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  1. [BPF] Permit all user instructed offset relocatiions

    Currently, not all user specified relocations
    (with clang intrinsic __builtin_preserve_access_index())
    will turn into relocations.

    In the current implementation, a __builtin_preserve_access_index()
    chain is turned into relocation only if the result of the clang
    intrinsic is used in a function call or a nonzero offset computation
    of getelementptr. For all other cases, the relocatiion request
    is ignored and the __builtin_preserve_access_index() is turned
    into regular getelementptr instructions.
    The main reason is to mimic bpf_probe_read() requirement.

    But there are other use cases where relocatable offset is
    generated but not used for bpf_probe_read(). This patch
    relaxed previous constraints when to generate relocations.
    Now, all user __builtin_preserve_access_index() will have
    relocations generated.

    Differential Revision: (detail/ViewSVN)
    by yhs

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