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Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-zorg.git)

  1. [lldb] Run the shell test for Xcode's standalone build (detail)
  2. [lldb] Pass the right args to --target and --build (detail)
  3. [lldb] Use check-lldb for Xcode tests (detail)
  4. [lldb] Only run the shell test for the Xcode standalone build (detail)
  5. [lldb] Add lldb reproducer test stage (detail)
  6. Fix missing '\' in pipeline (detail)
  7. Build fewer architectures on specialized LLDB builders (detail)
  8. Fix syntax error (detail)
  9. Fix more syntax errors (detail)
  10. Bump Android NDK version to r21. (detail)
  11. Revert "Bump Android NDK version to r21." (detail)
  12. Switch lldb-x86_64-debian to python3 (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. Replace CLANG_SPAWN_CC1 env var with a driver mode flag (detail)
  2. Revert "[mlir] Create a gpu.module operation for the GPU Dialect." (detail)
  3. [ELF] -r: don't create .interp (detail)
  4. [Transforms][RISCV] Remove a "using namespace llvm" from an include (detail)
  5. Work around PR43337: don't try to use the vec_sel overloads for vector (detail)
  6. PR17164: Change clang's default behavior from (detail)
  7. Fix pack deduction to only deduce the arity of packs that are actually (detail)
  8. PR42694 Support explicit(bool) in older language modes as an extension. (detail)
  9. Add extra test file forgotten in 45d7080. (detail)
  10. Add __warn_memset_zero_len builtin as a workaround for glibc issue (detail)
  11. [libcxx] Use mtx_plain | mtx_recursive following C11 API (detail)
  12. [ELF] Avoid false-positive assert in getErrPlace() (detail)
  13. [OpenMP][Tool] Fix memory leak and double-allocation (detail)
  14. Revert "[OPENMP]Do not use RTTI by default for NVPTX devices." (detail)
  15. Revert "Allow system header to provide their own implementation of some (detail)
  16. Revert 9007f06af0e "Revert "Allow system header to provide their own (detail)
  17. [ELF] Allow R_PLT_PC (R_PC) to a hidden undefined weak symbol (detail)
  18. nop change to test the buildkite trigger (detail)
  19. [clang-format] Expand the SpacesAroundConditions option to include catch (detail)
  20. [StackColoring] Remap FixedStackPseudoSourceValue frame index referenced (detail)
  21. [HIP] use GetProgramPath for executable discovery (detail)
  22. [PATCH] Reland [Clang] Un-break scan-build after integrated-cc1 change (detail)
  23. [AArch64] Don't rename registers with pseudo defs in Ld/St opt. (detail)
  24. [InstCombine] Fix worklist management in DSE (PR44552) (detail)
  25. [PGO][PGSO] Update BFI in CodeGenPrepare::optimizeSelectInst. (detail)
  26. [clang-tidy] Disable Checks on If constexpr statements in template (detail)
  27. [SLP] Add a test showing miscompilation in AltOpcode support (detail)
  28. [SLP] Don't allow Div/Rem as alternate opcodes (detail)
  29. [mlir] Fix compilation with VS2019. (detail)
  30. [cmake] Fix clang builds with BUILD_SHARED=ON and (detail)
  31. Revert "[cmake] Fix clang builds with BUILD_SHARED=ON and (detail)
  32. Clang] Fix expansion of response files in -Wp after integrated-cc1 (detail)
  33. [LLD][COFF] Enable linking of __declspec(selectany) symbols from Clang (detail)
  34. [RISCV] Fix evaluating %pcrel_lo against global and weak symbols (detail)
  35. [test] Fix lld/test/ELF/riscv-pcrel-hilo-error.s after D73211 (detail)
  36. [Sema] Avoid Wrange-loop-analysis false positives (detail)
  37. Revert "PR17164: Change clang's default behavior from (detail)
  38. Update documentation and release notes to match the state of (detail)
  39. [ELF] --no-dynamic-linker: don't emit undefined weak symbols to .dynsym (detail)
  40. [clang][IFS][test] Temporary work around for in-process cc1 ASAN issues. (detail)
  41. [Clang][IFS][Test] Work around in-process cc1 ASAN issues #2. (detail)
  42. [Concepts] Fix ConceptSpecializationExpr profiling crash (detail)
  43. Remove redundant CXXScopeSpec from TemplateIdAnnotation. (detail)
  44. [Concepts] Requires Expressions (detail)
  45. [Concepts] Fix name-type conflict compilation issues (detail)
  46. [clang-tidy] Fix check for generic lambda invented template parameters (detail)
  47. [Concepts] Constraint Satisfaction Caching (detail)
  48. [Concepts] Fix circular AST->Sema dependency in ASTConcept.cpp (detail)
  49. [Concepts] Fix incorrect recovery in TryAnnotateTypeConstraint (detail)
  50. [Concepts] Fix bug when referencing function parameters in instantiated (detail)
  51. [Concepts] Profile TypeConstraints in ProfileTemplateParameterList (detail)
  52. [Concepts] Placeholder constraints and abbreviated templates (detail)
  53. [Concepts] Add ExpressionEvaluationContexts to instantiation of (detail)
  54. [Concepts] Implement P1616R1 - Using unconstrained template template (detail)
  55. [Concepts] Deprecate -fconcepts-ts, enable Concepts under -std=c++2a (detail)
  56. [Concepts] Make constraint expressions unevaluated until satisfaction (detail)
  57. [Concepts] Add Concepts to ReleaseNotes.rst (detail)
  58. [Concepts] Update cxx_status.html with Concepts support status (detail)
  59. [ELF][PowerPC] Support R_PPC_COPY and R_PPC64_COPY (detail)
  60. [lld][RISCV] Print error when encountering R_RISCV_ALIGN (detail)
  61. Add test for spaceship operator to __config (detail)
  62. [XRay] Set hasSideEffects flag of PATCHABLE_FUNCTION_{ENTER,EXIT} (detail)
  63. [CodeGen] Move fentry-insert, xray-instrumentation and (detail)
  64. [AsmPrinter] Don't emit __patchable_function_entries entry if (detail)
  65. Add function attribute "patchable-function-prefix" to support (detail)
  66. [X86][test] Add tests for -fpatchable-function-entry=N,M (where M>0) and (detail)
  67. [Driver][CodeGen] Support -fpatchable-function-entry=N,M and (detail)
  68. [PatchableFunction] Allow empty entry MachineBasicBlock (detail)
  69. [openmp] Disable archer if LIBOMP_OMPT_SUPPORT is off (detail)
  70. Make pass on 32-bit Windows (detail)
  71. [DebugInfo][test] Change two MIR tests to use (detail)
  72. [CUDA] Fix order of memcpy arguments in __shfl_*(<64-bit type>). (detail)
  73. [Concepts] Transform constraints of non-template functions to (detail)
  74. [ELF][PPC32] Support canonical PLT (detail)
  75. [ELF][PPC32] Support range extension thunks with addends (detail)
  76. [docs][mips] 10.0 Release notes (detail)
  77. [Concepts] Fix parsing of scope specifier in compound-requirements, add (detail)
  78. [Concepts] Add missing null check to transformConstructor (detail)
  79. [Concepts] Fix incorrect TemplateArgs for introduction of local (detail)
  80. [Support] Fix race in threading test, found by TSan (detail)
  81. [LLDB] Fix the handling of unnamed bit-fields when parsing DWARF (detail)
  82. Include <cstdlib> for std::abort() in clangd (detail)
  83. [msan] Instrument x86.pclmulqdq* intrinsics. (detail)
  84. [X86] Make `llc --help` output readable again (detail)
  85. [clangd] Show hower info for expressions (detail)
  86. [clangd] Add a ruler after header in hover (detail)
  87. [clangd] Rearrange type, returntype and parameters in hover card (detail)
  88. [clangd] Fix windows buildbots (detail)
  89. [clangd] Extract string literals in macro arguments to unbreak gcc (detail)
  90. [clangd] Dont display `<unknown>` kinds in hover board (detail)
  91. [clangd] Print underlying type for decltypes in hover (detail)
  92. [clangd] Drop returntype/type when hovering over type-ish names (detail)
  93. [clangd][Hover] Change arrow in return type back to → (detail)

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