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  1. [LangRef] clarify the semantics of nocapture (details)
  2. [LangRef] fix unexepcted unindent errror (details)
  3. Add triple to fix test failure. (details)
  4. [lld-macho] LTO: Unset VisibleToRegularObj where possible (details)
  5. [lld-macho] Re-root absolute input file paths if -syslibroot is specified (details)
  6. [lld-macho] Add support for arm64_32 (details)
  7. [lld-macho] Add 32-bit compact unwind support (details)
  8. [lld-macho] Make load relaxation work for arm64_32 (details)
  9. [lld-macho] Don't use arrays as template parameters (details)
  10. [gn build] Port 3bc88eb3924f (details)
  11. [Polly] Fix PM invalidate usage after D100519 (details)
  12. [LangRef] formatting (details)
  13. [LICM][NFC] Fix typo (details)
  14. [MLGO] Fix use of AM.invalidate post D100519 (details)
  15. [AMDGPU] Refactor ds_read/ds_write related select code for better readability. (details)

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