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  1. Recommit "[InstSimplify] Remove select ?, undef, X -> X and select ?, X, undef -> X transforms" and its follow up patches (details)
  2. Fix signed/unsigned comparison warnings. NFC. (details)
  3. [GlobalISel] Implement bit-test switch table optimization. (details)
  4. [WebAssembly] Don't depend on the flags set by handleTargetFeatures in initFeatureMap. (details)
  5. [SVE][VLS] Don't combine logical AND. (details)
  6. [InstCombine] Sanitize undef vector constant to 1 in  X*(2^C) with X << C (PR47133) (details)
  7. [NFC][InstCombine] Add FIXME's for getLogBase2() / visitUDivOperand() (details)
  8. [clang] Check `expr` inside `InitListChecker::UpdateStructuredListElement()` (details)
  9. [libc][obvious] Remove the unused file utils/CPP/StringRef.h. (details)
  10. [WebAssembly] Fixed memory.init always using 64-bit ptr (details)
  11. PR47138: Don't crash if the preferred alignment of an invalid record (details)
  12. [flang][msvc] Tell windows.h to not define min/max macros. (details)
  13. [Target] Cache the command line derived feature map in TargetOptions. (details)
  14. [InstCombine] add test for 'not' vs 'xor'; NFC (details)
  15. [InstCombine] prefer xor with -1 because 'not' is easier to understand (PR32706) (details)
  16. [InstSimplify] Add tests for icmp of min/max with constants (NFC) (details)
  17. [ValueTracking] Support min/max intrinsics in computeConstantRange() (details)
  18. [lld][WebAssembly] Emit all return types of multivalue functions (details)
  19. [Sanitizer] Fix segfaults during unwinding on SystemZ (details)
  20. [InstSimplify] Extract abs intrinsic tests into separate file (NFC) (details)
  21. [InstSimplify] Add additional abs intrinsic icmp tests (NFC) (details)
  22. [ValueTracking] Add abs intrinsics support to computeConstantRange() (details)
  23. Build a flat LLDB.framework for embedded Darwin targets (details)
  24. [libcxx][test] Fix a -Wstring-concatenation warning in fuzzer_test.h (details)
  25. [lldb] Fix unit test parsing to handle CR+LF as well as LF (details)
  26. [MLIR][NFC] Remove tblgen:: prefix in TableGen/*.cpp files (details)
  27. [flang][msvc] Remove default arguments for function specializations. (details)
  28. [NFC][MLIR][OpenMP] Add comments and test for OpenMP enum declaration utility (details)
  29. [Coverage] Enable emitting gap area between macros (details)
  30. [PowerPC]  Implement Vector Shift Builtins (details)
  31. [lldb] Fix relative imports and set the appropriate include dirs (details)
  32. PR47143: Don't crash while constant-evaluating value-initialization of (details)
  33. Remove DialectHooks and introduce a Dialect Interfaces instead (details)
  34. Merge OpFolderDialectInterface with DialectFoldInterface (NFC) (details)
  35. [AMDGPU] Fix crash when dag-combining bitcast (details)
  36. [mlir][Type] Remove the remaining usages of Type::getKind in preparation for its removal (details)
  37. [lld-macho] Support dynamic linking of thread-locals (details)
  38. [lld-macho] Generate ObjC symbols from .tbd files (details)
  39. [lld-macho] Avoid unnecessary shared_ptr in DylibFile ctor (details)
  40. [lld-macho] Add error handling for malformed TBD files (details)
  41. [lld-macho] Support larger dylib symbol ordinals in bindings (details)
  42. [lld-macho] Implement -force_load (details)
  43. [lld-macho] Support -rpath (details)
  44. [macho2yaml] Remove an unused variable. NFC. (details)

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