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  1. [clang] Suppress "follow-up" diagnostics on recovery call expressions. (detail)
  2. [MLIR][mlir-spirv-cpu-runner] A pass to emulate a call to kernel in LLVM (detail)
  3. [clang-fuzzer] CreateAndRunJITFunc - fix use after move static analyzer warning. (detail)
  4. [llvm-ar][Object] Fix detection of need for 64-bit archive symbol tables (detail)
  5. [DAGCombine] Add test case showing incorrect DAGCombine optimization (detail)
  6. [MLIR][mlir-spirv-cpu-runner] A SPIR-V cpu runner prototype (detail)
  7. [clangd] Fix remote index build failures due to lack of proto dependency (detail)
  8. [LV] Add cost-model test for AArch64 select costs. (detail)
  9. [AMDGPU] Make more use of printNamedBit in AMDGPUInstPrinter. NFC. (detail)
  10. [InstCombine] Add bswap test pattern using bitreverse intrinsic (detail)
  11. [lldb][NFC] Make GetShellSafeArgument simpler and faster (detail)
  12. [clangd] NFC: Update FIXME comment regarding lack of c/dtor support (detail)
  13. [InstCombine] collectBitParts - add bitreverse intrinsic support. (detail)
  14. Fix SBError::SetErrorToGenericError (detail)
  15. [TableGen] [tests] Change integer ranges to use new '...' punctuation (detail)
  16. [analyzer] [NFC] Simplify SVal::getAsLocSymbol function using existing functions (detail)
  17. [VE] Support atomic store (detail)
  18. [VE] Add vector logical instructions (detail)
  19. [VE] Add vector shift instructions (detail)
  20. [X86] Use mtriple instead of march in MIR tests (detail)
  21. [AArch64] Add 2 cases where insertelement lowering could be improved. (detail)
  22. [OpenMP] changing OMP rtl to use shared memory instead of env variable (detail)
  23. [InstCombine] Add bswap test pattern using truncates (detail)
  24. [libc++] Add a CI jobs to test the Standalone builds (detail)
  25. [SVE][CodeGen][DAGCombiner] Fix TypeSize warning in redundant store elimination (detail)
  26. Revert "[SVE][CodeGen][DAGCombiner] Fix TypeSize warning in redundant store elimination" (detail)
  27. [SVE][CodeGen][DAGCombiner] Fix TypeSize warning in redundant store elimination (detail)
  28. Unconfuse gcc5.3 after 2e204e23911b1f / D87528 (detail)
  29. [libc++] Fix indentation of buildkite-pipeline.yml (detail)
  30. [lld][ELF] Don't write output to the test directory. NFC. (detail)
  31. [clang][unittest] Don't hardcode the string "Assertion" (detail)
  32. [AMDGPU] Avoid unused variable warning in Release builds. NFC. (detail)
  33. Fix issue in cortex-a57 sched model (detail)
  34. [mlir][Linalg] Add basic support for TileAndFuse on Linalg on tensors. (detail)
  35. [ARM][SchedModels] Convert IsLdstsoScaledNotOptimalPred to MCSchedPredicate (detail)
  36. [lldb][PDB] Add ObjectFile PDB plugin (detail)
  37. [DebugInfo][dexter] Add dexter tests for escaped locals (detail)
  38. [SVE][AArch64] Fix TypeSize warning in loop vectorization legality (detail)
  39. [SVE][AArch64] Fix TypeSize warning in GEP cost analysis (detail)
  40. [SVE][InstCombine] Fix TypeSize warning in canReplaceGEPIdxWithZero (detail)
  41. [SVE] Fix TypeSize warning in llvm::getGEPInductionOperand (detail)
  42. [mlir][vector] Update doc strings for insert_map/extract_map and fix insert_map semantic (detail)
  43. [AArch64] Extend tests for insertelement improvements. (detail)
  44. SourceManager: Return non-const references in getOrCreateContentCache and related, NFC (detail)
  45. [libc++abi] Make sure we can run the tests in Standalone mode (detail)
  46. [Clang][CodeGen] fix failed assertion (detail)
  47. [lldb][NativePDB] fix test load-pdb.cpp (detail)

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