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  1. Fix `-Wpedantic` warning. NFC. (detail)
  2. [NFC][PowerPC] Add a new test case scalar-equal.ll (detail)
  3. [PowerPC] Add the missing InstrAliasing for 64-bit rotate instructions (detail)
  4. [MC] Delete two unused MCCodePadder functions missed by D71106 (detail)
  5. [NFC][PowerPC] Update the test case scalar-equal.ll (detail)
  6. [lldb] Fix some tests failing with gmodules after change to stdlib.h (detail)
  7. clang analyzer: Fix the webpage rendering (detail)
  8. [X86] New test to check rev16 patterns, prep step for D74032. NFC. (detail)
  9. [NFCI][DebugInfo]: Corrected a Typo. (detail)
  10. [lldb] [nfc] Simplify user_id_t -> size_t (detail)
  11. [TableGen] Don't elide bitconverts in PatFrag fragments. (detail)

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