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  1. Step-by-step instructions for a new worker (detail)

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  1. [MLIR] ODS TypeDef documentation (detail)
  2. [X86] Sort the tables before printing in X86FoldTablesEmitter. (detail)
  3. [MLIR] ODS TypeDefs: getChecked() and internal enhancements (detail)
  4. [ORC] Remove OrcV1 APIs. (detail)
  5. [ORC] Add support for resource tracking/removal (removable code). (detail)
  6. [ORC][examples] Update Kaleidoscope and BuildingAJIT tutorial series to OrcV2. (detail)
  7. [gn build] Port 0aec49c8531 (detail)
  8. [gn build] Port 6154c4115cd (detail)
  9. [PrologEpilogInserter] Reduce PR16393 test and fix a prologue parameter in a debuginfo test (detail)
  10. [PowerPC] Skip combining (uint_to_fp x) if x is not simple type (detail)
  11. [mlir] Allow space literals (` `) in assemblyFormat. (detail)
  12. [PrologEpilogInserter] Fix prolog-params.mir (detail)
  13. [mlir][gpu] NFC: Make room for more than one GPU rewrite pattern. (detail)
  14. [NFC][SCEV] Use getMinusOne where possible (detail)
  15. [Test] Add one more SCEV range test (detail)
  16. [SVE][AArch64] Replace TypeSize comparisons with their integer equivalents (detail)
  17. [SVE][CodeGen] Replace uses of TypeSize comparison operators (detail)
  18. [ORC] Add a missing '&'. (detail)
  19. [ORC] Move SimpleResourceManager function object inits out of constructor. (detail)
  20. [SVE] Replace TypeSize comparison operators in llvm/utils/TableGen (detail)
  21. [examples] Fix Kaleidoscope-Ch3, which was broken by ad92f16ccc5. (detail)
  22. [SVE][CodeGen][NFC] Replace TypeSize comparison operators with their scalar equivalents (detail)
  23. [clang-rename] Fix rename on function template specializations. (detail)
  24. [examples] Fix test: Kaleidoscope Chapter 4 no longer supports redefinition. (detail)
  25. [SVE][CodeGen] Replace more TypeSize comparison operators with their scalar equivalents (detail)
  26. [clang-rename] Fix rename on variable templates. (detail)
  27. [OpenMP][MLIR] Fix for nested parallel regions (detail)
  28. [NFC][SCEV] Rename SCEVCastExpr into SCEVIntegralCastExpr (detail)
  29. [TableGen] Remove test case (detail)
  30. [lldb] Make DW_AT_declaration-with-children.s test more realistic (detail)
  31. [ARM][SchedModels] Convert IsPredicatedPred to MCSchedPredicate (detail)
  32. [ORC] Move MaterializationResponsibility methods to ExecutionSession. (detail)
  33. [ORC] Move DefinitionGenerator out of JITDylib. (detail)
  34. [ORC] Update Symbol Lookup / DefinitionGenerator system. (detail)
  35. [ORC] Fix a memory leak in the OrcV2 C API (and some comment typos). (detail)
  36. [ORC] Add a C API function to set the ExecutionSession error reporter. (detail)
  37. [ORC] Add C API functions to obtain and clear the symbol string pool. (detail)
  38. [ORC] Fix C API function name. (detail)
  39. [ORC] Rename LLVMOrcJITDylibDefinitionGeneratorRef. (detail)
  40. [ORC] Add basic ResourceTracker support to the OrcV2 C Bindings. (detail)
  41. [ORC] Add an OrcV2 ResourceTracker / Removable-code example. (detail)
  42. [Support] Add a C-API function to create a StringError instance. (detail)
  43. [ORC] Add support for custom generators to the C bindings. (detail)
  44. [ORC] Add C API support for defining absolute symbols. (detail)
  45. [ORC] Add function to get pool entry string. (detail)
  46. [ORC] Break up C-API header Orc.h, and add JITEventListener support. (detail)
  47. [mlir] Use `let arguments =` syntax instead of inheritance in LLVM dialect (detail)
  48. [VE] Update ISel patterns for select instruction (detail)
  49. [VE] Support br_cc comparing fp128 (detail)
  50. [VE] Add LSV/LVS/LVM/SVM instructions (detail)
  51. [VE] Add VBRD/VMV instructions (detail)
  52. [VE] Support select_cc (detail)
  53. Fix build issue caused by f693f915a07eca94a3faeadc3b5dad59fc0eb1de (detail)
  54. [InstCombine] Add vectors-with-undef tests for and(logicalshift(1,X),1) --> zext(X == 0) (detail)
  55. [InstCombine] Support vectors-with-undef in and(logicalshift(1,X),1) --> zext(X == 0) fold (detail)
  56. [clangd] Add $/memoryUsage LSP extension (detail)
  57. Revert "[PM/CC1] Add -f[no-]split-cold-code CC1 option to toggle splitting" (detail)
  58. [nfc] [lldb] Move LookupAddress to DWARFCompileUnit (detail)
  59. Fix MSVC "not all control paths return a value" warning. NFCI. (detail)
  60. [InstCombine] Add (icmp eq B, 0) | (icmp ult A, B) -> (icmp ule A, B-1) vector tests (detail)
  61. [mlir] Refactored BufferPlacement transformation. (detail)

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