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  1. [AutoUpgrade] Simplify code (details)
  2. [clangd] Enforce trailing slash for remote index's project root (details)
  3. [lldb] thread index common completion for commands like `thread select/step-over` (details)
  4. [DebugInfo] Refactor .debug_macro checks. NFCI (details)
  5. [DebugInfo] Introduce GNU macro extension entry encodings (details)
  6. [DebugInfo] Allow GNU macro extension to be read (details)
  7. [AST][RecoveryExpr] Don't preserve the return type if the FunctionDecl is invalid. (details)
  8. Fix Wdocumentation unknown param warning. NFC. (details)
  9. Fix Wdocumentation unknown param warnings. NFC. (details)
  10. [SVE][CodeGen] Legalisation of INSERT_VECTOR_ELT for scalable vectors (details)
  11. [LLD][ELF] - Update and fix gnu-ifunc* tests. (details)
  12. [SCEV] ] If RHS >= Start, simplify (Start smax RHS) to RHS for trip counts. (details)
  13. [lldb] watchpoint ID common completion for commands `watchpoint delete/enable/disable/modify/ignore` (details)
  14. [lldb] Add SubstTemplateTypeParm to RemoveWrappingTypes (details)
  15. [clang-format] use spaces for alignment of binary/ternary expressions with UT_AlignWithSpaces (details)
  16. [X86][SSE] Add tests for HOP(LOSUBVECTOR(SHUFFLE(X)),HISUBVECTOR(SHUFFLE(X))) patterns (details)
  17. [X86][SSE] Add tests for 256-bit HOP(SHUFFLE(X,Y),SHUFFLE(X,Y)) --> SHUFFLE(HOP(X,Y)) patterns (details)

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