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  1. [InstCombine] Don't assume CmpInst has been visited in (details)
  2. [llvm-ar][test] Move MRI tests from "llvm/test/Object/" (details)
  3. [lldb][modern-type-lookup] Fix crash when activating modern-type-lookup (details)
  4. [OpenCL] Add -Wconversion to fdeclare-opencl-builtins test (details)
  5. [lldb] Code cleanup: Simplify SBCommandReturnObject (details)
  6. [FlattenCFG] Silence static analyzer dyn_cast<BranchInst> null (details)
  7. Use std::unique_ptr in ClangTidyCheckFactories (details)
  8. Return results by value from ClangTidyCheckFactories::createChecks (details)
  9. [clangd][vscode] Add npm helper commands to package/release the (details)
  10. [clangd] Bump vscode-clangd v0.0.18 (details)
  11. [libc++] Take 2: Implement LWG 2510 (details)
  12. build_llvm_package.bat: Bootstrap with VS 2019 (details)
  13. [PowerPC] Add missing pattern for VSX Scalar Negative Multiply-Subtract (details)
  14. Updated comments in LWZtoc pseudo expansion. (details)
  15. [NFC] Rearrange Value::getPointerAlignment (details)
  16. Fix typo (details)
  17. Handle successor's PHI node correctly when flattening CFG merges two (details)
  18. [LoopInfo] Limit the iterations to check whether a loop has dedicated (details)
  19. [PowerPC] Fix typo in rL372985 (details)
  20. ARMBaseInstrInfo getOperandLatency - silence static analyzer dyn_cast<> (details)
  21. ConstantFold - silence static analyzer dyn_cast<ExtractValueInst> null (details)
  22. Un-XFAIL coverage_no_integrated_as.c test on Windows (details)
  23. [lld][mach-o] Avoid segfaulting when handling an empty section list. (details)
  24. [ELF] Set SectionBase::partition in processSectionCommands (details)
  25. TGParser::ParseOperation - silence static analyzer dyn_cast<TypedInit> (details)
  26. SystemInitializer: Define macros for experimental targets too (details)
  27. Move normalization of `\` in #includes from -fms-compatibility to (details)
  28. [InstCombine] Use m_Zero instead of isNullValue() when checking if a GEP (details)
  29. DAGISelMatcherOpt - TGParser::ParseOperation - silence static analyzer (details)
  30. Document requirement of function attributes with constrained floating (details)
  31. Convert FileSystem::Open() to return Expected<FileUP> (details)
  32. Only pass -coverage-notes-file when emitting coverage (details)
  33. Revert "[analyzer] A speculative attempt to avoid gcc-7 crashes..." (details)
  34. [NFC] Precommit tests for D68089 (details)
  35. [clang-scan-deps] Allow continuation line backslashes followed by (details)
  36. [NFC][emacs] remove out-of-date comment from tablegen-mode.el (details)
  37. [AIX]Emit function descriptor csect in assembly (details)
  38. [OPENMP50]Emit warnings if the functions was defined/used before marked (details)
  39. [LOOPGUARD] Disable loop with multiple loop exiting blocks. Summary: As (details)
  40. [InstCombine][NFC] Regenerate load-cmp.ll test (details)
  41. [InstCombine][NFC] Add tests for shift-by-signext (details)
  42. [DAGCombine][X86][AArch64][NFC] Add tests for shift-by-signext (details)
  43. [AMDGPU] copy OtherPredicates from pseudo to VOP3_Real (details)
  44. [lldb-vscode] correctly handle multiple sourceMap entries (details)
  45. [Unroll] Do NOT unroll a loop with small runtime upperbound (details)
  46. [LoopFusion] Add ability to fuse guarded loops (details)
  47. Revert [SLP] Fix for PR31847: Assertion failed: (details)
  48. [X86] Add CodeGenOnly instructions for (f32 (X86selects $mask, (loadf32 (details)
  49. Always rebuild a DeclRefExpr if its FoundDecl would change. (details)
  50. [OpenMP 5.0] Fix user-defined mapper lookup in sema (details)
  51. Remove the AliasAnalysis argument in function (details)
  52. [X86] Add VMOVSSZrrk/VMOVSDZrrk/VMOVSSZrrkz/VMOVSDZrrkz to (details)
  53. [X86] Remove unused arguments from a tablegen multiclass. NFC (details)
  54. [clang-tidy] New check to warn when storing dispatch_once_t in (details)
  55. gn build: (manually) merge r373028 (details)
  56. [X86] Remove CodeGenOnly instructions added in r373021, but keep the (details)
  57. Revert "[clang-tidy] New check to warn when storing dispatch_once_t in (details)
  58. Revert "gn build: (manually) merge r373028" (details)
  59. [Consumed][NFC] Refactor handleCall to take function argument list. (details)
  60. hwasan: Compatibility fixes for short granules. (details)
  61. For P0784R7: Add support for dynamic allocation with new / delete during (details)
  62. For P0784R7: add support for new (std::nothrow). (details)
  63. Speculative fix for gcc build. (details)
  64. Revert r373034 (details)
  65. [WebAssembly] SIMD Load and extend operations (details)
  66. [WebAssembly] v128.andnot (details)
  67. Fix use-after-free found in Clang's testsuite. (details)
  68. [test] Use %clang_cc1 instead of %clang -cc1 (details)
  69. Revert "[LoopInfo] Limit the iterations to check whether a loop has (details)
  70. [LoopInfo] Remove duplicates in ExitBlocks to reduce the compile time of (details)
  71. travis: Switch to Ubuntu 16.04 (xenial) (details)
  72. travis: Add LLVM 9 build (details)
  73. [llvm-exegesis] Refactor how forbidden registers are computed. (details)
  74. Fix the 'directory' field in DumpCompilationDatabase and add test (details)
  75. [lldb][NFC] Test CommandObjectMultiword functionality (details)
  76. [lldb][NFC] Actually test which method we call in (details)
  77. [MC][ARM] vscclrm disassembles as vldmia (details)
  78. [lldb] Print an error message for an empty subcommand (details)
  79. [Alignment][NFC] MaybeAlign in GVNExpression (details)
  80. [NFC][InstCombine] Revisit shift-by-signext tests (details)
  81. [clang-format] Reference qualifiers in member templates causing extra (details)
  82. [clangd] Support OverloadExpr in findExplicitReferences (details)
  83. [sancov][NFC] Make filename Regexes "const" (details)
  84. Revert r373056: [clang-format] Reference qualifiers in member templates (details)
  85. Revert r372893 "[CodeGen] Replace -max-jump-table-size with (details)
  86. [lldb] [testsuite] Remove redundant MAKE_DSYM := NO (details)
  87. [UpdateTestChecks] Fix wildcard support on DOS prompts (details)
  88. [SLPVectorizer][X86] Regenerate arith-fp tests (details)
  89. [NFC][ARM] Add some tail-predication tests (details)
  90. [clang-tidy] New check to warn when storing dispatch_once_t in (details)
  91. Moved -fblocks from an individual test to (details)
  92. [clangd] Handle type template parameters in findExplicitReferences (details)
  93. Fixed indentation in a ClangTidy test (details)
  94. Fix some swig warnings (details)
  95. Reland "gn build: (manually) merge r373028" (details)
  96. Disable the empty string check in TestDataFormatterStdString (details)

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