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  1. [test] Use system locale for mri-utf8.test (details)
  2. [Mips] Fix 374055 (details)
  3. Fix sanitizer lint check after r374315 (details)
  4. relax exception type checks (details)
  5. Revert "Use -fdebug-compilation-dir to form absolute paths in coverage (details)
  6. [Windows] Introduce a switch for the `lldb-server` mode on Windows (details)
  7. Fix -Wparentheses warning. NFCI. (details)
  8. [ADR] ArrayRefTest: disable SizeTSizedOperations test - it's UB. (details)
  9. [AST] ASTReader::ReadSLocEntry(): move computation of FirstDecl into the (details)
  10. [lld] getErrPlace(): don't perform arithmetics on maybe-null pointer (details)
  11. [Alignment][NFC] Make VectorUtils uas llvm::Align (details)
  12. File: Handle more cases in GetOptionsFromMode (details)
  13. Make nullptr check more robust (details)
  14. [Sanitizers] Fix getrandom test (details)
  15. [AArch64][x86] add tests for (v)select bit magic; NFC (details)
  16. [lldb] Make sure import-std-module/sysroot actually passes for the right (details)
  17. [ARM] VQADD instructions (details)
  18. MinidumpYAML: Add support for the memory info list stream (details)
  19. [LV][NFC] Factor out calculation of "best" estimated trip count. (details)
  20. [FileCheck] Implement --ignore-case option. (details)
  21. [DAGCombine] Match more patterns for half word bswap (details)
  22. Fix some dangling else warnings (details)
  23. Fix the unwinding plan augmentation from x86 assembly (details)
  24. [Tests] Output of od can be lower or upper case (llvm-objcopy/yaml2obj). (details)
  25. [llvm-readelf] - Do not enter an infinite loop when printing histogram. (details)
  26. [DAG][X86] Add isNegatibleForFree/GetNegatedExpression override (details)
  27. Fix OCaml/ fneg check (details)
  28. Revert "[AMDGPU] Run `unreachable-mbb-elimination` after isel to clean (details)
  29. Revert "[test] Use system locale for mri-utf8.test" (details)
  30. [lldb] Add log output for the support files we pass to the (details)
  31. [X86] combineFMADDSUB - Convert to use (details)
  32. [lldb] Fix minidebuginfo-set-and-hit-breakpoint.test (details)
  33. unwind-via-stack-win.yaml: update for changes in yaml format (details)
  34. Revert "[IRBuilder] Update IRBuilder::CreateFNeg(...) to return a (details)
  35. Fix OCaml/ fneg check (try 2) (details)
  36. [X86] combineFMA - Convert to use (details)
  37. Revert "Fix OCaml/ fneg check" (details)
  38. Revert "[Tests] Output of od can be lower or upper case (details)
  39. Revert "[FileCheck] Implement --ignore-case option." (details)
  40. [MCA] Show aggregate over Average Wait times for the whole snippet (details)
  41. [LLD][ELF] Fix stale comments about doing ICF (details)
  42. [OPENMP50]Register vendor name only once in vendor context selector. (details)
  43. Fix Wdocumentation warnings. NFCI. (details)
  44. [AMDGPU] Fixed dpp_combine.mir with expensive checks. NFC. (details)
  45. In openFileForRead don't cache erroneous entries if the error relates to (details)
  46. [BPF] Remove relocation for patchable externs (details)
  47. [Alignment][NFC] Use llv::Align in GISelKnownBits (details)
  48. [DAGCombiner] reduce code duplication; NFC (details)
  49. Increase timeout in to decrease chance of test failing (details)
  50. Fix assertions disabled builds after rL374367 (details)
  51. [Codegen] Alter the default promotion for saturating adds and subs (details)
  52. Use arrays on stack and avoid use of new and delete operators. (details)
  53. Increase timeout in pexpect to lower chances of tests failing under (details)
  54. [ARM] VQSUB instruction (details)
  55. [dsymutil] Move CommonSymbols.clear() in resetParserState. (details)
  56. Add GsymCreator and GsymReader. (details)
  57. [test] Trim the symbtab test case (NFC) (details)
  58. gn build: Merge r374381 (details)
  59. Reland "[ASan] Do not misrepresent high value address dereferences as (details)
  60. [test] Pass DSYMUTIL and SDKROOT as part of the Make invocation. (details)
  61. [test] Use a different module cache for Shell and API tests. (details)
  62. [OPENMP50]Support for declare variant directive for NVPTX target. (details)
  63. [lit] Make internal diff work in pipelines (details)
  64. [lit] Clean up internal diff's encoding handling (details)
  65. [lit] Extend internal diff to support `-` argument (details)
  66. gn build: merge r374381 more (effectively a no-op) (details)
  67. [lit] Extend internal diff to support -U (details)
  68. Implement serializing scripted breakpoints and their extra args. (details)
  69. gn build: restore tablegen restat optimization after r373664 (details)
  70. Unbreak windows buildbots. (details)
  71. [DAGCombiner] fold select-of-constants to shift (details)
  72. Unbreak  llvm-clang-lld-x86_64-scei-ps4-windows10pro-fast buildbot. (details)
  73. [clang-format] throws an incorrect assertion in consumeToken() (details)
  74. [lit] Move argument parsing/validation to separate file (details)
  75. Speed up accelerator table lookups (details)
  76. Remove CC autodetection from Makefile.rules (details)
  77. Re-land "Use -fdebug-compilation-dir to form absolute paths in coverage (details)
  78. Fix test to avoid check-not matching the temp file absolute path (details)
  79. [lit] Leverage argparse features to remove some code (details)
  80. Fix build by adding the missing dependency. (details)
  81. [libc++][test] Change IsSmallObject's calculation for std::any's small (details)
  82. Fix buildbots by using memset instead of bzero. (details)
  83. Unbreak buildbots. (details)
  84. Remove strings.h include to fix GSYM Windows build (details)
  85. Die, TABS, die, die, die, die... (details)
  86. Fix Windows build after r374381 (details)
  87. Remove merge marker :-) (details)
  88. Print quoted backslashes in LLVM IR as \\ instead of \5C (details)
  89. Update clang tests for new LLVM IR backslash printing in r374415 (details)
  90. fix for Python 3.6 (details)
  91. Fix one more clang test which didn't have \5C in it (details)
  92. [ARM] Fix arm_neon.h with -flax-vector-conversions=none, part 2. (details)
  93. [NFC][PowerPC]Clean up PPCAsmPrinter for TOC related pseudo opcode (details)
  94. win: Move Parallel.h off concrt to cross-platform code (details)
  95. update SBDebugger::SetInputFile() etc to work on native Files (details)
  96. update TestRunCommandInterpreterAPI to use SBFile (details)
  97. Revert r374392: "[lit] Extend internal diff to support -U" (details)
  98. Revert r374390: "[lit] Extend internal diff to support `-` argument" (details)
  99. Revert r374389: "[lit] Clean up internal diff's encoding handling" (details)
  100. [PowerPC][docs] Update IBM official docs in Compiler Writers Info page (details)
  101. Revert r374388: "[lit] Make internal diff work in pipelines" (details)
  102. [Docs] Update testing documentaton (details)
  103. [X86] Use packusdw+vpmovuswb to implement v16i32->V16i8 that clamps (details)
  104. [lit] Bring back `--threads` option alias (details)
  105. [test] Cleanup top-level (details)
  106. [test] Add timeout to API tests. (details)
  107. [x86] reduce duplicate test assertions; NFC (details)
  108. [OPENMP50]Support for 'master taskloop' directive. (details)
  109. [OPENMP]Update doc for supported constructs, NFC. (details)
  110. [ScanDeps] clang-format, 80 cols. (details)
  111. ADT: Save a word in every StringSet entry (details)
  112. [lit] Add comment explaining the LIT_OPTS env var overrides command line (details)
  113. [PDB] Fix bug when using multiple PCH header objects with the same name. (details)
  114. [MSVC] Automatically add atlmfc folder to include and libpath. (details)
  115. Fix process launch failure on FreeBSD after r365761 (details)
  116. Fix a documentation warning from GSYM commit. (details)
  117. [System Model] [TTI] Move default cache/prefetch implementations (details)
  118. [MemorySSA] Additional handling of unreachable blocks. (details)
  119. Add a missing include in test. (details)
  120. Add -fgnuc-version= to control __GNUC__ and other GCC macros (details)
  121. Fix __builtin_assume_aligned with too large values. (details)
  122. TestMTCSimple: Make Makefile portable. (details)
  123. [lit] Break main into smaller functions (details)
  124. [InstCombine] Add test case for PR43617 (NFC) (details)
  125. [ValueTracking] Improve pointer offset computation for cases of same (details)
  126. [AMDGPU] Handle undef old operand in DPP combine (details)
  127. Revert 374450 "Fix __builtin_assume_aligned with too large values." (details)
  128. Fix some errors in <arm_neon.h> tests that cause them to fail with lax (details)
  129. [GISel] Allow getConstantVRegVal() to return G_FCONSTANT values. (details)
  130. [X86] Add test cases for packus/ssat/usat 32i32->v32i8 test cases. NFC (details)
  131. [X86] Guard against leaving a dangling node in combineTruncateWithSat. (details)
  132. [test] Reduce inconsistency between lit configuration files. (details)
  133. [Make] Remove spurious line break (details)
  134. [GISel] Simplifying return from else in function. NFC (details)
  135. PR43629: Fix crash evaluating constexpr placement new on a subobject of (details)
  136. Fix help message for -ffp-contract (details)
  137. [lldb-test] Remove unused header (details)
  138. [tooling] Teach Tooling to understand compilation with offloading. (details)
  139. [MemorySSA] Update Phi simplification. (details)
  140. Fix check-interception link error in compiler-rt debug mode (details)
  141. Change test case so that it accepts backslashes in file path, in the (details)
  142. docs/DeveloperPolicy: Add instructions for requesting GitHub commit (details)
  143. [JITLink] Move MachO/x86 got test further down in the data section. (details)
  144. [JITLink] Add an initial implementation of JITLink for MachO/AArch64. (details)
  145. [tooling] Fix assertion on MacOSX. (details)
  146. Fix compilation warning due to typo. (details)
  147. [msan, NFC] Move option parsing into constructor (details)
  148. [tsan,msan] Insert module constructors in a module pass (details)
  149. gn build: Merge r374476 (details)
  150. Clean up format in cmake file (details)
  151. Move most CXXRecordDecl::DefinitionData bit-fields out into a separate (details)
  152. [X86] Update trunc_packus_v32i32_v32i8 test in min-legal-vector-width.ll (details)
  153. [X86] Improve the AVX512 bailout in combineTruncateWithSat to allow pack (details)
  154. Include whether the destructor is constexpr in -ast-dump output for a (details)
  155. [Stats] Add ALWAYS_ENABLED_STATISTIC enabled regardless of (details)
  156. Get ClangdXPC.framework building (barely) with CMake's Xcode generator (details)
  157. AMDGPU: Move SelectFlatOffset back into AMDGPUISelDAGToDAG (details)
  158. Fix assertion failure for a cv-qualified array as a non-type template (details)
  159. [Stats] Fix polly build due to change in llvm::Statistic constructor in (details)
  160. [Attributor][FIX] Do not replace musstail calls with constant (details)
  161. [JITLink] Fix MachO/arm64 GOTPAGEOFF encoding. (details)
  162. [JITLink] Disable the MachO/AArch64 testcase while investigating bot (details)
  163. [Stats] More polly fixes following llvm::Statistic changes in r374490. (details)
  164. [CUDA][HIP} Add a test for constexpr default ctor (details)
  165. Revert 374481 "[tsan,msan] Insert module constructors in a module pass" (details)
  166. [Polly] Fix formatting violation. NFC. (details)
  167. [X86] Add more packus/ssat/usat truncate tests from legal vectors to (details)
  168. [CVP] Remove a masking operation if range information implies it's a (details)
  169. [X86] Add test case for trunc_packus_v16i32_v16i8_store to (details)
  170. [X86] Add a DAG combine to turn v16i16->v16i8 VTRUNCUS+store into a (details)
  171. [libc++] Fix linker script generation (details)
  172. [InstCombine] recognize popcount. (details)
  173. [NFC] run specific pass instead of whole -O3 pipeline for popcount (details)
  174. [PowerPC] Remove assertion "Shouldn't overwrite a register before it is (details)
  175. [X86] Always define the tzcnt intrinsics even when _MSC_VER is defined. (details)
  176. Fix modules build for r374337 (details)
  177. [ADT][Statistics] Fix test after rL374490 (details)
  178. [X86] Add v8i64->v8i8 ssat/usat/packus truncate tests to (details)
  179. [TableGen] Fix a bug that MCSchedClassDesc is interfered between (details)
  180. [lldb] Fix crash in CxxModuleHandler when std module is empty (details)
  181. [LLDB] [Driver] Use llvm::InitLLVM to do unicode argument conversion on (details)
  182. Insert module constructors in a module pass (details)
  183. [Windows] Use information from the PE32 exceptions directory to (details)
  184. ProcessInstanceInfoMatch: Don't match processes with no name if a name (details)
  185. minidump: Use llvm memory info list parser (details)
  186. [llvm-exegesis] Show noise cluster in analysis output. (details)
  187. [X86] isFNEG - add recursion depth limit (details)
  188. [SCEV] Add stricter verification option. (details)
  189. [LLDB] [lldb-server] Use llvm::InitLLVM for doing unicode conversion of (details)
  190. [FileCheck] Implement --ignore-case option. (details)
  1. Moved a few builders to use UnifiedTreeBuilder. (details)
  2. Updated llvm-clang-lld-x86_64-scei-ps4-ubuntu-fast and (details)

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