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  1. [OpenMP] Added codegen for masked directive (detail)
  2. [RISCV] Share RVInstIShift and RVInstIShiftW instruction format classes with the B extension. (detail)
  3. [flang][OpenMP] Remove `OmpEndLoopDirective` handles from code. (detail)
  4. [Hexagon] Avoid infinite loops in type legalization when lowering SETCC (detail)
  5. [mlir] Add support for adding attribute+type traits/interfaces to tablegen defs (detail)
  6. [mlir] Add helpers to set lbs, ubs, steps for linalg.tiled_loop. (detail)
  7. [AMDGPU] Move LDS lowering related utility functions to a separate utils file. (detail)
  8. [mlir] Expose `updateBoundsForCyclicDistribution` in Linalg/Utils.h. (detail)
  9. [mlir] Add verification for `linalg.tiled_loop` op. (detail)
  10. [gn build] Port 82787eb2285d (detail)
  11. [clang-format] Option for empty lines after an access modifier. (detail)
  12. [AMDGPU] Add new EmitDstSel field to VOPPofile. NFC. (detail)
  13. [VPlan] Replace a few unnecessary includes with forward decls. (detail)
  14. [clang] [AArch64] Fix handling of HFAs passed to Windows variadic functions (detail)
  15. [mlir][AsmPrinter] Fix multi-threaded segfault by using explicit null stream per thread (detail)
  16. [libcxx][NFC] removes IndentRequires from .clang-format (detail)
  17. [AMDGPU] Factor out predicate FmaakFmamkF32Insts (detail)
  18. [TableGen] Reduce the number of map lookups in TypeSetByHwMode::getOrCreate. NFCI (detail)
  19. [scudo][standalone] Fuchsia related fixes (detail)
  20. [AST] Add a print method to Introspection LocationCall (detail)
  21. [AST][Introspection] Add a check to detect if introspection is supported. (detail)
  22. [LLDB] Use path relative to binary for finding .dwo files. (detail)
  23. [mlir][scf] NFC - Add a getIterOpOperands helper to scf::ForOp (detail)
  24. [clang][AArch64] Correctly align HFA arguments when passed on the stack (detail)
  25. [InferAttrs] Do not mark first argument of str(n)cat as writeonly. (detail)
  26. [mlir][vector][avx] add AVX dot product to X86Vector dialect with lowering (detail)
  27. [AST] Fix location call storage with common last-invocation (detail)
  28. [OpenMP5][DOCS] Update status of masked construct and correct the color (detail)
  29. NFC: Add missing matcher for test method (detail)
  30. [lldb] Raise a CrashLogParseException when failing to parse JSON crashlog (detail)
  31. [sanitizer] Simplify GetTls with dl_iterate_phdr on Linux and use it on musl/FreeBSD (detail)
  32. [OpenMP] Add info for device table changes (detail)
  33. NFC: Add a simple test for introspection call formatting (detail)
  34. s/setGenerator/addGenerator/ in the JIT docs. NFC (detail)
  35. [mlir][NFC] Add a using directive for llvm::SetVector (detail)
  36. [mlir] Add support for walking locations similarly to Operations (detail)
  37. [dfsan] Add test for origin tracking stack traces (detail)
  38. Add support for numpy arrays to memref conversions. (detail)
  39. [NFC][NewPM] Remove some AnalysisManager invalidate methods (detail)
  40. [libcxx] adds `std::indirectly_readable_traits` to <iterator> (detail)
  41. Implemented [[clang::musttail]] attribute for guaranteed tail calls. (detail)
  42. Revert "[LLDB] Use path relative to binary for finding .dwo files." (detail)
  43. [dfsan] Remove hard-coded constant in release_shadow_space.c (detail)
  44. [LangRef] clarify the semantics of nocapture (detail)
  45. [LangRef] fix unexepcted unindent errror (detail)
  46. Add triple to fix test failure. (detail)
  47. [lld-macho] LTO: Unset VisibleToRegularObj where possible (detail)
  48. [lld-macho] Re-root absolute input file paths if -syslibroot is specified (detail)
  49. [lld-macho] Add support for arm64_32 (detail)
  50. [lld-macho] Add 32-bit compact unwind support (detail)
  51. [lld-macho] Make load relaxation work for arm64_32 (detail)
  52. [lld-macho] Don't use arrays as template parameters (detail)
  53. [gn build] Port 3bc88eb3924f (detail)
  54. [Polly] Fix PM invalidate usage after D100519 (detail)
  55. [LangRef] formatting (detail)
  56. [LICM][NFC] Fix typo (detail)
  57. [MLGO] Fix use of AM.invalidate post D100519 (detail)
  58. [AMDGPU] Refactor ds_read/ds_write related select code for better readability. (detail)
  59. [libcxx] adds `cpp17-.*iterator` concepts for iterator_traits (detail)
  60. Don't refer to allocation map entry after deallocating it (detail)
  61. Fix tile-and-pad when padding doesn't span all dimension (detail)
  62. [RISCV] Don't emit save-restore call if function is a interrupt handler (detail)

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