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  1. Added missing commas for mlir-nvidia buildbot. (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. Re-land "[lldb/CMake] Auto-generate the Initialize and Terminate calls for plugin" (detail)
  2. CGBuiltin: Remove uses of deprecated CreateCall overloads (detail)
  3. Coroutines: avoid use of deprecated CreateLoad and CreateCall methods (detail)
  4. LowerMatrixIntrinsics: Avoid use of deprecated CreateCall methods (detail)
  5. [TBLGEN] Inhibit generation of unneeded psets (detail)
  6. [HotColdSplit] Mark entire function cold when entry block is cold (detail)
  7. [lldb/Plugin] Fix some issues on Windows (detail)
  8. [lldb/Plugin] Unconditionally build Darwin-Kernel (detail)
  9. [X86] Add one use check to '0-x == y --> x+y == 0' in EmitCmp. (detail)
  10. [XCore][NFC] Remove trailing space (detail)
  11. [NFC] Remove trailing space (detail)
  12. Revert "[lldb/CMake] Auto-generate the Initialize and Terminate calls for plugin" (detail)
  13. [lldb/Plugins] Rename lldbPluginDisassemblerLLVM (NFC) (detail)
  14. [lldb/Plugins] Remove PLUGIN from libraries that aren't really plugins. (detail)
  15. [X86] Use isScalarFPTypeInSSEReg to simplify code in LowerSELECT. NFC (detail)
  16. [lldb/Plugins] Initialize all ABI plugins by their plugin name (detail)
  17. [lldb/Plugins] Rename initializers to match their plugin name. (detail)
  18. [Coroutines][2/6] New pass manager: coro-split (detail)
  19. [Coroutines][3/6] New pass manager: coro-elide (detail)
  20. Revert new pass manager coro-split and coro-elide (detail)
  21. Revert "[lldb/lldb-server] Add target.xml support for qXfer request." (detail)
  22. [lldb/Plugins] Conditionally build OperatingSystemPython. (detail)
  23. [lldb/Plugins] Add missing initialize/terminate calls (detail)
  24. Revert new files from new pass manager coro-split/coro-elide (detail)
  25. [analyzer] VforkChecker: allow execve after vfork. (detail)
  26. [analyzer] Teach scan-build how to rebuild index.html without analyzing. (detail)
  27. [X86] Move avx512 code that forces zeros to the false side of vselects above a check for legal types. (detail)
  28. Revert "[analyzer] Teach scan-build how to rebuild index.html without analyzing." (detail)
  29. [lldb] Replace empty ctor en dtor bodies with =default (NFC) (detail)

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