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Unstable Build #136 (Mar 28, 2020 1:37:52 AM)

  1. tsan: Adding releaseAcquire() to ThreadClock (details)
  2. [UpdateTestChecks] Use common ir function name matcher and extend to accept periods in names (PR37586) (details)
  3. [NFC][ARM] Add missing tests (details)
  4. [lldb][NFC] Mark GetNextPersistentVariableName as overriden to silence warning (details)
  5. [clangd] Change line break behaviour for hoverinfo (details)
  6. [ReleaseNotes,ARM] MVE intrinsics are all implemented! (details)
  7. Increase DIAG_SIZE_DRIVER as we're close to hitting it (details)
  8. Fix unused variable warning (details)
  9. Make helpers static. NFC. (details)
  10. [AST] Use TypeDependence bitfield to calculate dependence on Types. NFC (details)
  11. [CodeGen] Fix test attr-noreturn.c when run from my home directory (details)
  12. [ConstantRange] Add initial support for binaryXor. (details)
  13. [mlir][StandardToSPIRV] Add support for lowering unary ops (details)
  14. [X86][SSE1] Add additional logic+movmsk patterns that scalarize (PR42870) (details)
  15. Data formatters: fix detection of C strings (details)
  16. [lld-link] Support /map option, matching link.exe 's /map output format (details)
  17. [InstSimplify] add more tests for freeze(constant); NFC (details)
  18. [SelDag] Add FREEZE (details)
  19. [DWARF] Fix v5 debug_line parsing of prologues with many files (details)
  20. [CUDA][HIP] Add -Xarch_device and -Xarch_host options (details)
  21. [libc++] Fix installation of cxx_experimental (details)
  22. [Parser] Fix the assertion crash in ActOnStartOfSwitch stmt. (details)
  23. [ARM][CMSE] Fix clang/test/Driver/save-temps.c test. (details)
  24. [X86][SSE1] Add support for logic+movmsk patterns (PR42870) (details)
  25. [MachinePipeliner] Fix a bug in Output Dependency chains (details)
  26. [InstSimplify] add tests for freeze(constexpr); NFC (details)
  27. [ARM] Fold VMOVrh VLDR to LDRH (details)
  28. [lldb/Reproducers] Collect files imported by command script import (details)
  29. [gn build] Port 49e5a97ec36 (details)
  30. [gn build] (manually) port 8140f6bcde4 (details)
  31. [gn build] (manually) port 8140f6bcde4 better (details)
  32. Revert "Include static prof data when collecting loop BBs" (details)
  33. [gn build] Port b91905a2637 (details)
  34. [lldb] Remove some debugging printfs from ITSession code (details)
  35. [ValueTracking] improve undef/poison analysis for constant vectors (details)
  36. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix smrd loads of v4i64 (details)
  37. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add some more tests for add3 folding (details)
  38. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add more tests for add3 folding (details)
  39. [X86][AVX] Add some v32i16 to v32i8 style truncation shuffle tests (details)
  40. [SelectionDAG] Don't crash when freezing illegal float types (details)
  41. [DivRemPairs] Freeze operands if they can be undef values (details)
  42. [lit] NFC: Document missing result codes (details)
  43. [libomptarget][nfc] Explicitly static function scope shared variables (details)
  44. NFC: Fix typos in TestingGuide documentation (details)
  45. [DWARF] Emit DW_AT_call_pc for tail calls (details)
  46. [lldb/DWARF] Use DW_AT_call_pc to determine artificial frame address (details)
  47. [lit] Allow passing extra commands to executeShTest (details)
  48. Re-land "Avoid emitting unreachable SP adjustments after `throw`" (details)
  49. [mlir] Revamp operation documentation generation (details)
  50. [lldb] Don't dump the frame in SBTarget::EvaluateExpression in LLDB_CONFIGURATION_DEBUG (details)
  51. [lldb][NFC] Always update m_cache_{hits/misses} in FormatCache (details)
  52. [VectorCombine] add tests for bitcast (shuffle); NFC (details)
  53. Revert "[lldb/DWARF] Use DW_AT_call_pc to determine artificial frame address" (details)
  54. [lldb] Always log if acquiring packet sequence mutex fails (details)
  55. [libc++] NFC: Reuse the TEST_CONCAT macro instead of reimplementing one (details)
  56. [CodeGen] Add an alignment attribute to all sret parameters (details)
  57. [X86] Disable autoupgrade support for avx512.mask.broadcasti32x2.* and avx512.mask.broadcastf32x2.*. (details)
  58. [lldb/DWARF] Reland: Use DW_AT_call_pc to determine artificial frame address (details)
  59. [mlir] Clarify constraint on derived attribute (details)
  60. [Darwin] Add another hint to find the kernel. NFC. (details)
  61. Revert "Convert a reachable llvm_unreachable into an assert." (details)
  62. [Attributor] Use knowledge retained in llvm.assume (operand bundles) (details)
  63. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Don't localize TLS G_GLOBAL_VALUEs on Darwin. (details)
  64. [test][clang][driver] Add required features. (details)
  65. [clang codegen] Clean up handling of vectors with trivial-auto-var-init. (details)
  66. [GWP-ASan] Only pack frames that are stored. (details)
  67. [libc++] Build the dylib with C++17 to allow aligned new/delete (details)
  68. [libc++] Install a recent CMake in the Docker build bots (details)
  69. [LVI] Convert some checks to assertions; NFC (details)
  70. Add a `Symbolizer::GetEnvP()` method that allows symbolizer implementations to customise the environment of the symbolizer binary. (details)
  71. [mlir][GPU] Use StructAttr to drive lowering from loop.parallel to (details)
  72. GlobalISel: Introduce bitcast legalize action (details)
  73. Add an -object-path-prefix option to dsymutil (details)
  74. Allow remapping Clang module include paths (details)
  75. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add missing tests for G_FRINT selection (details)
  76. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add load legalization tests (details)
  77. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add select patterns for v_and_or_b32 (details)
  78. Revert "Allow remapping Clang module include paths" (details)
  79. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add some end to end tests for fma selection (details)
  80. [libc++] Update a bad documentation link (details)
  81. [profile] Make atexit hook a no-op on Fuchsia (details)
  82. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add a testcase for G_UNMERGE_VALUES legalization (details)
  83. [NFC][Test][PowerPC] Add one test to verify the behavior of vector (details)
  84. Revert "[libc++] Build the dylib with C++17 to allow aligned new/delete" (details)
  85. [profile] Move RuntimeCounterRelocation and ProfileDumped into a separate file (details)
  86. [gn build] Port ba1f4405c68 (details)
  87. [MLIR][NFC] std::is_same || -> llvm::is_one_of (details)
  88. [libc] Generate math.h instead of the static file it is currently. (details)
  89. [PowerPC] Pre-commit reduced test case for PR45297. NFC. (details)
  90. [X86] Split masked instruction tests to enable D60940. (details)
  91. [compiler-rt] Refactor FuzzedDataProvider for better readability. (details)
  92. Minor fixes to a comment in CodeGenPrepare (details)
  93. [compiler-rt] FuzzedDataProvider: make linter happy. (details)
  94. [AST] Build recovery expressions by default for C++. (details)
  95. [VE] Change name of enum to CondCode (details)
  96. Add freeze(and x, const) case to codegenprepare's freeze-cmp.ll (details)
  97. [clang-apply-replacements] No longer deduplucates replacements from the same TU (details)
  98. [ARM,MVE] Add missing tests for vqdmlash intrinsics. (details)
  99. [Sema][SVE] Allow ?: to select between SVE types in C (details)
  100. [Sema][SVE] Allow casting SVE types to themselves in C (details)
  101. [ARM][MVE] Add HorizontalReduction flag (details)
  102. Rename test name, add more tests for codegenprepare (details)
  103. [AArch64][SVE] Add SVE intrinsics for masked loads & stores (details)
  104. [libcxx] Allow tests to link with static libc++abi/libc++ even if the shared version is present (details)
  105. [lldb][NFC] lldb_assert->lldbassert in ClangExpressionParser (details)
  106. [SYCL] Implement __builtin_unique_stable_name. (details)
  107. OpenMP] Adding InaccessibleMemOnly and InaccessibleMemOrArgMemOnly for runtime calls. (details)
  108. Don't normalise CXX11/C2X attribute names to start with :: (details)
  109. Add an attribute plugin example (details)
  110. [VectorCombine] add shuffle tests; NFC (details)
  111. Build fix: AttributeCommonInfo::AS_C2x (details)
  112. Add MS Mangling for OpenCL Pipe types, add mangling test. (details)
  113. [PowerPC][AIX] ByVal formal arguments in a single register. (details)
  114. [llvm-objdump] Replace array_pod_sort with llvm::stable_sort (details)
  115. [SystemZ] Improve foldMemoryOperandImpl() (details)
  116. [X86][AVX] Add common prefix to merge 32/64-bit AVX1 checks (details)
  117. [AMDGPU] Add SIPreEmitPeephole pass. (details)
  118. [gn build] Port ce984129eaa (details)
  119. [mlir] Removed TanHOp lowering from ConvertStandardToLLVM since there is no reasonable TanH representation in LLVM. (details)
  120. [ARM] Move ConstantIsland and LowOverheadLoops Passes. (details)
  121. [lldb] add lit.local.cfg for breakpad tests (details)
  122. compiler-rt: allow golang race detector to run on musl-c (details)
  123. tsan: fix leak of ThreadSignalContext for fibers (details)
  124. [libc++] Run the builders Docker containers 'as 'buildbot instead of 'root' (details)
  125. [clang] Reformat cindex. NFC. (details)
  126. Add method to TargetInfo to get CPU cache line size (details)
  127. [analyzer][NFC] Add missing LLVM header blurb (and license) (details)
  128. [clangd] Support multiple cursors in selectionRange. (details)
  129. [ARM,CDE] Implement predicated Q-register CDE intrinsics (details)
  130. [libc] Add a simple x86_64 linux loader. (details)
  131. [gn build] try removing a duplicate include dir (details)
  132. [NFC] Rename function to match Coding Convention and fix typo in KnowledgeRetention (details)
  133. [LV] Replace stored value with a VPValue (NFCI) (details)
  134. [X86][AVX] Combine shuffles to TRUNCATE/VTRUNC patterns (details)
  135. Suppress a few -Wunreachable-code warnings. (details)
  136. [clang codegen] Address review comment on comment in constWithPadding. (details)
  137. [libc++] NFC: Remove unused include from test (details)
  138. revert parts of d7888149aa813f that several bots do not like (details)
  139. [ThinLTO] Don't rely on debug output for thinlto_samplepgo_icp3 test (details)
  140. Fix vector type scalar checking when the scalar operand is dependent (details)
  141. [libc++] Drop custom support for flaky tests from libc++ test suite (details)
  142. [WebAssembly] Move event section before global section (details)
  143. [mlir][Parser] Fix attribute parser errors for ui64 (details)
  144. [Clang] Fix clang-tidy errors. (details)
  145. [mlir] Remove old VectorOps directory (details)
  146. Implement post-commit comments for D75685/rG86e0a6c60627 (details)
  147. [CFG/BasicBlock] Rename succ_const to const_succ. [NFC] (details)
  148. [CFG/BasicBlock] Rename pred_const to const_pred. [NFC] (details)
  149. Ignore/Drop droppable uses for code-sinking in InstCombine (details)
  150. [mlir] Provide CustomOpAsmParser::parseOptionalOperand (details)
  151. [libc++] Add a new %exec substitution (details)
  152. [compiler-rt] Mark FDP non-template methods inline to avoid ODR violations. (details)
  153. [libc++] Require the use of clang-verify in .fail.cpp tests that don't fail without it (details)
  154. [libc++] Fix CMake configuration breakage when libc++ is built neither static nor dynamic (details)
  155. [SCCP] Add a few constantexpr,undef tests for cond propagation (details)
  156. Convert old python3 cgi method into the new html one (details)
  157. [libc] Add a GNU extensions spec containing sincosf from math.h. (details)
  158. [AMDGPU] Preserve original symbol during attribute propagation (details)
  159. [mlir][vulkan-runner] Add test to time a large vector add (details)
  160. [clangd] Work around gcc bug after 8f237f9b0 (details)
  161. [clangd] Add test for FindTarget+RecoveryExpr (which already works). NFC (details)
  162. [libcxx] Fix .gitignore to not exclude test directories (details)
  163. Remove overly verbose debug from GenericDomTreeConstruction (details)
  164. Fixing a sanitizer lint problem that was breaking some builds. (details)
  165. [AMDGPU] Fixed function traversal in attribute propagation (details)
  166. Revert "tsan: fix leak of ThreadSignalContext for fibers" (details)
  167. Relax newly added opcode checks to check only for a number instead of a specific opcode. (details)
  168. [X86] Split more masked instruction tests to enable D60940. (details)
  169. [PowerPC] Improve the way legalize mul for v8i16 and add pattern to match mul + add (details)
  170. Use optimal layout and preserve alloca alignment in coroutine frames. (details)
  171. Fix `-Wreturn-type` warning. NFC. (details)
  172. [InstCombine] Fix a code-sinking bug after D73832/f1a9efabcb9b (details)
  173. [X86] Update more intrinsic tests to prepare to extend D60940 to scalar fp. (details)
  174. [ELF][test] Delete unneeded binding directive (.weak or .globl) (details)
  175. [MLIR] Add flat affine constraints method to round trip integer set (details)
  176. [Analyzer] Use note tags to track container begin and and changes (details)
  177. [AST] Build recovery expressions for nonexistent member exprs. (details)
  178. [MLIR] Add parallel loop collapsing. (details)
  179. [Analyzer] Only add container note tags to the operations of the affected container (details)
  180. [clangd] Simplify "preferred" vs "definition" logic a bit in XRefs AST code. (details)
  181. [AST] Print a<b<c>> without extra spaces in C++11 or later. (details)
  182. [MLIR] Delete extra declaration of createAffineDataCopyGenerationPass. (details)
  183. [ARM] Sink splats to vector float instructions (details)
  184. Do export symbols when LLVM_EXPORT_SYMBOLS_FOR_PLUGINS is on. (details)
  185. [PATCH] [ARM] ARMv8.6-a command-line + BFloat16 Asm Support (details)
  186. [lldb] Fix TestVSCode_completions for clang 159a9f7 (details)
  187. [AST] Fix thinlto testcase missed in 159a9f7e76307734bcdcae3357640e42e0733194 (details)
  188. [AArch64][SVE] Implement structured store intrinsics (details)
  189. [NFC][llvm-readobj] Refactor unique warning handler (details)
  190. [PowerPC] Remove the repeated definition for some InstAlias for mtspr/mfspr (details)
  191. [CodeComplete] Don't replace the rest of line in #include completion. (details)
  192. Convert CommandObjectCommands functions to return StringRefs (details)
  193. Remove extra ';', NFC (details)
  194. Tools emit the bug report URL on crash (details)
  195. [LLDB] Fix parsing of IPv6 host:port inside brackets (details)
  196. [obj2yaml] - Refactor how we dump sections. NFCI. (details)
  197. [SystemZ]  Bugfix in tieOpsIfNeeded() (details)
  198. Revert "[AST] Fix thinlto testcase missed in 159a9f7e76307734bcdcae3357640e42e0733194" (details)
  199. [AST] Make thinlto testcase robust to 159a9f7e76307734bcdcae3357640e42e0733194 (details)
  200. [libc++] Do not force the use of -Werror in verify tests (details)
  201. [X86][SSE] getFauxShuffleMask - peek through TRUNCATE/AEXT/ZEXT for INSERT_VECTOR_ELT(EXTRACT_VECTOR_ELT()) (details)
  202. [lldb][testsuite] Add lldb-server category (details)
  203. [lldb][testsuite] Check that process is launched successfully in inline tests (details)
  204. Revert "[libc++] Run the builders Docker containers 'as 'buildbot instead of 'root'" (details)
  205. Clarify use of llvm_unreachable in the coding standard. (details)
  206. [NFC] Create X86 subdirectory for indvar tests (details)
  207. [asan] Fix read_binary_name_regtest.c test dying with SIGPIPE (details)
  208. [compiler-rt] Use uname syscall in GetKernelAreaSize() (details)
  209. [lldb/breakpad] Fix register resolution on arm (details)
  210. [Legalizer] Fix some flags miss in vector results (details)
  211. Add a release note for attribute plugins (details)
  212. [lit] NFC: Remove trailing whitespace (details)
  213. [GlobalISel] add helper function to create arbitrary libcalls (details)
  214. Reland "[analyzer][NFC] Tie CheckerRegistry to CheckerManager, allow CheckerManager to be constructed for non-analysis purposes" (details)
  215. [gn build] Port 2aac0c47aed (details)
  216. [MCInstPrinter] Pass `Address` parameter to MCOI::OPERAND_PCREL typed operands. NFC (details)
  217. [RISCV] Support negative constants in CompressInstEmitter (details)
  218. Revert "[AST] Build recovery expressions by default for C++." (details)
  219. [X86InstPrinter] Change printPCRelImm to print the target address in hexadecimal form (details)
  220. [lld][ELF] Fix error message (details)
  221. [PPCInstPrinter] Change printBranchOperand(calltarget) to print the target address in hexadecimal form (details)
  222. [X86][SSE] Prefer PACKUS(AND(),AND()) to SHUFFLE(PSHUFB(),PSHUFB()) on pre-AVX2 targets (details)
  223. [lldb-vscode] Convert launch_info and attach_info to local variables (details)
  224. [PowerPC]: Don't allow r0 as a target for LD_GOT_TPREL_L/32 (details)
  225. Make a windows buildbot happy (details)
  226. [llvm-objdump] Fix typo. NFC (details)
  227. [AMDGPU] Remove unused methods. NFC. (details)
  228. [AMDGPU] Make use of divideCeil. NFC. (details)
  229. CUDA: Fix broken test run lines (details)
  230. [analyzer] Add the Preprocessor to CheckerManager (details)
  231. [lldb/CMake] Fix `install` for multi-configuration generators. (details)
  232. [GWP-ASan] Use functions in backtrace test, not line numbers. (details)
  233. [libc++abi] Remove unused lit feature (details)
  234. [mlir] StandardToLLVM: make one-to-one convresion pattern publicly available (details)
  235. [mlir] StandardToLLVM: clean up conversion patterns for vector operations (details)
  236. Test that would have caught recovery-expr crashes in 0788acbccbec. NFC (details)
  237. Allow IndexType inside tensors. (details)
  238. [ASan] Fix issue where system log buffer was not cleared after reporting an issue. (details)
  239. [mlir] Rename CMake target MLIRQuantOps to MLIRQuant (details)
  240. [WebAssembly] Add test for event section order change (details)
  241. [docs][Phabricator] git migration related update (details)
  242. [InstCombine] Fix Incorrect fold of ashr+xor -> lshr w/ vectors (details)
  243. [Alignment][NFC] Use llvmTargetFrameLowering::getStackAlign (details)
  244. Correctly handle using foo = std::foo inside namespaces. (details)
  245. [InstCombine] add shuffle-with-bitcast-operand tests; NFC (details)
  246. Roll otherwise unused subexpressions into an assertion (details)
  247. [AMDGPU] Fix PC register mapping in wave32 mode (details)
  248. [cuda][hip] Add CUDA builtin surface/texture reference support. (details)
  249. [OPENMP50]Add basic support for inscan reduction modifier. (details)
  250. [libomptarget] Add missing elf_end call in elf_common.c (details)
  251. [AIX] discard the label in the csect of function description and use qualname for linkage (details)
  252. [sanitizer][RISCV] Implement SignalContext::GetWriteFlag for RISC-V (details)
  253. Revert "[OPENMP50]Add basic support for inscan reduction modifier." (details)
  254. [X86] lowerV16I8Shuffle - create v8i16 mask for PACKUS(AND(),AND()) patterns. (details)
  255. [WEbAssembly] Clear frame base vreg in explicit-locals when stack pointer is dead (details)
  256. [AMDGPU] Remove getMaxWavesPerCU in favour of getWavesPerWorkGroup. (details)
  257. [AMDGPU] Rename overloaded getMaxWavesPerEU to getWavesPerEUForWorkGroup (details)
  258. [X86] Prefer PACKUS(AND(),AND()) to SHUFFLE(PSHUFB(),PSHUFB()) on all targets (details)
  259. [clang] Allow -DDEFAULT_SYSROOT to be a relative path (details)
  260. [X86] Move combineLoopMAddPattern and combineLoopSADPattern to an IR pass before SelecitonDAG. (details)
  261. [gn build] Port 9f7d4150b9e (details)
  262. [lld][Wasm] Wasm-ld emits invalid .debug_ranges entries for non-live symbols (details)
  263. [OPENMP50]Fix the checks for the nesting of scan directives. (details)
  264. [AMDGPU] Propagate amdgpu-waves-per-eu to callees (details)
  265. [Hexagon] Add support for Linux/Musl ABI (part 2) (details)
  266. Make PS4 use -fno-use-init-array only as the ABI does not support .init_array. (details)
  267. [WebAssembly] Fix the order of destructors in the LowerGlobalDtors pass. (details)
  268. [WebAssembly] Support wasm exports with zero-length names. (details)
  269. [llvm][TextAPI/MachO] silence clang-tidy warnings, NFC (details)
  270. Move setBugReportMsg() out from under a conditional (details)
  271. [NFC] Clang format for the ELF header and ARM build attributes. (details)
  272. Fix typo, targetFeature should be lowercase. (details)
  273. Make llvm::function_ref's operator bool explicit (details)
  274. Use llvm_unreachable after a fully covered/always-returning switch (details)
  275. [DAGCombine] Add basic optimizations for FREEZE in SelDag (details)
  276. [MLIR][NFC] drop some unnecessary includes (details)
  277. [PowerPC] Enhance test for PR45297. NFC. (details)
  278. [PowerPC] Fix test for PR45297 to adapt build without asserts. NFC. (details)
  279. [X86][MC] Fix the bug for prefix padding support (details)
  280. [MCInstPrinter] Add parameter `Address` to MCInstPrinter::printAliasInstr. NFC (details)
  281. [OpenMP][NFC] Outline common functionality (skipUntilPragmaOpenMPEnd) (details)
  282. [OpenMP][NFC] Open `llvm` and `llvm::omp` namespace in OpenMPClause.cpp (details)
  283. [OpenMP] `omp begin/end declare variant` - part 1, parsing (details)
  284. [OpenMP] `omp begin/end declare variant` - part 2, sema ("+CG") (details)
  285. [MCInstPrinter] Add parameter `Address` to printCustomAliasOperand. NFC (details)
  286. [Alignment][NFC] Update MachineMemOperand implementation to use MaybeAlign (details)
  287. Fix TBAA for unsigned fixed-point types (details)
  288. clang-format: Fix pointer alignment for overloaded operators (PR45107) (details)
  289. [mlir] StandardToLLVM: use template aliases instead of dummy classes (details)
  290. [llvm-readobj] - Fix a crash when DT_STRTAB is broken. (details)
  291. [mlir][vulkan-runner] Add support for 2D memref. (details)
  292. [ARM] Fix MVE VCMPr f16 pattern (details)
  293. [SystemZ]  Fix typos in comments. (details)
  294. [MLIR][LLVM] Make index type bitwidth configurable. (details)
  295. Revert rG6ff1ea3244c543ad24fc99c7f4979db2f2078593 "Fix "use of uninitialized variable" static analyzer warning. NFCI." (details)
  296. Revert rGa3c715e9788d829031989b0a5ea4eb43c7288be9 "Twine - fix uninitialized variable warnings. NFCI." (details)
  297. [analyzer][MallocChecker] Fix that kfree only takes a single argument (details)
  298. [Alignment] Fix overaligning bug (details)
  299. [LV] Refactor widenIntOrFpInduction. NFC. (details)
  300. [lit] Recursively expand substitutions (details)
  301. [lit] NFC: Move the flaky test logic to _runShTest (details)
  302. [analyzer][NFC] Change LangOptions to CheckerManager in the shouldRegister* functions (details)
  303. [ARM][MVE] Add DoubleWidthResult flag (details)
  304. [mlir] Extended Dominance analysis with a function to find the nearest common dominator of two given blocks. (details)
  305. [libc++] Remove unused lit substitutions (details)
  306. [ThinLTO] Allow usage of all hardware threads in the system (details)
  307. Simplify implementation of Type::isXXXType(); NFC (details)
  308. [libc++/libc++abi] Properly delimit lit substitutions (details)
  309. [OPENMP50]Add basic support for inscan reduction modifier. (details)
  310. [InstCombine][X86] Regenerate SSE2 tests (details)
  311. [InstCombine][X86] Add repeated ops demanded elts tests for SSE intrinsics (PR24523) (details)
  312. [libc++] NFC: Simplify substitutions by using lit recursive substitutions (details)
  313. Fix build after 09158252f777c2e2f06a86b154c44abcbcf9bb74 (details)
  314. Revert "[OPENMP50]Add basic support for inscan reduction modifier." (details)
  315. [ARM][LowOverheadLoops] DoubleWidthResult instructions canGenerateZeros (details)
  316. [libc++] Use braces around %file_dependencies substitution (details)
  317. [lldb-vscode] fix breakpoint result ordering (details)
  318. [Alignment][NFC] MachineMemOperand::getAlign/getBaseAlign (details)
  319. [ARM,CDE] Improve CDE intrinsics testing (details)
  320. [llvm-objdump][XCOFF][AIX] Implement -r option (details)
  321. [gn build] Port d60d7d69de9 (details)
  322. [mlir] On Windows, silence warning on functions definition (details)
  323. Revert "[cuda][hip] Add CUDA builtin surface/texture reference support." (details)
  324. [X86] Remove orphan LowerSTRICT_FSETCC declaration. NFCI. (details)
  325. [AST][SVE] Treat built-in SVE types as POD (details)
  326. Export Segment.IsGapRegion to JSON (details)
  327. [X86][SSE] Add some additional v8i16 'truncation' style shuffle tests (details)
  328. [AST][SVE] Treat built-in SVE types as trivially copyable (details)
  329. [AST][SVE] Treat built-in SVE types as trivial (details)
  330. [X86] Don't form masked instructions if the operation has an additional user. (details)
  331. [OPENMP50]Add basic support for inscan reduction modifier. (details)
  332. [ORC] Don't create MaterializingInfo entries unnecessarily. (details)
  333. [ORC] Introduce JITSymbolFlags::HasMaterializeSideEffectsOnly flag. (details)
  334. [Dexter] Add support for Windows to regression test suite. (details)
  335. Only add `darwin_log_cmd` lit shell test feature when the log can be queried. (details)
  336. [LLDB] Fix handling of bit-fields when there is a base class when parsing DWARF (details)
  337. [AST] Fix typo on NoInitExpr dependence computation (details)
  338. [ELF][test] Split basic.s (details)
  339. [lit] Avoid global imports in module declaration (details)
  340. Fix a Diag call not to assume option spelling (details)
  341. [MC][ARM] Make .reloc support arbitrary relocation types (details)
  342. [MC][AArch64] Make .reloc support arbitrary relocation types (details)
  343. [lldb/PlatformMacOSX] Re-implement GetDeveloperDirectory (details)
  344. [COFF] Don't treat DWARF sections as GC roots (details)
  345. Fix denormal-fp-math flag and attribute interaction (details)
  346. Revert "[Dexter] Add support for Windows to regression test suite." (details)
  347. AMDGPU: Stop setting attributes based on TargetOptions (details)
  348. [AIX] Address comment (details)
  349. Fix line endings in test (details)
  350. [OpenMP] Add memory barrier to solve data race (details)
  351. [MC][X86] Make .reloc support arbitrary relocation types (details)
  352. [AMDGPU] Fix getEUsPerCU for gfx10 in CU mode (details)
  353. CodeGen: Add -denormal-fp-math-f32 flag (details)
  354. [llvm][Support] Add isZero method for TypeSize. [NFC] (details)
  355. [cuda][hip] Add CUDA builtin surface/texture reference support. (details)
  356. Allow remapping Clang module include paths (details)
  357. Unbreak LLDB tests after 96023917e6f (details)
  358. [InstCombine] add tests for FP cast+bitcast signbit checks; NFC (details)
  359. [InstCombine] reduce FP-casted and bitcasted signbit check (details)
  360. Add BitWidth trait to BitmaskEnum, and use for clang DependenceFlags. NFC (details)
  361. [lld test] Tighten ELF/pre_init_fini_array.s test (details)
  362. [LLDB] CPlusPlusNameParser does not handles templated operator< properly (details)
  363. [OPENMP50]Fix PR45117: Orphaned task reduction should be allowed. (details)
  364. [VirtualFileSystem] Support directory entries in the YAMLVFSWriter (details)
  365. [Darwin] Respect -fno-unroll-loops during LTO. (details)
  366. [llvm][Type] Return fixed size for scalar types. [NFC] (details)
  367. [mlir][spirv] Add return to function to please MSVC (details)
  368. [DAGCombine] Fix splitting indexed loads in ForwardStoreValueToDirectLoad() (details)
  369. [Syntax] Prevent (accidentally) copying TokenBuffer (details)
  370. [AST] Add a Dependence bitmask to use for calculations with multiple node types. (details)
  371. FunctionRef: Strip cv qualifiers in the converting constructor (details)
  372. `shape` dialect: add some ops (details)
  373. Improve recovery from invalid template-ids. (details)
  374. [RISCV] Support llvm.thread.pointer (details)
  375. [FileCollector] Add a method to add a whole directory and it contents. (details)
  376. [FileCollector] Devirtualize FileCollector (NFC) (details)
  377. [lldb/CMake] Only CMAKE_CFG_INTDIR if it's not '.' (details)
  378. [GlobalISel] Fix equality for copies from physregs in matchEqualDefs (details)
  379. [mlir] NFC: fix trivial typo in source files (details)
  380. [MLIR] Introduce full/partial tile separation using if/else (details)
  381. [MLIR][NFC] Move TestDialect -> Dialect/Test (details)
  382. Improve error recovery from missing '>' in template argument list. (details)
  383. [compiler-rt] Fall back to internal_uname() when called early (details)
  384. Revert "[FileCollector] Add a method to add a whole directory and it contents." (details)
  385. Verify number of result types in generated builder. (details)
  386. Form invalid template-id annotations when parsing a construct that is (details)
  387. Remove spurious duplicated header include (NFC) (details)
  388. PR45294: Fix handling of assumed template names looked up in the lexical (details)
  389. [AMDGPU] Add __builtin_amdgcn_workgroup_size_x/y/z (details)
  390. [FEnv] Constfold some unary constrained operations (details)
  391. Merge in symbols from Mach-O dyld trie to the symbol table (details)
  392. [libc][NFC] Ensure internal implementation is in __llvm_libc namespace (details)
  393. [libc] Extend add_object rule to handle helper object libraries. (details)
  394. [NFC] Attributor comment updates / cast cleanup (details)
  395. tsan: fix build bugs (details)
  396. [docs] Added solutions to slow build under common problems. (details)
  1. Move all builders from gribozavr5 to gribozavr4 (details)
  2. Updated UnifiedTreeBuilder to use LitTestCommand for testing steps. (details)

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