glob all python sources in the MLIR Python bindings. (details)
  459. Reland 293e8fa13d3f05e993771577a4c022deee5cbf6e (details)
  460. [lldb/Interpreter] Add `interpreter.repeat-previous-command` setting (details)
  461. [lldb/API] Add CommandInterpreter::{Get,Set}PrintErrors to SBAPI (NFC) (details)
  462. [runtimes] Use add_lit_testsuite to register lit testsuites (details)
  463. [libcxx] Apply pragma for silencing warning when building with clang-cl too (details)
  464. [mlir][linalg] Add linalg_opdsl tool first draft. (details)
  465. [flang][fir] Add FIR Types parser diagnostic tests + cleanup (details)
  466. [AMDGPU] Restore the s_memtime instruction in gfx1030 (details)
  467. [OpenMP] Handle non-function context before checking for diagnostic (details)
  468. [clang-format] Suppress diagnostics on second parse (details)
  469. [clang-format] Rename case sorting (details)
  470. [clang-format] Rework Whitesmiths mode to use line-level values in UnwrappedLineParser (details)
  471. [MLIR][SPIRV] Rename `spv.loop` to `spv.mlir.loop`. (details)
  472. [mlir][AsmPrinter] Don't use string comparison when filtering list attributes (details)
  473. [MLIR][SPIRV] Rename `spv.undef` to `spv.Undef`. (details)
  474. [lld/mac] tweak comment based on feedback on D98053 (details)
  475. Refactor -funique-internal-linakge-names implementation. (details)
  476. [libcxx] Don't add -Wall when building in MSVC mode (details)
  477. [ubsan] support print_module_map flag in standalone mode (details)
  478. [mlir][Affine][NFC] Return BlockArgument in AffineForOp::getInductionVar (details)
  479. [mlir] Extend Operation visitor with pre-order traversal (details)
  480. [mlir] Add 'Skip' result to Operation visitor (details)
  481. [mlir][vector] canonicalize unmasked gather/scatter/compress/expand directly into l/s (details)
  482. [tests] precommit tests for phi handling in GVN (details)
  483. [lld-macho] Replace debug-info-related assert with FIXME (details)
  484. [lld-macho] Skip over symbols in un-parsed debug info sections (details)
  485. [mlir] Squash LLVM_ArmNeon dialect into ArmNeon (details)
  486. [lld-macho] Check platform and version when constructor ObjFile (details)
  487. [Fuchsia] Enable Polly for first stage as well (details)
  488. [libcxx] [test] Fix detection of clang-cl when cross compiling (details)
  489. [tests] precommit tests for D98082 (details)
  490. Partially revert "[runtimes] Use add_lit_testsuite to register lit testsuites" (details)
  491. [clang][OpenMP][docs] Update loop transformation status. (details)
  492. [sanitizers] run print module map test run on posix (details)
  493. [lld-macho] Move a bunch of options into the "obsolete" category (details)
  494. Fix Dialect doc generation to special case for the Builtin dialect empty name (details)
  495. PR49260: Improve diagnostics for no matching 'operator new'. (details)
  496. [dfsan] Add utils to get and print origin paths and some test cases (details)
  497. [asan][test] Handle Solaris in large_func_test.cpp etc. (details)
  498. [sanitizers] fix print-module-map test on linux (details)
  499. [PowerPC] Add missing double precision vec_all overloads to altivec.h (details)
  500. [mlir][AVX512] Add mask.compress to AVX512 dialect. (details)
  501. [benchmark] Replace references to M680x0 with M68k (details)
  502. [dfsan] Disable origin test cases temporarily (details)
  503. [NFC] Fix module map test (details)
  504. [DirectoryWatcher] Increase timeout to make test less flaky (details)
  505. [dfsan] Remove dfsan_get_origin from done_abilist.txt (details)
  506. [clang] Fix constrained decltype(auto) deduction (details)
  507. Revert "[AMDGPU] Restore the s_memtime instruction in gfx1030" (details)
  508. [dfsan] Re-enable origin tracking test cases (details)
  509. [libcxx] adds std::ranges::swap, std::swappable, and std::swappable_with (details)
  510. [sanitizer] Don't expect ABORTING in print-module-map (details)
  511. [MC][X86] Support .reloc *, BFD_RELOC_{NONE,8,16,32,64}, * (details)
  512. [MC][AArch64] Support .reloc *, BFD_RELOC_{NONE,16,32,64}, * (details)
  513. [MC][PowerPC] Support .reloc *, BFD_RELOC_{NONE,16,32,64}, * (details)
  514. Use gen-dialect-doc instead of gen-op-doc for the Builtin dialect (details)
  515. [MC][test] Fix reloc-directive-elf-*.s (details)
  516. [MC][ARM] Support .reloc *, BFD_RELOC_{NONE,8,16,32}, * (details)
  517. [MC][RISCV] Support .reloc *, BFD_RELOC_{NONE,32,64}, * (details)
  518. [clang] Fix typos in the default logic for CLANG_DEFAULT_UNWINDLIB (details)
  519. [clang] Don't default to a specifically shared libunwind on mingw with a g++ driver (details)
  520. [libcxx] [test] Move the is_<platform> functions down to subclasses (details)
  521. [clangd] Use URIs instead of paths in the index file list (details)
  522. Revert "Revert "[AMDGPU] Restore the s_memtime instruction in gfx1030"" (details)
  1. Enable mlir integration tests on the mlir-nvidia bot. (details)
  2. Fixed mistype in introduced by 1d2328ff69a8503911e85140b0786429204a2113. (details)
  3. Add builder and worker for XCore as default target. (details)
  4. Don't run testsuite on Linaro quick bots. (details)
  5. [VE] hpce-aurora2 worker replaces nec-arrproto41 (details)
  6. Add check-flang option to some of the Flang builders. (details)
  7. Add Flang builder for latest gcc. (details)
  8. Add Flang builder for latest llvm and libc++. (details)

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