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  1. [AMDGPU] Come back patch for the 'Assign register class for cross block (details)
  2. Revert "Add a pass to lower is.constant and objectsize intrinsics" (details)
  3. DWARFExpression: Fix/add support for (v4) debug_loc base address (details)
  4. [DebugInfo] Fix truncation of call site immediates (details)
  5. [llvm-size] Tidy up error messages (PR42970) (details)
  6. [AArch64] Stackframe accesses to SVE objects. (details)
  7. [Alignment][NFC] Move and type functions from MathExtras to Alignment (details)
  8. [RISCV] enable LTO support, pass some options to linker. (details)
  9. [CostModel][X86] Add CTPOP scalar costs (PR43656) (details)
  10. minidump: Use yaml for memory info tests (details)
  11. [ARM] Add some VMOVN tests. NFC (details)
  12. [libc++][test] Silence more warnings in variant tests (details)
  13. [x86] add tests for possible select to sra transforms; NFC (details)
  14. Revert r374771 "[llvm-size] Tidy up error messages (PR42970)" (details)
  15. [ARM] Selection for MVE VMOVN (details)
  16. [IRBuilder] Update IRBuilder::CreateFNeg(...) to return a UnaryOperator (details)
  17. [x86] adjust select to sra tests; NFC (details)
  18. Reapply r374743 with a fix for the ocaml binding (details)
  19. [ARM] Preserve fpu behaviour for '-crypto' (details)
  20. [CostModel][X86] Add CTLZ scalar costs (details)
  21. [OPENMP]Fix codegen for private variably length vars in combined (details)
  22. XCOFFObjectWriter - silence static analyzer dyn_cast<> null dereference (details)
  23. BitsInit::resolveReferences - silence static analyzer null dereference (details)
  24. [NVPTX] Restructure shfl instrinsics and add variants that return a (details)
  25. [OPENMP50]Add support for 'parallel master taskloop' construct. (details)
  26. [llvm-profdata] Weaken "malformed-ptr-to-counter-array.test" to appease (details)
  27. Reapply: [llvm-size] Tidy up error messages (PR42970) (details)
  28. Add FMF to vector ops for phi (details)
  29. [llvm-objdump] Adjust spacing and field width for --section-headers (details)
  30. Fix copy-pasto in r374759 (details)
  31. [libc++][test] Add license headers to test/support/archetypes.* (details)
  32. [clang][IFS] Escape mangled names so  MS ABI doesn't break YAML parsing. (details)
  33. [clangd] Improve semantic highlighting in dependent contexts (fixes (details)
  34. AMDGPU: Remove unnecessary IR from test (details)
  35. AMDGPU: Fix redundant setting of m0 for atomic load/store (details)
  36. [ThinLTO] Fix printing of NoInline function summary flag (details)
  37. Fix test breakage caused by r374424 (details)
  38. [clang][IFS][test] Fixing lit test breakages on macOS due to r374798 (details)
  39. [libc++][test] Portability fix for std::any tests (details)
  40. [Tests] Add a few more tests for idioms with FP induction variables (details)
  41. [ASan] Fix IRTests/InstructionsTest.UnaryOperator (details)
  42. [OPNEMP]Allow grainsize clause in combined task-based directives. (details)
  43. [LoopIdiom] BCmp: loop exit count must not be wider than size_t that (details)
  44. [Tests] Add a test demonstrating a miscompile in the off-by-default (details)
  45. [lit] Extend internal diff to support -U (details)
  46. [clang-scan-deps] Support for clang --analyze in clang-scan-deps (details)
  47. remove FILE* usage from ReportEventState() and HandleProcessEvent() (details)
  48. uint32_t options -> File::OpenOptions options (details)
  49. [InstCombine] add tests for select/shift transforms; NFC (details)
  50. [OPNEMP]Allow num_tasks clause in combined task-based directives. (details)
  51. remove FILE* bindings from SBInstruction. (details)
  52. [NFC] Fix ClangScanDeps/static-analyzer.c test on Windows (details)
  53. Add support to -Wa,-W in clang (details)
  54. [lit] Create Run object later and only when it is needed (details)
  55. build fix for SBInstruction. (details)
  56. PR43080: Do not build context-sensitive expressions during name (details)
  57. [Modules Build] Add missing dependency. (details)
  58. [InstCombine] fold a shifted bool zext to a select (details)
  59. [update_mir_test_checks] Handle MI flags properly (details)
  60. DebugInfo: Remove unnecessary/mistaken inclusion of (details)
  61. [ARM][AsmParser] handles offset expression in parentheses (details)
  62. Revert "Add support to -Wa,-W in clang" (details)
  63. Add support to -Wa,-W in clang (details)
  64. [Tests] Add a SCEV analysis test for llvm.widenable.condition (details)
  65. [test] Fix test failure (details)
  66. [clang] add requirements to -Wa,-W test cases. (details)
  67. In the new pass manager use PTO.LoopUnrolling to determine when and how (details)
  68. Add -fno-experimental-pass-manager to make clear which pass manager (details)
  69. [Modules][PCH] Hash input files content (details)
  70. Temporarily Revert [Modules][PCH] Hash input files content as it's (details)
  71. Revert "Dead Virtual Function Elimination" (details)
  72. fix (details)
  73. [lit] Add argument check: --timeout must be non-negative integer (details)
  74. [X86] Add encoding tests for avx512pf vgatherpf/vscatterpf instructions. (details)
  75. [X86] Teach X86MCodeEmitter to properly encode zmm16-zmm31 as index (details)
  76. [MemorySSA] Update for partial unswitch. (details)
  77. Revert [InstCombine] fold a shifted bool zext to a select (details)
  78. Revert "fix" (details)
  79. [lldb-server/android] Show more processes by relaxing some checks (details)
  80. [libc++][test] Use <version> to get config on MSVC (details)
  81. [WebAssembly] Trapping fptoint builtins and intrinsics (details)
  82. [RISCV] Support fast calling convention (details)
  83. Revert [SROA] Reuse existing lifetime markers if possible (details)
  84. [X86] Don't check for VBROADCAST_LOAD being a user of the source of a (details)
  85. Fix TestDisassemble_VST1_64 (details)
  86. [Format] Add machine-readable SPDX license ID to clang-format.el (details)
  87. [Demangle] Add a few more options to the microsoft demangler (details)
  88. [LLDB] [Windows] Initial support for ARM64 register contexts (details)
  89. [LLDB] [PECOFF] Use a "pc" vendor name in aarch64 triples (details)
  90. tsan: fix Go ppc64le build (details)
  91. [LLD] [COFF] Wrap file location pair<StringRef,int> in Optional<>. NFC. (details)
  92. [MIPS GlobalISel] Refactor MipsRegisterBankInfo [NFC] (details)
  93. Change Comments SmallVector to std::vector in DebugLocStream [NFC] (details)
  94. [MIPS GlobalISel] Add MSA registers to fprb. Select vector load, store (details)
  95. [LLD] [COFF] Fix -Wmissing-field-initializers warnings. NFC. (details)
  96. [LLD] [COFF] Update a leftover comment after SVN r374869. NFC. (details)
  97. [llvm-locstats] Fix 'only params' no entry value stats (details)
  98. Fix uninitialized variable warnings. NFCI. (details)
  99. [DebugInfo] Remove some users of DBG_VALUEs IsIndirect field (details)
  100. [X86] Resolve KnownUndef/KnownZero bits into target shuffle masks in (details)
  101. [DebugInfo] Add interface for pre-calculating the size of emitted DWARF (details)
  102. [Alignment][NFC] Remove dependency on (details)
  103. [DebugInfo] Add a DW_OP_LLVM_entry_value operation (details)
  104. [Concepts] Concept Specialization Expressions (details)
  105. gn build: Merge r374882 (details)
  106. [Alignment] Migrate Attribute::getWith(Stack)Alignment (details)
  107. [clang-tools-extra] Fix overzealous linking of dylib to clangTidy (details)
  108. [InstCombine] fold a shifted bool zext to a select (2nd try) (details)
  109. [ARM][MVE] validForTailPredication insts (details)
  110. [Windows][NFC] Fix tests after r374528. (details)
  111. [Alignment][NFC] Value::getPointerAlignment returns MaybeAlign (details)
  112. [lld] Check for branch range overflows. (details)
  113. [clangd] Propagate main context into ClangdServer (details)
  114. [AST] Remove unused Sema includes to fix a cyclic dependency from Sema (details)
  115. [AsmPrinter] Fix unused variable warning in Release builds. NFC. (details)
  116. Reapply: [Modules][PCH] Hash input files content (details)
  117. a test commit access (details)
  118. revert git test commit (details)
  119. Revert 374882 "[Concepts] Concept Specialization Expressions" (details)
  120. gn build: Merge r374899 (details)
  121. [clangd][NFC] Update comments to use triple-slashes (details)
  122. [DAGCombiner] fold select-of-constants based on sign-bit test (details)
  123. [Concepts] Concept Specialization Expressions (details)
  124. gn build: Merge r374903 (details)
  125. Skip PExpect tests under ASAN, I can't get them to work reliably. (details)
  126. Increase gdbremote_testcase timeouts when running under ASAN. (details)
  127. [Concepts] Remove unused and illegal Sema includes from ExprCXX.cpp (details)
  128. [AMDGPU] Allow DPP combiner to work with REG_SEQUENCE (details)
  129. CFI: wrong type passed to llvm.type.test with multiple inheritance (details)
  130. [AMDGPU] Support mov dpp with 64 bit operands (details)
  131. SBFile::GetFile: convert SBFile back into python native files. (details)
  132. convert SBDebugger::***FileHandle() wrappers to native files. (details)
  133. [lld][WebAssembly] Fix static linking of -fPIC code with external (details)
  134. [AIX][XCOFF] Output XCOFF object text section header and symbol entry (details)
  135. [llvm-profdata] Remove (details)
  136. eliminate virtual methods from PythonDataObjects (details)
  137. [VirtualFileSystem] Support virtual working directory in the (details)
  138. [MemorySSA] Update DomTree before applying MSSA updates. (details)
  139. [libomptarget][nfc] Make interface.h target independent (details)
  140. [NewGVN] Check that call has an access. (details)
  141. Add more information to JSON AST dumping of source locations. (details)
  142. [X86] Make memcmp() use PTEST if possible and also enable AVX1 (details)
  143. [XCOFF] Output object text section header and symbol entry for program (details)
  144. remove FILE* usage from SBStream.i (details)
  145. [libc] Do not add unittests if LLVM_INCLUDE_TESTS is OFF. (details)
  146. Reland [Driver] Fix -working-directory issues (details)
  147. [llvm-profdata] Reinstate (details)
  148. [X86] combineX86ShufflesRecursively - split the getTargetShuffleInputs (details)
  149. Fix Driver/working-directory.c test (details)
  150. [test] Update YAML mapping in VirtualFileSystemTest (details)
  151. [llvm-objdump] Use a counter for llvm-objdump -h instead of the section (details)
  152. [clang] refactor -Wa,-W test cases. (details)
  153. [WebAssembly] Allow multivalue types in block signature operands (details)
  154. Added support for "#pragma clang section relro=<name>" (details)
  155. Revert "[VirtualFileSystem] Support virtual working directory in the (details)
  156. Fix as-w-option.c on Windows where no assembler exists (details)
  157. [Clang][OpenMP Offload] Move offload registration code to the wrapper (details)
  158. [Concept] Associated Constraints Infrastructure (details)
  159. [WebAssembly] Elide data segments for .bss sections (details)
  160. [llvm-readobj][xcoff] implement parsing overflow section header. (details)
  161. [OPENMP]Allow final clause in combined task-based directives. The (details)
  162. [OPENMP]Fix comments/params, NFC. (details)
  163. AMDGPU: Fix infinite searches in SIFixSGPRCopies (details)
  164. [llvm-lipo] Add missing cast (details)
  165. [XCOFF]implement parsing relocation information for 32-bit xcoff object (details)
  166. [lit] Add back LitTestCase (details)
  167. [JITLink] Switch to slab allocation for InProcessMemoryManager, (details)
  168. [Docs] Updates sidebar links and sets max-width property for div.body (details)
  169. [Orc] Add a method for ObjectLinkingLayer to return ownership of object (details)
  170. Remove unnecessary and inappropriate forward-declaration of Sema from (details)
  171. [lldb] Creates _liblldb symlink from cmake (details)
  172. PR43674: fix incorrect constant evaluation of 'switch' where no case (details)
  173. [Reland][VirtualFileSystem] Support virtual working directory in the (details)
  174. [dsymutil] Support and relocate base address selection entries for (details)
  175. [ASan] Refine diagnoses messages (details)
  1. Added UnifiedTreeBuilder.getLLVMBuildFactoryAndPrepareForSourcecodeSteps (details)
  2. Redefine API so it would not assume SVN. (details)
  3. Sanitize kwargs in (details)
  4. Change SphinxDocsBuilder to use UnifiedTreeBuilder. (details)
  5. Removed always failing builder 'clang-x86_64-linux-selfhost-modules'. (details)
  6. Refactored ClangLTOBuilder to support github. (details)

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